Friday, August 5, 2022

Crystal Clear -------


That annoying grinding, grating noise of a lawn mower woke me
 somewhat early yesterday morning!  Right away I knew it was our mower 
and that Bob was already up and out.
 Getting an early start on outdoor projects, due to another day in the high
 90's, is necessary for health and safety.  By 9 AM the lawn looked 
great - quite green again as we've had some brief but welcomed
 afternoon rains - all neat and clean as Bob always trims the edges and
 finishes up with the blower.

By 10 AM we were running errands and back home again before the outdoor
 heat finished us off for the day.

What's a good thing to do in the house in this continuing heat?
One job was accomplished recently, cleaning crystals.
Can't stand them when they get cloudy.
I have several vintage chandeliers and sconces with old glass crystals
 which do get grimy from every day living dust.  
Easiest way is to pull an old white cotton sock over your hand, spray
 with window cleaner then gently wipe each dangling crystal. 
This removes sticky grime, brings back the glitter and makes one think of
 cool, sparkly raindrops........a great feeling on these hot, dry summer days.

Do you have a fun weekend planned?
Whatever you do and wherever you are, enjoy.

I'm thinking of making this dessert as we are still picking figs. . . . . . . 
last year I made it and added pears which was yummy.


  1. Oh the crostata looks delicious. I have no crystals (except for the Christmas tree), but I have plenty to dust. Not feeling it these days, though, so will probably wait for a coolish September day. Bob was really on top of yard chores this morning.

  2. It's very hot here, too. I love having my iced coffee on the shaded patio in the mornings, then I walk around and water the plants and refresh the bird bath. Our lawn needs mowing badly right now, but Brian's been at work and hasn't had time. I'm planning on doing it tonight when he gets home from work because I need him to start the mower for me! I don't have the strength to pull the start cord - and my right shoulder (I'm right-handed) has has rotator cuff impingement, so even trying to pull that cord is a no-no for me.

    I remember my grandma and great-aunt polishing the crystals on their chandeliers. They never used Windex though. They'd take the crystals off and soak them in...hmm, not sure what. Maybe vinegar and water? Dish soap and water? Then wash and rinse each one.

    I'm going to be making a fruit crisp this weekend, as my neighbor gave me a lot of peaches from their fruit trees.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    Bob is smart and very active still.
    Pieter is now enjoying the lawn being cared for over the past couple of years and it feels good.
    When we were gone, those 11 days the same man (owner) came to use our electric pump for pumping water from the pond and water the patio pots and all window boxes along driveway's retainer wall and the bay window and veranda.
    Then the cat sitter that picks up the mail and does the rest; great feeling while gone.
    Oh, we both are looking forward to a dinner with a dear friend. When Pieter held his birthday party, they had a wedding so we finally make up for that!
    For the rest, we look forward to a week without any driving... with the check up of our car on Monday and the stay–cation with intention to swim, the week went by too fast. Swimming did not happen, due to rain... Too bad!
    Hard to keep up with everything in life and like your chandelier, such chores take up so much of our time.

  4. I blitzed the staircase (4 flights) yesterday but then was completely wet through and did not do my own flat - that'll be left for today. After a series of unbearably hot days, last night finally a thunderstorm broke the worst of the heat and even brought some badly needed rain. Now the flat can be aired properly again, and because of the rain and the cooler temperatures, I was able to sleep better than I have all week.

  5. We could do with a bit of rain over here Mary .... some places have a hosepipe ban and I think we will have one before too long. Thanks for the chandelier tip ..... I am off to do mine, sock on hand !!!!! XXXX

  6. How lovely to have crystal chandeliers! very beautiful.

  7. My husband makes delicious jam every year, often with figs (as I noted in your last post). But your fig and pear crostata looks even more delicious.

  8. Love when the crystal chandies sparkle! Glad you got a little rain.

  9. I live making things sparkle again but generally get very lazy during the summer months.

  10. Sparkles! And delicious stuffs, too! Good work, dear Mary.

  11. Hope you were able to enjoy that beautiful dessert.
    I love your chandeliers, so beautiful.
    And what an industrious and wise husband to mow and edge the lawn early in the morning.

  12. Smart idea to tackle those indoor projects while the heat is so high. I went out to trim my overgrown hummingbird vine yesterday at 7:00 pm and about melted. I am SO ready for cooler weather. Your crystal light fixtures are just beautiful. There is something so magical about sparkly crystals with light shining through. I like your method for keeping them sparkly.
    Keep cool, Mary.

  13. I want to make that dessert. Thank you for sharing. Keep cool. Regine

  14. Nice post thank you Stacey


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