Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Girls and shoes...................

Girls just wanna have fun!!!!!

Just to prove that girls of any age can enjoy a 
shopping trip, especially when it comes to shoes!

Luna arrived already well shod in new pink sneakers, 
a gift from her Grandma. 

Jasmin discovered a hit at the thrift shop.
Vintage looking, wedge-heeled espadrilles in a 
perfect red/cream stripe. She would have had 
to fight her Grandma (ME) for them, if they 
had been my size. A great $7 buy and so 
Summer in St. Tropez looking!

Fun at the thrift age limit and 
great bargain prices.


  1. Pretty in pink! Cute espadrilles. I wondered what the black clip was on the shoe. :) I love your new header! We woke to a dusting of snow this morning again and it's -8C (20 F!!!) No bare feet here! Hugs, Pamela

  2. Those are cute shoes! Girls of all ages seem to like pretty shoes!

  3. Shoe shopping -- THE activity that all generations can enjoy together!

  4. Oh My Mar, have to keep Kim away from this post on shoes. She drives us all nuts with her constant purchase of new shoes. (Mind you, i'm not far behind her but we won't mention that!!)

  5. Oh, wouldn't we all love of a pair of those cute espadrilles! Jasmine is certainly a beautiful girl!

  6. Jasmin is growing more beautiful every day Mary.
    Gorgeous espadrilles it would have been a 3 way tussle if I'd been there!
    Shane ♥


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