Saturday, September 17, 2022

Coming up for air -

The past week has been one of reflection and I admit
 to many, many hours in front of the television, or staying
 in touch with the happenings in the UK on my phone or
laptop. I felt the need to gather with my people across
 the pond in some way to honor our late Queen.

Being British, I was raised in a family where Royal
pageantry was embraced. My maternal Grandfather was
an officer in the Coldstream Guards. My Mother and her
siblings grew up in Windsor where he was stationed and
they used the castle grounds as their playground.
Later, my Mother was a Royal dressmaker in London and
worked on clothes for Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother.

I saw Her Majesty twice, first as a 9 year old child when she visited
near my home in July 1952 to attend the Royal Agricultural Show.
We had a day off school, were crowded onto local buses for the 
short ride, and then lined up along the street waving small
 Union Jack flags as she was driven by in an open car.
I can still recall the excitement of that special day.

via Devon Live

Elizabeth II's first visit to Devon as Queen was in July 1952 when she came 
to the Royal Agricultural Show at Stover near Newton Abbot. She arrived
 in the town by train and nearly 50,000 people packed the streets and Courtenay Park

My second sighting of the Queen was in Boston in 1976
when she visited for the Bicentennial celebration. She arrived via
 the Royal Yacht 'Britannia' on a beautiful July day. I lived in
Massachusetts then so again didn't have far to go to see her.

On Monday morning I will be up at 5:30 AM to prepare
to watch the funeral at Westminster Abbey. Later that day
 I will be watching as The Queen is taken back to Windsor 
Castle where she will be interred in the royal vault in
the gothic 15th century St. George's Chapel, alongside
 her Husband Prince Philip, Father, King George VI, Mother, 
Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother, and sister Princess Margaret.

Today I needed to get away and get out into the beautiful fresh air.
We drove south of the city to our usual farm for pumpkins. 
Tucked into the countryside we were warmly welcomed by our
 farm friends. Timing was perfect as they opened today to sell the
 first harvest picking and I was able to get some great ones for
 decorating and cooking.  
Will show you more later.


  1. Dear Mary,
    You must be missing 'home' so much just now.
    Your pumpkins are beautiful and I look forward to reading what you will do with them. I plan to watch some of the coverage later, as it begins at 3:30 am here.

  2. Your long standing family connection with the Royal family is a good reason for you wanting to be there - if only via the internet - at this particular time for the historic events.
    Looking forward to more pumpkin posts!

  3. I think the whole of Britain will be in front of their TV sets tomorrow, Mary.

  4. Will the queen be buried next to her parents and sister, but not next to her beloved husband? I loved my parents,
    dearly, but one's spouse is always more important.

    1. My error Hels! Thank you for pointing that out - I've added Prince Philip whom we also lost just a short time ago.

  5. Well today's the day our beautiful Queen joins her Prince, she left behind an example of grace and beauty :)

  6. Mary, I have been thinking about you all week. I too have been glued to the tv/computer. Although I am not British I have long admired the Queen. She was an amazing woman and will be missed.
    I was up at 4:30 watching whatever I could find. I thought the ceremony was beautiful.
    I cannot imagine how tired the family is after 10 days of travel and events.
    Have a good day my friend,

  7. I’ve been glued to the tv all day, Mary! What a wonderful day it was too. Sad, yes, but at the same time, we should celebrate. We’ve been fortunate enough to have a lovely lady as our Queen for so many years and my goodness she has been an inspiration to us all. I’ll miss her. I was born 4 months before she was crowned, in 1953. I think that today certainly showed the rest of the world what we, on the whole, think of our monarchy; I believe that it’s in safe hands for quite some time! Rest in Peace, Queen Elizabeth. Long Live the King!

  8. I haven't added pumpkins yet, but your post puts me in the mood. There might just need to be a pumpkin in my horizon.
    Yes, I was glued to my screen this morning. I didn't get up for the funeral, but watched every moment of the internment and processional. And just seeing the Queens horse and dogs brought a tear to my eyes.

  9. Like yours, my family embraced the Monarchy and royal pageantry, and I have seen the Queen numerous times on her eight visits to Queensland. I am sure you enjoyed watching the beautiful ceremonies of her final goodbye. Every detail was just perfect. What beautiful pumpkins, in a variety of colours, something we do not see here. Looking forward to seeing what you do with them, in your elegant style. xx


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