Saturday, August 27, 2022

Nothing interesting. . . . . . . .

Being without my newer laptop means being really slowed down and
 somewhat cut off while trying to bring up stuff on this very old MacBook.
Dangerous looking notifications pop up, and being useless when it 
comes to technology, I shy away from going beyond my basic, comfort 
limits. Do you know what I mean?

 I'm still taking a little time here at the dining room table chugging away
 on this older, unpredictable piece of machinery with no storage remaining
 so I'm unable to bring up newer photos taken in the past week.
These photos are however recent and available as they were in a blog
draft I was about to work on when I decided it was time to get my newer
laptop repaired.
So, rather having nothing new to share you can at least enjoy - hopefully -
more photos of my Welsh Dresser style hutch which I'm always fiddling
 around with when I have nothing better to do!

 Well I did get this far without everything crashing despite little boxes
 constantly popping up and demanding passwords!  
Do you, like me, feel that PASSWORD is a horrible word which has
 made life oh so difficult . . . . . . . but apparently only if you're enjoying
 retirement years. In other words you, like me, are in a certain 
age category and didn't grow up with computers, mobile phones and
 such.  This of course is according to our children and grandchildren!

Anyway dear friends - here's to a great weekend. A Bank Holiday
in the UK should be fun, and hoping it has cooled off there.
Here we still swelter through the afternoon hours, however I've
already noticed a few acorns dropping and leaves turning gold
and rust here and there. 
With September looming, thoughts of Autumn are on my 
mind . . . . . . . . . and wondering where to tuck in some pumpkins
 on the dresser during the coming weeks!  


  1. Love your Welsh Hutch. It looks not only beautiful, but totally functional.

    Passwords...hate them. My daughter added one to my iPad before I could scream, "Nooooo!"

    Acorns are all over and I hate them. I am raking them up and binning them because I am mean and don't wish to share my attic with squirrels. I figure if they have nothing to eat, they'll leave.

    Hope you are back to normal soon with a device that works well and causes no frustration. Life is too short for that. A blessed weekend to you.

  2. Dearest Mary,
    Looking forward to the days that I too find time to play around more with my china and arrange things.
    Good luck with your Apple update.

  3. The pumpkin festival has already begun in my hometown, and I have indeed a beautiful orange Hokkaido on my kitchen table, waiting to be turned into a meal.
    Two weeks ago alteady I noticed the first lantern flowers in the gardens of my neighbours, and what with the nights noticeably drawing in, summer is as good as over in spite of there still being some very hot days.
    I don‘t mind - in fact, I am rather looking forward to autumn.

  4. Hello Mary: Passwords I hate them also. Should not use the same one for all of the site you go to, so "they" say, so I have a list a mile long. The new world of technology is not kind to this bird of a certain age.
    Hope you are keeping well.
    Regards Pat

  5. Dear Mary,
    I am sorry for the computer woes. How dependent we have become on technology! I despise passwords, and find it utterly ridiculous that I need to generate one for every single site I visit. I have begun to let Microsoft choose my passwords and store them.
    The garden is full of weeds and is quite overgrown. We've been working for a few days and it's coming along nicely. Tim goes back to work tomorrow (for just 6 months before retiring), and I'll be easing into life as a retiree once again!

  6. Hoping computer issues are resolved soon for you. It is never a fun thing to deal with.
    We had a lovely, mild temperature weekend and it gave a glimpse of fall, but now today we are heading back to hot summer. Ugh! I keep thinking of the beautiful sweaters/jerseys you show in autumn and dreaming of cozy days.

  7. I always love to see your pictures, they make me very happy. I am in my thirties and honestly do find passwords a pain too :)


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