Sunday, May 2, 2010

The Carolina wrens are back............

Winter tree image ~ the Carolina wrens are year round here.
The Carolina wren is waking me from dreamland these bright Spring mornings.  These tiny but extremely vocal birds are always in my garden.  I'm certain the original family has instructed its offspring it's a good place to hang out.  Makes me happy.  I truly love these spunky little birds who constantly sing their many songs......perched in the trees, on the back fence under the magnolia tree, on the front porch, and the finial on top of the gazebo! 

If you followed my former blog, Across The Pond, I'm sure you'll recall how many times I posted on our wren families building nests each Spring - in the kitchen window box or on the porch.  This morning one woke me very early, singing gleefully in the tree right outside the open bedroom window.................

...........most likely calling its mate!  Two days ago, while sitting here posting early morning, I noticed a pair of wrens flying back and forth to the porch with catkins and soft skeletonized leaves in their tiny beaks.  No doubt what they were up to, home building again, a tucked away nest in the planter by the front door.   This always holds faux greenery and hydrangeas and the pic below shows two of the four babies that hatched there in 2008.

Wrens in the front porch planter 2008

I'm showing you these because I will be away while this year's little miracle occurs.  I may see eggs before I leave, but hatchlings growing chubby and strong, then fledging into the big wide world, I'll sadly miss.  Wrens are wonderful parents, both mom and dad caring for the babies needs, and keeping the nest spotlessly clean.

I'll be leaving instructions for DH ~

Open and close the front door quietly

Keep the porch light off as it's directly above the nest

Count the eggs 

Write down the dates when the eggs hatch

Count the babies

Mark the date they fledge  

I'm sad I'll miss another miracle of nature - but know I'll be viewing spectacular ones while visiting Africa!


  1. Oh, when does your trip begin? Sounds like such an adventure! I have these sweet little birds in my yard as wall. I think maybe I'm confusing them with a bird I called the Bewick wren??? I remember a few years back having to stuff the babies back up into the birdhouse during flight training. To keep the dogs from being crazed!

  2. I love wrens! I have 3 that live in my garage. They don't like it when I sleep in!

  3. Going to Africa, Wow that is wonderful.. I
    had a nest in my window box last year and the mother left them. I called the Bird people a group here and no one came. I lost all three.


  4. We used to have starlings that made a nest in our porch eaves every spring. Such devoted parents! All day, every day, flying to get food for the babies. It is such a little miracle.

    Glad you've left instructions with your husband!


  5. I was watching some wrens yesterday as I was gardening. Love seeing your sweet photos.
    Yes, you will be viewing some amazing sights soon! Happy Travels ~ Sarah

  6. Wonderful photos Mary. they look a little bigger than an English wren, I think.
    You will see some amazing wildlife in Africa I'm sure.

  7. I love your pictures of the wrens. Just remember.... that while you may be missing one miracle, I'm sure God will allow you to see many others on your wonderful trip. God Bless. Carla

  8. Love wrens they have the most beautiful voice and sing all...the time. Sorry you will miss this but know hubby will watch out for them!

    xoxo Gert

  9. Oh, yes you will. I am sure your DH will keep good records and report back to you what he sees. I just love watching the birds in springtime. We have birds nesting in one of our decorative bird houses this year.

  10. I always know spring is here when I hear the cuckoo in the distance. At first I am enchanted but then I start to get irritated because they never change key and certainly not melodies. After 30 minutes of the same thing I'm ready for a change.

  11. I saw a Wren, on the back porch, the other morning. I also saw a pair of Purple Finch, fussing around the basket on the fireplace gate. I think they've moved on, though.

    I am looking forward to your trip.

  12. I have arrived here via Cosy Little House.... WOW...I do hope you have a WONDERFUL SAFARI... even as a seasoned traveller you will be spellbound. I long to travel at the age of 61 you can inspire me to go once I have made my new house (work starts Monday) into the kind of charm that a French house should have. I have never been able to visualise, afford, or be confident about my 'taste' too fulfil my dreams of creating not only a home but one with style and decor to match! But I now have a chance to try in a beautiful French village, which makes me very nervous as 'eyes' are upon me. Let's hope the savings will stretch and I too will be able o follow the other dream of travelling later in my life. Keep active is the key! I so look forward to reading about your travels.

  13. Don't you just love watching the birds? I have some that made nests in two of the hanging paper lanterns that were left out! Right outside my kitchen window we have bluebirds, and you can hear the little ones every time they bring food!
    Take Care!


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