Sunday, September 4, 2022

The week that was!

This past week went well despite ongoing heat and no rain at all. Dragging out the garden hoses helped the shrubs a little . . . . . . . but obviously didn't help with my shoulder and back issues. Thankfully Bob took over when I'd done my bit!

We did take a side trip over to the North Carolina Museum of Art after picking up the laptop from the certified Apple dealer. Luckily we thought to throw hats in the car having planned to walk through the gardens and park area, but not go inside the buildings. Being so hot, 91F, we didn't stay too long but did enjoy a walk and a rest along the way. As Noel Coward wrote eons ago, only "Mad dogs and Englishmen (and in my case, women) go out in the midday sun", and yes we were almost alone which made it quiet and peaceful. It was hard to resist dipping toes into the pool in the Rodin Garden, and lovely to see waterlilies surviving the heat.

Should have taken a chilled drink with us!

The Mirror Maze
North Carolina Museum of Art

Auguste Rodin
French 1840-1917
The Three Shades

I did turn on the oven to bake one thing this week - another apple and
 plum galette - but kept meals to salads mostly.

This salad was quick and easy to make and is really good. 
My dear friend Ruth in Wiltshire, England shared it this week
 and I made it, along with grilled salmon on a bed of kale quinoa,
for supper in the gazebo last evening.
Haricots verts steamed for a few minutes until still a little crunchy.
Drain well and, while still warm, add small tomatoes cut in half, some
 chopped red onion and a garlic clove. Toss with a simple dressing of
 one part red wine vinegar, two parts good olive oil, and freshly ground
 pepper - we have cut back on salt so left that out and didn't miss it at all!

As for the flowers, the addition of two beautiful elephant ears (gifted to me by
 my hair stylist on Friday when getting my hair cut) really took them to another level. 
Note I added my sweet leather elephant to the table . . . . . seemed appropriate.

Hope you are enjoying the Labor Day weekend.
Here's to another good week ahead.


  1. I'm envious of you living in a city with such a wonderful art museum.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Can't believe you had NO rain, as we almost drowned in it... We're so tired of the wet weather and there is not much you can do or plan.
    The grass is growing way too fast and all lawns look so lush in our area.
    Love your photos, those tomatoes on the vine look so beautiful; even to me as a market gardener's daughter who picked tons of them! Love this presentation so much.
    Yummy salad and we don't miss the salt either.
    Your apple and plum galette looks lovely too.
    And the flower arrangement looks regal with the added, perfect looking elephant ears.
    That leather elephant is cute and lovely!

  3. A good idea to combine an errand with an "arty" visit! Yes, a chilled drink would have completed the pretty picture of you at the shady table :-)
    That salad sounds like my kind of food, while I would have happily left all the salmon to you.
    Love it that you put the little elephant next to the elephant ears!

  4. You remained looking very cool in spite of the heat!

  5. You are such an elegant lady. Loved the photos of you and Bob. You look mighty cool in spite of the heat.

  6. I normally don't like the idea of mega we It is amazing.althy people having a great life while most families are struggling. But the Kress family had great taste in art and were extremely important in building up the North Carolina Museum of Art collection.

  7. Still hot with no rain here too. It looks like you had a good time at the museum. Salads are perfect for summer. I need to make them more often.

  8. Love your hat! You were brave to go out in the heat for awhile. The heat just melts me to the point it is hard to do much. Loved seeing your galette, yummmmm! And your flowers are beautiful.

  9. Dear Mary, it still looks hot there, and it is still cold over here...but Spring is just around the corner. You look so elegant in your Summer hat, and it is nice to see you out at the Art Museum. Your galettes are fabulous, and I must try that delicious salad. Elephant ears add to a very stylish arrangement. Hope you are well. xxx

  10. Love your hat!
    That green bean salad looks delish. I will definitely have to try that before the summer farm stand produce fades away.
    Of course, your galette looks delicious, too. Which reminds me - your summer tomato galette recipe is one of my faves. And I haven't made it all summer yet. I need to do so! I need to make gazpacho, too. Time to get busy in the kitchen!

  11. The museum garden looks lovely! Those sculptures remind me of my neck after leaning over a book all day, haha!


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