Monday, August 1, 2022

August Already!


Angela Harding's August art 'The Blackbird'

Freshly gathered figs shared with others. . . . . . . 

. . . . . . those 'others' sharing some tomatoes with me, thanks!

Heavy weekend rains filled the bird baths, revived the shrubs
 somewhat, and definitely grew fresh grass.
As for the fig tree, its bounty is in excess this year.
 It will need pruning again later as it's far too big!

Hope this new month will be a good one.
July weather was disappointing here.  
August is usually very hot but thoughts of Autumn to come
will keep me going.


  1. Hot weather here, too, and a warm breeze makes the soil extra dry; all is yellow and brown.
    I love Angela Harding's art! I believe the National Trust has notecards etc. with her prints.

  2. All the beautiful bowls and containers filled with bounty are so pleasing to the eye. Everything looks lush and beautiful there. Hope that August proves more pleasant than July was for you.

  3. Dearest Mary,
    We have not yet harvested figs, they are very late for us!
    Yours look healthy.
    Indeed, can't believe we're in August... sitting here at the Infiniti garage in Atlanta for our checkup on the car. Much needed after so many miles added! But it performed perfect and I'm so happy with it.
    Will make a stay–cation out of it and hopefully the weather will behave for being able to swim!

  4. The bounty of the fig tree can never be in excess:) Imagine the bottles of gorgeous jam that you can make *sighs happily*

  5. Happy August! Isn't fresh produce the best? Yesterday, our neighbor gave us green beans, tomatoes, pickling cucumbers and a jar of canned dill pickles, all from his dad's garden in Wisconsin.

    August is usually very hot and humid here in IL with a lot of strong thunderstorms, including tornado warnings. Two years ago on my birthday (Aug 10), we had a derecho. Last year on my bday, strong storms knocked down trees and power lines. We were without power for 24 hours and the heat index was 108! This year, I will be turning the big six-oh, so I might have to leave town. ;-)

  6. Hi, Mary!
    I found your blog through Mariette's blog. I love figs (my husband not so much), but because we live in the city, we get all our fruits and vegetables from the store.
    I didn't know Angela Harding's art, but it's beautiful and I loved especially the bowl with the tomatoes. I have a similar one, but with flowers painted, instead of grape vines.
    Have a beautiful week!

  7. Happy August Mary, I love seeing all of your summer bounty. Cherries and peaches are my all time favorite summer fruits. Home grown tomatoes there is nothing like them. And your beautiful figs! I hope that you are staying cool and well.

  8. HOT weather here too. No rain. My garden is like Sahara! I hope for some rain and a cooler August now...
    Love from Titti

  9. Oh those delicious figs that you so kindly share with me every year! You introduced me to fresh figs right off the tree, and I will forever be grateful! Thank you, sweet friend 🥰

  10. With excessive heat Autumn does come to mind. I just love seeing your figs and wish we had that variety. Our figs won't come along until well into Autumn and I don't particularly like the variety. That crow picture reminds me of a crow I saw stitched onto a quilt recently. This is certainly crow season, even in our garden.


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