Monday, April 1, 2013

A day out with the girls.....................

Nothing sweeter than a day out with the girls.

via Jasmin's iPhone

Starting at my house with sweet treats - yummy lemon 
cupcakes made by Vanessa who came by with little Luna. 
I baked almond croissants early in the morning with 
the help of Trader Joe - have you tried them?  
Fabulous, easy, and definitely addictive!

After some thrift shop fun where the girls looked for 
clothes and high heeled shoes (another post later 
on that part!) we headed to 
our second home - SuzAnna's Antiques of course. 
Vanessa and I miss having our booth there but 
stop in to see what everyone else has for sale.....
and sometimes buy an irresistible treasure. 
Jasmin continues to work there on weekends but 
enjoyed visiting as a customer.

Everything looked 'Springy' and, as I had my new little 
point and shoot handy, I had to take some pics to share.  
I'm pleased with this camera - Nikon's Coolpix S6400 - which 
has a touch screen which for me is much easier than trying 
to see those tiny buttons! It has lots of features to play 
with and I must learn those. This should be a good pocket 
camera for travel when the large, heavy SLR is 
not required.....

SuzAnna's Antiques on Friday afternoon...where everyone 
was smiling, especially Jasmin enjoying Spring Break.


  1. We really had a great, wonderful time! The weather was fabulous! Dear, we love you! And I'm sure the distance will not keep us apart for too long. Love ~ Vanessa

  2. There's nothing like a girl's day that includes delicious food and shopping! There is lots of wonderful eye candy at Suzanna's. Have a beautiful week my friend. Hugs, Pamela

  3. Thank you for taking us along on that little trip, Mary. It looks like it was a perfect day - the ones you love, delicious treats, and the three of you doing something you all love, together!

  4. Your granddaughter is darling, and beautiful also! Such a pretty smile!

  5. Now this looks like a fun day for the girls.
    I have heard about the Trader Joe's croissants, but haven't tried them.
    Jasmin, as usual, is beautiful. Oh could I find things to buy at Suzanna's too.

  6. Lovely vignettes, Mary. This looks like a really fun place to visit with friends. What a great day out you enjoyed.

  7. You gals covered all the bases for a great day... good food, good company and great places to shop.

    I need to start a list of things to buy when I go to Trader Joe's. I've tried many of their delicious offerings, but so far not the croissants. Almond paired with croissants sounds like a match made in heaven.

    I think I've said it before, but it bears repeating... Jasmin is a beautiful young lady. How fun it must be to do things like this together.

  8. What a fun way to spend the day. Love the pretty trims in your picture. I want some just to have and look at!

  9. Well, at least spring is arrived somewhere in the world....definetely not here.....and nowhere in sight neither....

  10. Hello Mary

    Well I just had to stop by and say hello.....we share the same name for our blog :-)
    And I also just shared a trip with the girls, so hello from the mountains in the highlands of Scotland to you, evening here going to curl up with a glass of wine and browse your blog.



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