Thursday, April 4, 2013

Being a busy woman..................

Don't you agree that women are amazing? Sometimes I'm astounded at the things we accomplish in the course of a day........all while blogging on the side, and many of you also working outside the home and/or raising young families. Tuesday was a busy one for me and, when nearing the end of it, I was feeling tired but happy that I managed to do so much.......some of which I managed to photograph of course.

I just knew it was a perfect Spring morning when I awoke to sunshine and birdsong outside the windows......and heard the raucous screams of the crows who were chasing a large and beautiful red-tailed hawk across the morning sky. No matter that the windows are still grimy from the Winter, I'll soon be out there, Windex and paper towels in hand. I didn't care, I just wanted to enjoy some time in the watched the finches on the front porch while having my wake up coffee.

Mr.and Mrs. flirting and thinking of nest building no doubt!

Throwing on gardening garb, I was soon out there. The trees in the back garden are still somewhat bare, never mind, all the better to see the Carolina blue sky and puffy clouds......

.......however I did see our one remaining scrawny Dogwood just opening its greenish blooms. Another few sunny days and the white flowers will be lighting up the landscape.

I found my first ladybug (called a ladybird in England) and took it for a garden stroll in my glove - then noticed there were quite a lot around also enjoying the warm day.

It was almost warm enough for tea in the gazebo but 
I had too much to do................

...such as sand, wash, prime and repaint the kitchen window 
box in Oregano Green ready for a new planting soon... 

.........and start cleaning out the potting shed, 
again over-wintering as the catch-all for all and sundry.

Back in the house for a short breakfast break, bowl of oatmeal and fresh berries, I then watered my beautiful purple tulips, a gracious and thoughtful Easter gift from the next door neighbors......and perfect in the vintage olive basket.

Then I decided to make soup from some of the veggies taking up half the 'frig space. I tweaked my usual basic spinach and zucchini by adding a bag of organic chopped kale - the greens seemingly 'en vogue' lately. Throw in a potato for thickening, an onion and veggie broth for flavoring........puree and add milk and cream for goodness and velvety texture - delicious and definitely healthy. 

Back in the garden, stripped down to a short-sleeved t-shirt, wow that felt good. I think shorts will be coming out of storage very soon. Bending exercises came next while playing pick up sticks and ivy, bunches knocked down by nesting squirrels.........

....and checked the camellias now blooming profusely....
cleaning up fallen dead ones which, if left under the bush, 
can cause disease.

A few other chores were squeezed in on this day........including painting a damaged wall and laundry, but at 4 PM I hopped in the shower, put on my face, dressed up a bit, and DH and I headed out for supper at our favorite Italian with our favorite friends............a wonderful end to a perfect Spring day.
As I mentioned............we women are amazing, aren't we?

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  1. OMG, what glorious pictures! The dogwoods are a bit farther along than ours. Perhaps ours will start to open up in the next week if the rain will get out of here and let the sunshine to its thing. And those purple tulips are positively divine!

  2. Sounds like a perfectly wonderful day. Can I come live in your pretty little green shed. :) We had a dust storm roll in ... just in time for the start of Spring Break, and it is supposed to stay with us all weekend long. Yuck! I love seeing the little birdies. Was watching a male pigeon doing a dance for his lady the other day on the light pole as we were driving to school in the morning. Was rather funny to see. Best wishes, Tammy

  3. It sounds like the most wonderful day Mary! I wasted the day shopping for some new spring clothes. I really do like like clothes shopping. I would have rather been outside working on the garden. Now today it is raining and in the 30's again. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. You certainly ARE amazing Mary, and what a lot you've achieved in a day!
    I have to agree with Donna, what glorious pictures!
    Isn't it great to get outside in the garden again? (I'm still wearing thermals though!) Love the colour of your window box :o)
    My camellias are still safely tucked up under garden fleece as it's still -2 here most nights.
    Your soup looks yummie too.
    Have a great weekend.
    Love and best wishes dear friend,
    Rose H

  5. You really do have glorious blue skies there in North Carolina. It was a beautiful day to do your garden clean up! My little Layla discovered two baby bunnies and carried them to the back porch. As I held them and searched for the nest, I discovered quite a few of my bulbs popping up, soon I'll have tulips and daffodils! Yay! And yes, I found the nest, Layla led me to it and the babies are now safe with their siblings! A sure sign spring is close!


  6. Hi dear! How sweet! Your pictures are always so beautiful... I also enjoyed reading about the girls and theirs shoes... they had a lot of fun indeed. Yes, I'm taking your advice and keeping all the duck egg color around... Today I have found some curtains for a little update, and lovely velvety pillow shams. I can't to see how it looks! By the way dear, would you mind getting me in touch with Rhondi? Ry and I would love to talk to her. Thank you again for a wonderful evening out, good food and always lovely chatting with you. Love ~ Vanessa

  7. Yes, we are amazing! Loved the walk around your garden. Isn't it fun to be getting out there and seeing new life once more. The purple tulips were a lovely gift from your neighbor. They are beautiful!

  8. Hello Mary, Sadly we have lost touch this past year with all your travels and running the roads. I have had a year of too much going on in my life and backed off from visiting as well. You are so lucky to have such wonderful opportunities to go to the most amazing places. As I read your lovely post I am feeling the loss of our connection. Lets try to reconnect dear Mary. I truly miss 'you' and your lovely posts. Your photos are beautiful and bring wonderful Spring thoughts to mind. We are still barely seeing signs of Spring here in the mountains. A late winter and freezing nights are the problem. I know there is better weather ahead.

    Love you and miss you,

  9. Well Mar, it all looks wonderful except for that awful kale and spinach. I think you must be sub human to devour that stuff!!! (LOL!). My life is more hectic than i can even contemmplate right now and it won't be much better in Hawaii with 14 of us in one house. Hope i enjoy it since it was my treat!!! Love your bird pics by the way.

  10. How lovely, to be gardening in the sunshine.

    Sft x

  11. We women are amazing indeed! :) You sure had a full day and it must have been so nice to get out and about in your yard tidying up for spring. It looks like a lovely day there. I didn't know what lightbox was so I clicked on your last photo and found out. That's pretty neat. Your photos are gorgeous and I love the ones of the finches. Hugs, Pamela

    1. Pamela, you do have to turn the Lightbox feature ON in your Settings if you want to use it.
      Mary -

  12. Love you beautiful new header. You were very busy. Don't you love camellias? My squirrels love them as much as I do. Enjoy your evening. I know you will rest well tonight. Bonnie

  13. I'll bet you slept well that night. Such a lot of activity. It feels so good to get out into the garden and tidy up whatever winter left, doesn't it? I have more to do in our yard, too. Today is drizzly so I hope the weekend weather improves.
    The soup sounds delicious!


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