Friday, May 7, 2010

Mismatched bits of everyday life..........

Parsley and Lisianthus.

Looking around and seeing bits I'll miss when I leave next week.  The little jar of whatever is pretty on the kitchen window sill.

Richly perfumed Jasmine and sparkly crystals on the front porch.

A pile of books awaiting a good read ~ I'm taking just two paperbacks on the trip.

Baby wrens in the planter.....I think their parents read the sign!
Erin of The Painted Garden painted the lovely WELCOME sign which I won in her very generous giveaway last year.  Visit her here - she has just been published in a great article in Country Almanac's Container Gardens magazine.  It features Erin's colorful Southern California container garden which inspires her to paint beautiful flowers, with help from her most handsome and adorable canine Studio Assistant, Bentley......who can come visit my flower garden any time!  See him with the sunflowers on my sidebar.


  1. I know you will have a great time in Africa. Did I tell you I'm going to England in June? What do you know about the Kent area?

  2. Your things are lovely. I'm sure you will have fun in Africa. Carla

  3. I love all of the bits and pieces of your lovely home. Erin's art is wonderful, you were very lucky to win that sweet painting.

    Have FUN and have a marvelous ADVENTURE on your trip....
    p.s. when you come back and get settled, we will have to figure out how to get together this summer with the guys.

  4. Hi Mary! Your home looks like a vacation spot! I'm sure though you will have a wonderful time in Africa, but it is always nice to come home. We had some birds make nests in the paper lanterns left out! It's amazing where they will make a home. I do so love Erins paintings, and will have to look at Container Gardens for the article.
    Hope you have a wonderful day, the countdown continues!, and now I'm off to exercise and garden!!
    Take Care!

  5. Stopping by to wish you a joyful and safe trip. I'm looking forward to photos and stories!

  6. What a sweet porch! I love all the different shades of white! Lovely!

  7. Beautiful flowers on your window sill. The chandelier on your porch is so fun and unexpected. Happy travels.

  8. I think you are going with a friend, aren't you? Or spouse? Be sure they take 2 paperbacks, as well, so you can trade. Perhaps you won't need them, but when I was in Italy alone, I was so hungry for English that I DEVOURED English books!

  9. Mary dear, I do hope you have a wonderful safe trip to Africa. I have said it a few times but it is woth repeating. smile.

    I know you are close to Vanessa and that is a good thing. Vanessa is lucky to have you for a friend. I am sure she will miss you. Especially now that her mom has gone back home.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my post Mary. It was fun doing it with cheri'.

    It is late so I will say goodnight. Tomorrow I am going to Atlanta to surprise my sister who lives there for her birthday. All the sisters will be together and it is the weekend for the Scott's Antique Market. The sisters who sell antiques always do that show. I used to do it with them.

    A fun surprise.
    Goodnight dear Mary,
    Jeanne xoxo


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