Saturday, February 4, 2023

Fashion forward thinking . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . a long overdue 'fashion post' of sorts!

Today I planned to post on the cold weather but when I saw how warm it actually is here compared to what others are dealing with in the Northeast, I decided warm clothing might be a better subject.

Last Saturday we had a theatre date in town. I dressed up and wore my now almost vintage chocolate velvet coat. Bob said I looked really nice, and the woman scanning our tickets at the theatre immediately commented on my 'lovely coat.' I too love that coat and will never give it up. 

That said, once again I'm making what hopefully will be some easier to manage wardrobe changes. This winter I decided to start on minimizing my overloaded closet. I've not completed this project by any stretch of the imagination. . . . . . . but I have made some changes and am definitely working on more. When I pack away my cold weather clothes come spring I plan to donate many items I didn't wear if they've been hanging about over two years. At my age I don't require so many clothes in closets, folded on shelves, stacked in drawers, or in storage boxes under the bed!  I have some favorites I will never part with. I have many items of the past few years working perfectly for my lifestyle, but I also have a load of lesser loved clothes which have run their course for one reason or another. 

This doesn't mean I'll never not shop for anymore clothes, shoes, bags etc. Let's face it, I'm only human and admit to being a woman who loves fashion, but I will be more picky in my choices. This year I will enjoy my eightieth birthday! This past year I managed to drop 18 pounds, my general health is good, my back/leg issue is being managed and I can walk quite well with less pain. After the COVID lockdown years I'm enjoying getting dressed up a little more.

What I'm wanting for my lifestyle when it comes to dressing at this time of my life, is a plan where less is more. It's going to be hard but the outcome looks promising. Traveling, especially sailing on ships where I've been limited to keeping my clothing at a minimum, I've discovered life is a lot easier when you have less to choose from, and even more exciting when your creative side has to be addressed. I plan to follow the mantra of 'Fewer, better things.'  This embodies essential pieces for the modern woman made from premium materials, well constructed, and timeless classic design. 

Sharing a few fashion photos from several years back. I think you will agree the styles being classic and the fabrics gorgeous, they will stand the test of time and I would love any of them to be in my wardrobe . . . . .especially as it's freezing here today and warm clothing is on my mind!

Any exciting plans for your spring wardrobe?  A new season will be here before we know it! Are you planning clothes closet makeovers, clearing out things you no longer really love, lightening your load so to speak?
Let's have a little fun chat here about our clothes . . . . . . . . meanwhile stay warm, bundle up in sweaters, especially up there in New England! Having lived there I recall just how bitter cold weather can feel, brrrrrr!


  1. Hip Hip Hooray! I am doing the same right now ~~ paring down not only clothes I no longer wear, but dishes, furniture, art, etc. ~~ planning what to move to NC later this year. Taking a thorough look-see the first week of April, (a one way plane ticket) extending my stay until I find the perfect area for my son and I to 'settle.'

  2. Fewer better things is, I think, a good mantra for life and one we could all adopt. Jane tries to live that with clothes too - and I try with books, and bikes!! Take care!
    PS I have exciting book news to share soon.

  3. Less is more is a concept I embrace, both with clothes and with books. I am always working on giving away excess possessions, always more to be done, but I feel more light when I give things away.

  4. I am chucking clothing every time I am in the basement...literally chucking it. It's not worth donating. You always look wonderful. I really like that crimson coat...what a beauty.

    FYI, things are looking up, up here. The temp is at -2 and will begin warming up in six hours or so.

  5. I too love fashion and it is so hard to be a minimalist. The rust color sweater at the top, I love it!!! Yes, the details make something so special. A few years ago I turned all my hangers around and after a year evaluated what I hadn't worn. I could tell because if I wore them the hanger was turned back to the front. There were still a few things I couldn't part with, but I think I need to do that again. Marilyn M.

  6. Dearest Mary,
    Well, the bundling up here in the South is so seldom! Most of our winter coats hang in the coat closet without ever being used. As a matter of fact, on Sunday Pieter handed down his Naturel Sheepskin with Shearling Interior coat to his niece's husband. He was so happy with it. With all his business travel to cold regions he will get to use it. Since we don't travel anymore there is no use for it. Due to me being so sick before and during Christmas, I didn't even get to wear my mink coat this year...
    Both of us felt happy that this heavy piece is gone and it made someone very happy!
    Strange but I've never owed 'lesser loved' clothes. If I did not really fall in love with something—it never went home with me!
    Also I've never lost that much weight so there were no changes in size. Only when I was completely paralyzed I'd lost weight that I only was 102 pound. I remember too wel that I almost cried when my shorts fell off my hips while we were at Key West at the Hyatt Key West Resort and Spa.
    Hoping that I never have to live through anything like that!
    But buying things is not on my agenda, still enough to chose from and I've never been an impulsive shopper.
    But right now I'm still enjoying the sweater weather for wearing the soft and light silk cashmere things. It feels heavenly and I certainly indulge in that time. Also for getting to wear my boots!
    Don't miss living in any real cold region...
    Hugs and stay cozy!

  7. After having lost 35 pounds, I began shopping in earnest this winter for wardrobe basic/classic pieces. It’s so nice to be out again in society! I’ve been able to pick up a few pieces - a blazer, a soft sweater and some black slacks - but am looking forward to spring. I see some soft shirts, a linen jacket, cropped pants and some sundresses in my future.

  8. I always enjoy your fashion posts, Mary, and admire your style very much. I have an intention to go through my winter wardrobe and try on everything and see if I can find creative ways to combine the pieces I have. And I'm thinking ahead to a couple of summery linen dresses that I want to sew. I can see myself spending a lot of time in my sewing room this spring once Tim begins hammering and sawing on the main floor renovation next month.

  9. I don't have any coats because our winters don't get cold enough. But these days everyone wears a puffer jacket over their shirt or jumper, and look warm but not restricted in their movements. I think I am too old to buy one.

  10. What lovely photos you share Mary. The red velvet is just gorgeous, and I like the shawl in the 2nd picture very much. Like you, I am trying to edit my wardrobe and have less that I am holding onto 'just in case'. Only a couple of years behind you in age, and since the pandemic need fewer clothes for glamorous occasions. Our city has become much more casual now. My downfall is that I love to sew, and now and then fall in love with a fabric and bring it home, needed or not! I would love to own a chocolate velvet coat, how delicious. xxx

  11. With mostly working from home, for the past few years there simply was no need for business outfits. But I always did (and still do) dress properly when sitting down for work, the only difference to working at the office being in that I am not wearing shoes at home, and no suits but more casual clothes - always neat and clean, of course.
    The chunky sweaters and velvety things look great and, as you say, timeless. I don‘t doubt that, whereever you are and whatever you do, you always look stylish and are perfectly dressed for the occasion!

  12. I do love some of the coats you've shared. I find it so hard to clean out my closets. I suppose I get emotionally attached to clothes and I know it's not a good reason to keep them but I find myself putting them in the ' donate' like and then keeping them.

  13. Oh I just love that red velvet coat! Clothes is fun and I wish i could be a litle bit more "colourful" with cloths...Im a beige person :)
    Lovely post and you gave some great ideas...


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