Monday, May 10, 2010

Friendships are so special...........

I love my early mornings sitting here in the dining room communicating with each of you.  You are a very special group of friends.  Some I know only online, others I've had the great luck to meet in person over the past three years since I started Across The Pond, and now this new blog, A Breath of Fresh Air.  Each one of you has enriched my life in some special way, each one of you has truly become a cherished friend.  My only regret is that all this didn't happen when I was younger. Dear ones, I'm getting 'long in the tooth' and the computer came along too late!! I find myself eager to tag along with you 'youngsters' such as Vanessa, Mary Ann, Anna, Jenny, Janna and others (you know who you are), who love what I love, who are embracing the old and thrifted, the shabby and chic, decorating, treasure hunting, sewing, painting, and making wonderful homes for your families.

Perhaps you feel I've gone a little overboard in my posts leading up to the big trip.  I do know that I will, as always, miss my home as I travel so far away.  Maybe you're tired of reading about my 'next adventure' and saying to yourself "why doesn't she just keep quiet and go". As you know, I travel a lot, but I'm so thrilled about this trip and so grateful that it's all due to a wonderful friendship of many, many years.  I know my life will be enriched..........and I plan to make every moment in Africa special so that I can always remember it happened because of a very dear friend. 

Be good to your friends, they are important in your life. Never take them for granted.  They help make your days special and, over the years, they light up your life in such a special way they truly make you shine.

I'm feeling a little tentative as zipping up the bag time gets closer.  My DH makes jokes about being eaten by lions and trampled by elephants..........but is sweet enough not to have taken out a million dollar life insurance policy on me as he expects to welcome me home again!  I have visions of falling in the Okavango Delta waters and being a crocodile's dinner!  Yeah, yeah, I know, just get on with it and go......I will, I am!!!!!!


  1. Oh dear! I'll keep yu my prayers and will be here with a big smile to welcome you back home along with Bob and sweet Jasmin. I was just here thinking of you and how much I will miss you for the next few weeks. I had a wonderful time this past Saturday and I stayed a little longer... long enough to get a box full of little shabby chic mismatched china from France, Austria and Englad for only $4 bucks! The dealer said I could make my own box of goodies and as you know I was so happy!
    I wish you have a safe trip! Love you! Vanessa ps. Thank you always for being who you are!

  2. I'm really looking forward to seeing your stories and photographs from Africa. I don't always comment, but I stop by to see what's happening with you whenever you pop up in my goggle reader. I love the first picture of this post. That looks like a beautiful place to blog from ...

  3. Good morning Mary,
    I've just spent a few very enjoyable minutes catching up on all your pre trip posts. I can
    imagine how excited you are at this moment, what a chance of a lifetime this is for you. The little bag that Sarah sent is just perfect, it combines elegance with practicality.She has a PhD in shopping you know and impeccable taste!
    Have a safe & wonderful trip, do lots of sketching & take masses of photo's you know we all can't wait to hear about it on your return.
    Stay safe!

  4. You'll be fine! :) My eldest son and his family live in South Africa and have spent a good bit of time in wild places like Namibia and Mozambique and survived it. I have three pieces of advice all of which I'm sure you are already familiar with - 1. Make sure you drink plenty of water, never go anywhere without a bottle. 2. Make sure you take your malaria tablets. 3. Don't go paddling in any streams or rivers, some of them carry a particularly nasty fluke(bilharzia) that can make you very ill. indeed. My final piece of advice - have a wonderful time!

  5. Enjoy your trip and your friendships! I will be praying for you to have a wonderful time and a safe return. God Bless! Carla

  6. I love hearing about your upcoming trip, where you will visit, how you are traveling, decisions behind what limited items you can bring. I feel like I am almost going on this adventure with you. You are going to have the most amazing time!

    I am so happy that we have gotten to spend some time together in person, and I look forward to more visits this year...

    Have a wonderful trip Mary, I will be thinking about you while you are on your safari.

  7. You lumped me in with the young ones! Woohoo! I'm so glad you are posting about this trip. It's probably the closest most of us will ever get to Africa. I want to hear about every adventure!

  8. I hope you wil be able to post updates of your travel.....Have a good time!

  9. You could never be long in the tooth! You are a wonderful friend no matter where and "when" you are! Please have fun, be safe and come home to us all!! We will miss you while we you are gone!

  10. Oh Mary, I understand your trepidation. It is so very far away and has such a dangerous connotation. Ah...the Dark Planet, but I know you will love every minute and you will stay safe and return with a new sense of awe. Does that make sense? I think we weave each new adventure into the fabric of our lives ( sounds like a commercial, I know) and it enhances us. So, go far my friend, have fun and return with jungle tales for all of us and I will see you in July to hear about the trip first hand.

    PS. My blog is moving to a dot com courtesy of my son. I have no idea what this really means and so far have not been able to access it. Hopefully by tonight it will be moved and I will be able to figure out the next step.

  11. The hippos are the REAL danger..
    Many years ago I did a safari with 3 other women friends..One of the best times of my life.. You will have many memories to treasure

  12. Hello there! Your photos today are beautiful .. I love that front porch of yours! Your blog pops up on my dashboard and when it does I'm always pleasantly surprised ~ still looking for Across The Pond I suppose. I cannot wait for tales of your trip.

  13. Mary, I never get tired of hearing about your trip - you are understandably excited! I would be, too. Have a wonderful adventure in Africa.

    I am so glad to have met you!


  14. Mary, I shall never tire of your adventures! Can't wait to see what you "bring" home this next time! Safe travels!!
    Take Care!

  15. We are all waiting for your photo's and stories.. Yvonne

  16. Hello Mary
    Sending Wishes for a wonderful adventure! Looking forward to seeing your photos when you return home xo

  17. Safe travels to you Mary. I am glad you share your adventures with those of us not able to go firsthand. My hubby lived in Africa for years before we met and he loved it so much. Happy travels...

  18. Mary...thank you for checking in on me! My mom told me about your great adventure...can't wait to see photos!

  19. You know we will be anticipating your return and hearing all about it. I have similar feelings before leaving for an adventure. Treasure your moments of travel.

    I also think the same about blogging and the computer. How I would love to be able to take in so much more and do so much more, but I hope I can enjoy just hearing about it sometimes.

  20. Oh my sweet friend! I so agree about how great this blog thing is! And how wonderful my friendships here are! I love that you are excited about your trip and think that is what friends are for. To share your excitement and be glad when you go on adventures and come home to tell about them! Enjoy the excitement and don't worry you will come home to us. We are all praying for you and that is a powerful thing!!!
    Hugs, Lisa

  21. I'm not tired of reading about your upcoming trip~I think of you and am so excited to read about your adventures! I have never left the U.S. (sheepishly admits) and am living 'vicariously' through you!
    Lenay in Georgia

  22. Dear Mary...

    I sincerly hope your journey is as special as you are.

    I will be thinking of you girls.

    Be safe always...


  23. I am so happy that I discovered your blog. And, no, I am not tired hearing about your trip. Look forward to reading all about it. Have a safe trip.

  24. Mary, I for one have been enjoying all these posts and living vicariously through your adventure. I eager await your return and all the wonderful photos and sketches and stories that you'll have to share with all of us.
    I totally agree about the friends in life. They are truly the "flowers in the garden of life." ~ So happy to have you in my garden! ~ Sarah

  25. What a sweet, sweet post - actually brought a tear to my eye. Don't ever let anyone tell you to stop sharing your adventures or that you are long in the tooth! You, my dear, are a special person, a treasure to anyone who has you as a friend. I was just telling my cousin, here in West Virginia, about you and where you are going and how wonderfully dear you and Bob were to me when I lost my mother. I know you most likely will not see this before you leave, but I must say that I will be thinking of you and living vicariously through you during these next weeks.

    I want to see you when you return!


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