Tuesday, May 4, 2010

French magazines versus packing...........

I'm packed.........for the fifth time!  This is it, no unpacking and repacking between now and next Wednesday! For some reason that whale of a duffel bag is stuffed to the gills, but I can honestly say I don't have many pieces of clothing for eighteen days!  It will take a lot of mixing and matching of these bush clothes to create outfits.  Luckily the color choices of khaki, olive drab and more khaki, will allow perfect color coordination.........even in the early morning darkness as I stumble, still sleepy, to the Range Rover for the first game ride of the day.

So why, you are wondering, am I showing photos of French prettiness today.  Let's face it, one has to keep those little attacks of nerves at bay.........especially after some of the dreams I've been having lately (involving very large and wrinkled grey creatures with big ears - and cats that definitely aren't domestic kitties).  What could be more calming than making a nice cuppa, sitting down with my new copy of a pretty magazine showing my favorite decorating style, country French.

I've managed to buy a subscription to my very favorite French home/decor magazine CAMPAGNE  DECORATION.
Could only find it when in France, however recently discovered the Canadian company ExpressMag where I've subscribed to fabulous UK Country Living for many years, also offers this gorgeous French publication, and many others.  Expressmag is very reliable - their rates include delivery to your mailbox and are reasonable compared to magazine rack prices.

Tomorrow I'll show you some perfect gifts I've received in the mail ~ from dear friends ~ and I'll definitely be tucking these treasures into a corner.......somewhere!


  1. I'm impressed with your packing skills .... I traveled to Fiji, New Zealand and Australia for three weeks and took one duffle bag! So, I know what you were up against.

  2. It is a super magazine indeed. I often have a browse at the hairdressers, she has a very eclectic selection of magazines!

  3. Mary, first off, I know you are excited about your new trip! My Dad is coming home from the hospital today. You jewles are on there way. Life has been on hold. Next thing. One of the owners was released from duties at the Depot and I was asked to be over all the operations. It has been an emotional roller coaster there and with family the past few weeks. I am excited for my dad and for my new position. Well a little nervous about the position, alot of head hanchos to answer to! I hope all is well, off to work. New Sunday hours 1-6 at The Depot, we may get to change the Mon-Sat hours 10-7 with some luck. Just incase you get to visit again after your trip. I will keep you posted! Hugs, Janna

  4. I can only imagine how excited you are!! You are going to have such fun!

  5. Glad you are packed. Sit back and enjoy your magazine!! Carla

  6. I hope your trip is all you want it to be, and the dreams are only that. Tell those creatures to stay quite away from you. I personally would NOT ever venture into the wilds. Oh noooooo, not me. Hope you have a wonderful trip.

  7. That's great dear! I love doing that too. I actually looked through all my magazines while waiting to hear back from mom. Went to bed at 2am and woke up at 6am... just thinking of her... Hope you're having a nice day!
    Love, Vanessa

  8. Mary, hard to believe that your trip is just around the corner. I know you'll have a marvelous time. But until then, I agree that a cuppa and a great magazine is such a wonderful way to relax!

    Thanks for the tip on ExpressMag, I've been looking for "British House(or is it Home?) & Garden for a couple of years. Might find it there!

    Have a beautiful day, Chris

  9. I picked up that magazine when in France and loved it! Thanks for letting me know how I can get it here...

    You are going to have a wonderful time on your trip!!!!

  10. What a beautiful mag. I have to take something to read wherever I travel to and would definitly have to take something with beautous pics with me to Africa.....pics with pink and frills and frenchy stuff. It can double as a bug swatter too! Your anticipation is contagious.
    Hugs N Herbal Blessings, mandy

  11. I adore your decorating style! Take lots of pics on your trip. I know you already plan to. So we'll feel as though we went "into the jungle" ourselves.

  12. I am so very excited for you! A magazine as beautiful as that one and a cup of tea are the perfect distraction. Packing can be such a challenge, but I hope you left a little room to bring back a treasure or two.

  13. Love the new look!! Can't wait to see the photos from you adventure!!


  14. Save the magazines for the plane trip! You'll need something to keep you entertained on the long flight!

  15. Gorgeous photos Mary! Thank you for stopping by my "new" blog :-)... Your safari trip sounds amazing. Looking forward to photos and stories when you return home xo

  16. Glad you are packed!! I love these too! I will look into the Expressmag! Thanks!

  17. Hi Mary! That magazine looks like good reading, although for me, looking, material! Maybe in Frankfurt you can pick up the magazine Wohen & Garten. It has sooo many beautiful things in it!
    Take Care!

  18. Mary, I adore this magazine. I'll look into ordering it for myself.
    But that jardin jardiniere is what is calling to me. Wow, that is such a stunning piece. I love your sense of style! ~ Sarah


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