Tuesday, September 27, 2022

September touches of gold -

It's almost over! How did it pass so quickly?

If you aren't really into bright orange 'Halloween' pumpkins there
 now seem to be so many other colors to choose from.
I really love these yellow ones. . . . . . .

Soon the fig tree will drop all its leaves. . . . . .so far just a few
 golden ones have fallen. . . . . . . 

OK I admit I did bring home a couple of small orange pumpkins, for the
front porch. . . . . . . and to welcome the arrival of October later this week!

Note the Swedish Ivy. This was the second summer on the porch.  
it has grown so much whilst hanging outside, and now it's starting to
 bloom with those pretty white 'candle flowers.' 
Later, before the first frost, I will have to find a place to over-winter
 it again - no space in the house.  

If you grow these, any tips are appreciated. 
Can I cut it way back to make it more manageable during the winter?
Would it survive in an unheated space such as the potting shed?
Should I ask my neighbor with the glass enclosed sunroom to
 adopt it for the winter months again?


  1. Dearest Mary,
    Wow, it has been probably decades ago now since we had such a lovely 'fragrant' Plectranthus and ours had the variegated edges.
    They need to be sheltered during frost! And the enclosed sunroom seems to be the best option—due to the light!
    So hard to believe that October is almost at our doorsteps.
    Mornings are cool, this morning only 59 when I left for my mammogram and ultrasound...

  2. Fall was always my favorite time of the year in NC. We are waiting out Hurricane Ian right now - scary!

  3. Mary your porch and plant look gorgeous. I am no help regarding your swedish ivy because I live where winters are very cold and all my houseplants need to come indoors. I do keep them in an inner garage which generally stays around 50 degrees and plants seem to winter over there fairly well. Enjoy the rest of September and have a great start to October. Hugs!

  4. What an eye you have. I love the ivy but know it would have died in my hands - which are not green fingered. I know that autumn must be coming here as we just picked the quinces for the annual jelly making. The nights are lengthening every day and though I don't love the long nights I do look forward to the russet colours and steel skies that autumn brings.

  5. Your Swedish Ivy is so pretty, Mary, but I know nothing about overwintering it. When we were first married I had such a plant, and I'd love to find another.
    It's hard to believe that it's almost October - my favourite month of the year. And your birthday month, too, just a few days before mine. The little orange pumpkins add a pretty bit of autumn colour to your porch. Enjoy the rest of September.

  6. Dear Mary, thank you for the beautiful photos! Yes, autumn came quick - in Bavaria we have blue skies with picturesque little white clouds, and "gold" everywhere - but under the sunshine lies a chilly little nip of cold.
    Did you know that Martha Stewart (of course her!) shows how to gild a pumpkin? :-)
    Thank you that you are a follower of my new blog - I checked that the translation by Google from German to English is quite ok (though my Witty-and-Pretty-Blog I still write with my own fingers - in English)

  7. Maybe you remember that my hometown holds the world's biggest pumpkin festival every year. Therefore, we are well used to seeing pumpkins in all colours from the popular orange ones to white, grey, yellow, green and even blue-ish ones. Many are edible but sadly are only used for decoration; a waste in my eyes.
    Your September pictures are so beautiful! Like you, I wonder where it went, this lovely month between summer and autumn.

  8. I love this time of year. It's so much cooler and the plants start to recover and flower again. There's also the anticipation of Christmas. I know it's still early but I just love thinking about it. Your porch looks very pretty.

  9. I vote for a winter adoption. ☺️ It's a beautiful plant. I know! Where did September go? Soon enough we'll say the same of October. Seems it is only January, February and March that actually use every one of their allotted days.

  10. The fig leaves are perfectly shaped. Does your tree actually produce figs?

    1. Does it ever Hels!!!! This year we picked at least 25 pounds - mostly sharing with neighbors and friends who always wait for them to make jam etc. I used to make it but have passed on that this year! Could have picked a lot more if we wanted to climb a ladder to the higher branches but left those fruits for the birds, beetles and squirrels!


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