Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Autumn is waiting in the wings. . . . .


Knitting needles are out. 
A sign of what's to come. 
I will stay busy and creative while watching movies
 and such during those many long evenings ahead!

My favorite season is on the way. Gently moving closer through the slightly
 shorter days and cooler nights. The leaves on the massive oaks have yet
 to turn; the fig tree still bears remnants of its fruitful bounty; the
 hydrangea blooms are rusty, their leaves dropping haphazardly into the
 flower beds, having struggled through the hot, dry summer to make a
show and present their seasonal best.

September is bringing changes and I'm ready, are you?

I'm not planning much in the way of Autumn decor, just moving things about
on shelves, adding my papier-mâché versions of pumpkins and the
 lovely painting of the white pumpkin - a favorite always. I took them out of
 storage over this long weekend and couldn't resist displaying them.
A visit to the pumpkin farm will come later once the weather has cooled.
I will look for green/grey/white pumpkins for a dining room table display
and some potted chrysanthemums for the front steps.

Do you have plans to decorate for Autumn?


  1. It's like greeting old friends, isn't it, when we take seasonal things out of their boxes and put them up again. I have already started last weekend, putting the Hokkaido pumpkin (which we ate on Sunday night) on display, as well as my beloved orange "lantern" flowers in one of the real bird's nests and a few other things. Not much yet, and not much more to come, but a bit of a seasonal touch.
    I know my long after-work walks will soon be cut even shorter than now, so I am trying to make the best of what daylight we have left.

  2. There is not much of a tradition to decorate in Autumn here but as ny birthday is on Hallowe'en and I am 90 this year I might pu a pumpkin on the front step.

  3. I think we bypassed Autumn here! We have had storms, torrential rain, dark skies by 4's very Wintry.

  4. Autumn is definitely marching closer here, although we have gloriously sunny days. The mornings and evenings are much cooler. I don't decorate a lot for autumn, but will put a pumpkin on the porch in October, and pull out some old lanterns. Yesterday I made applesauce and today I'm canning it. We have two apple trees that give us more than enough apples, and the grandchildren like applesauce, so I give most of it away.

  5. It is the opposite here.. we are just 7 days into spring. I don't change any decorations around, but the pot plants in the house are finally blooming, the parkas have been moved from near the front door to a closed cupboard and the hats on the hatstand have gone from felt to straw.

  6. It is always a treat to see your white pumpkin painting, Mary, and your other Autumnal decor. We are embracing the flowers of Spring these days, a happy time too. Enjoy your knitting! xx

  7. Just looking to the cooler days. There is one tiny pumpkin growing in the garden; so I think I will need to find a few more at a farm stand. Chrysanthemums are always so special too. Enjoy preparing for Autumn.


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