Monday, May 3, 2010

Elevenses, then back to Brazil.......with SuzAnna's in the bag!

Gorgeous wicker loveseat with pretty floral cushions from Jeannie of Uniquitiques booth - visit her adorable shop in Hillsborough, NC.

Sharing some of the latest pretties on display at SuzAnna's Antiques.  Wooden shoe trees - no, I will not be tempted, not going to collect those.  Silvered crumb trays - already have one so will let you have these!

Pretty painted frames also in Jeannie's Uniquitiques booth.

I was at SuzAnna's Saturday to meet up with friend Vanessa of Vanilla Lavender and her mom Celia who has been visiting from Brazil.  We had some fun times during the past two weeks and I'm really going to miss that lovely lady now she's gone back - carrying an extra bag full of pretty purchases for her home.  Even though I couldn't speak Portuguese, and she doesn't speak English, we still had a ball.  Thank you Vanessa for translating!

Waistlines appear to be back.........of course when you're my age they are just a memory!

Vanessa and Celia, the sweetest mom and daughter..........
came for elevenses (that's mid-morning coffee or tea with a sweet pastry or cake snack in England!) in the gazebo...........

..........and of course were given the garden tour.  I love to show friends around my garden and at this time of year it's looking good before the Summer heat arrives.  Celia I'll miss you and look forward to your return......and I may just come to Brazil to visit you some day soon!


  1. You always take the most amazing pictures!

  2. Lovely!! What a great time!
    Hugs, Lisa

  3. What a great combination....friends , flowers and finds!! Suzannas is a fun place...been there a couple times.....never leave empty handed!

  4. What a lovely store and lovely people! Carla

  5. Mary, love the idea of "elevenses". Thanks for taking us along and sharing the fun. ~ Sarah
    Your thoughtful note arrived today. Thank you!

  6. Hi Mary, where else would you go with Vanessa's mom. SuzAnna's of course. :) Love the dress frames etc. A wonderful place to visit. Vanessa and her mom look so sweet hugging. I know Vanessa is loving this time with her mom.

    I love the wrens too. The garden is looking lovely. I am working like a horse in mine and enjoying it even with the sore muscles. It was a long winter without activity.

    Mary I pray your trip to Africa is wonderful. Please be safe.

    Thank you for your visit to my posts with the grands. Your sweet comments made them happy. Me too. They are both 13 now. Very sweet boys.

    Hugs and love, Jeanne

  7. Hi Dear! We really a great time didn't we? Mom has lots of lovely stories to tell... she's already missing all of us and said she wants to return soon. Thank you for all the lovely and great moments we have together! Love, Vanessa

  8. Not so fast on the Brazil trek little lady ... first, it's off to the African continent.

  9. Mary, I know Vanessa's mother must appreciate what a great friend you are to her daughter. It must be a comfort since she is so far away. I'm glad the three of you share wonderful times.

    Enjoy your upcoming adventure. I'll be anticipating photos and tales.

  10. I would love a tour of your garden too and then share in "elevenses". That would be so much fun.

    How lovely to make a new friend from Brazil.

  11. So glad that you could meet up with Vanessa's mother. It is always nice to share trips like that which will provide many good memories for her! Still planning a trip to Suzanna's, but I'll wait till you get back!
    Take Care!


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