Thursday, September 1, 2022

Life's Ups & Downs. . . . . . . .

Yes, I'm back on my newer laptop. Picked it up yesterday and everything
 appears to be OK. 

I've stayed busy this week cleaning out kitchen cabinets, sorting through
spices and dried herbs etc., throwing out some which were far too old, 
cleaning containers I will keep. Wiping shelves, bottles, dry food
 containers etc. 
What started all that? 
 A near kitchen disaster, one I'll tell you about just in case you ever
find yourself about to do what I did.

If you use them be careful . . . . . . . . don't make the same mistake
 I did last Sunday!!!
When I took out the glass container to add some seeds to my
 breakfast yogurt, I noticed some disgusting little worms crawling
 up the inside. 
I was so upset and grossed out that in my haste to dispose of the
 entire contents, about 6 ounces, I dumped the lot down the
 garbage disposal and turned it on.  About an hour later Bob
 asked me why the water in the other sink - we have a double
 sink - was not running down the drain!
Then I realized what I'd done. Chia seeds are so tiny and yet
 once wet expand into a huge gelatinous mass. . . . . . .which
 they had done in my drainpipe. If you add them to smoothies
 and don't drink them quickly you will have noticed this.
It took several hours with a container of drain de-clogger, hot
 water, and a neighbor's plastic 'snake' before the clog dissolved
 and water gurgled down the pipe again!
Thankfully no call to a plumber and a huge bill.

Are you planning something big for the Labor Day weekend?
We will be spending time watering that's for certain. With no rain
to speak of and continuing high temperatures the garden is sad, 
dry as a bone, drooping and dying.
Enjoy your time.



  1. Oh dear! I didn't think a garbage disposal would go down your drain, I thought of it more like a rubbish bin that goes... somewhere :-D
    Hopefully, your action got rid of any little creature that should not be in your kitchen. My Mum used to have problems with "food moths" (don't know their proper name in English, but they like to feed on flour and other kitchen basics), they kept coming back no matter what she did and how super clean she kept everything. As far as I know, her kitchen is moth-free now, but it took a LOT of effort and elbow-grease!

  2. Oh dear! I can imagine you did it very quickly to get rid of the horrid little creepy things.

  3. Yikes!! Glad you were able to get the drain working again without a plumber.

  4. Oh dear, not a pleasant occurrence. Glad it was fixed without calling a plumber! I can see why you were inspired to go through your cupboards!

  5. Oh Mary, you poor thing with all the chia seeds in your drain! Glad you got through it though. Thanks for telling us because I would never have thought of that. Have a great holiday weekend!

  6. Seeds and worms? I think your bird feeder might have been a better bet! Don't let the birds know what they missed out on, hahah! At least all your pipes have had a spring clean :)

  7. Oh dear, glad you were able to clear the drain, I did not know they "grew" like that. Love the dahlia, such a lovely colour.

  8. Yikes, that is quite the disaster with the chia seeds! My husband adds them to his 7 grain hot cereal in the morning. As for me, I keep a mixture of organic beet powder, flax meal, hemp hearts and chia seeds in a glass jar in the fridge and then I add a spoon of that mixture to my morning blender smoothie. We don't have a garbage disposal, so no disasters waiting to happen in that regard! Did you have your chia seeds refrigerated?

  9. The dahlia is gorgeous! Oh my! Chia seeds in the drain. Glad you didn't have to call a plumber.


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