Thursday, April 25, 2013

A stitch in time...................

I don't like watching television in the evening without 
having something to work on in my hands. I just can't 
pop a Netflix DVD in the player, or tune into a channel 
with a good movie which will run for two hours or so.... 
unless I'm creating a little something pretty, or useful, 
and feeling I'm not wasting precious time.

Last evening I decided to attempt some simple embroidery......having 
seen Lorrie of Fabric Paper Thread with pretty Spring 
colored threads recently doing similar. She brought back 
memories of my embroidery efforts as mum 
was always giving me tray cloths, napkins, and table runners 
to work on having stitched some beautiful pieces herself.

So I started last night just trying some free form French 
knots, then other stitches, doing what I recall from 
childhood, nothing elaborate, just a corner from my garden.  

Last week I picked up a beautiful book at the 
used book shop - Glorifilia by two English sisters 
who have/had a shop in London.  
Does anyone know if it's still there? 
The projects, based on Venetian needlework, are way 
beyond me, however the book is beautiful and 
there is this......... 

.............tucked away in the back - instructions for 
some of the more elaborate stitches that I've forgotten 
over the years and which I'll have to practice. 
I've still got knitting projects to complete and I do 
want to teach myself to crochet, but right now I'm 
enjoying poking a needle through linen.....and it's going 
to be hard not buying up a whole lot of DMC thread - the 
colors are so beautiful!


  1. I love the colours you have chosen for your linen fabric. I think you are doing very well with your stitchery and it will be a beautiful keepsake. I used to do stitcheries too and a lot of cross stitching. When I was a young gal in my late teens I would embroider flowers on the bottom of my bell bottom jeans and on the front pocket. Yes, I was a kind of 'flower child' in those days. :) Today, my thumb joints are so bad I can't hold a needle. Aren't the embroidery thread colours beautiful? There are so many projects one can do too. I still have my box of threads all neatly wrapped around the cardboard keepers and lined up in numbered order. Enjoy your stitching Mary. Hugs, Pamela

  2. What a nice change from knitting! The colors you're using are so inviting. I know what you mean about the tempting thread colors, although I haven't embroidered in more years than I can count! Looks like fun!

  3. I have just recently started to do embroidery again. I ordered a couple of kits just this week. They are a little bit advanced, but I feel that I need a challenge. The kits are pictures of geraniums in a clay of my garden favorites. My eyes are not what they once just a couple of hours in the evening is perfect for me. I too like to have my hands busy while watching TV. Your project is so pretty....Just a touch of embroidery on a cuff or napkin makes them special.

  4. I used to love to look at Glorafillia's designs way back when I did needlepoint. I have no idea if the shop is still there, but I sure hope it is. Your stitches are lovely, Mary. I, too, have to have something in my hands when I'm watching television.


  5. I'm exactly the same. I can't bear to have spent a couple of hours just watching a box without creating something at the same time. Your stitching is beautiful. I am not sure if the shop is still in London. Chel x

  6. I used to embroider as a child too - your project is beautiful :-)

  7. Your embroidery is lovely, Mary. Free form embroidery can be so much fun. Those colours are so luscious - and I know what you mean about wanting so many of them.

    I like having something to do in the evenings or to tuck into a bag to take along on a short journey.

  8. What a pretty embroidery Mary!
    I've just looked for you and it seems they have mail order but no shops, here's the link
    Kits are available on Amazon and other sewing shops in the UK.
    Hope all is well this weekend...
    Sending {{hugs}}
    Rose H

  9. Oh My Gosh! I used to do this all the time and have forgetten those fancy stitches too. It is such a satisfying persuit. I'm inspired.

  10. Mary, Like you I enjoy keeping my hand busy if I have the television on. I keep my knitting basket next to my chair. Oh, when I smocked I couldn't help buying up all the pretty DMC. Enjoy!

  11. The colors you chose are beautiful. Your work is just perfect. I use to embroider alot when my children were young. I am not sure my fingers could do it now, but I do love it. I love finding vintage pillowcases and table cloths and runners with embroidery.

  12. How nice to see you with embroidery in hand Mary, such a lovely piece of hemstitched linen.
    I love your choice of thread colours for the meadow flowers.
    I like simple stitches too, but I do remember the "fancy work" ladies of my grandmothers age did when I was a girl - so called I expect because of the complex stitches they used as in your Glorafilia book.

    I find tv a time waster too - something in our upbringing perhaps!
    I always have some handwork 'on the go'.
    At the moment it's another Christmas angel stocking for my newest granddaughter - I must get a wriggle on and finish it before I leave for France in June!
    Shane ♥

  13. How pretty, Mary!
    Like you, I am unable to sit in front of the TV without some bit of needlework. These days I'm knitting, but I have little bags of projects in a basket - scissors, threads, even weave fabric and a photocopied pattern - ready to pop into a handbag or suitcase. I never travel without a little project. It's a good conversation starter and a wonderful way to pass waiting time. If I'm flying I cut the thread ahead of time to manageable lengths so that I don't need scissors, though I understand that small scissors are now allowed.


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