Monday, April 8, 2013

Chickadees have checked in....................

Sunday morning loveliness. Spring. Sunshine. Warmth. Birds.

I had an important painting project on the books for yesterday morning. Admitting here it became mostly an afternoon job.........and all because of the Carolina chickadees!

You've seen this conglomeration of 'stuff' on my front porch often. The old potting bench, still in its peeling paint - another paint job for the future - has a collection of decorative bird houses, several china oddments I have no room in the house for, and little resin birds. It's cleaned up and rearranged now and then - but will have to wait a bit this Spring..........all because of those same Carolina chickadees!

Instead of relaxing with the eye opener coffee before picking up the waiting paintbrush, I grabbed a camera, moved my chair closer to the dining room window, and spent a long time...........yes, you've guessed it, all because of those Carolina chickadees!

There she was, back and forth, back and forth, her beak 
loaded with fluff, many times landing first on 
the hanging basket, then flying..........

.........very quickly toward the little metal birdhouse, popping non-stop into the hole......

 .............where she'd obviously chosen to build her 
nest and will eventually lay her eggs.

Every now and then she was joined by Mr. Chickadee. He didn't bring nesting material, just seemed to check that everything was going OK with the nesting project. Obviously a non-DIY guy, like a certain one in this cottage!

Satisfied she was doing a good job for the planned offspring................he'd leave for a while.

Mrs. C. would then pop her head out...................

...............and fly off again in search of more fur, feathers, hair, moss, ferns, and particularly thistle down, to cushion the five to eight tiny red-brown spotted white eggs soon to come. 

I noticed how the female actually flies with her wings tucked in to enter and leave through the hole - this made me understand more about the required diameter for nesting boxes for different species. Guess this one is the perfect chickadee size.  Welcome to the porch sweet tiny birds........we look forward to meeting your family this Spring.


  1. How sweet! It looks like she will have a colourful nest! I have been leaving threads from my sewing in the garden, hoping they will be found by a nester.

  2. I would have been mesmerized, too, Mary. I find birds endlessly fascinating. Looks like you have some boarders!


  3. How cute Mary, that's a lovely birdhouse. The blue tits that nest in our boxes actually pecked the hole slightly larger to their liking.

  4. Those are amazing captures Mary! How sweet to see them building their nest in the house. I think they have great taste for a choice of home too. You will have lots of entertainment watching them the next little while. Fun!! Hugs, Pamela

  5. Oh my certainly the beauty of the moment!
    Such a delight when they nest in the birdhouses you placed for visual appeal!

  6. Oh, Mary, you tell a story so well...I loved this post.

    Thank you for sharing your chickadees.

    Have a good week.

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by and leaving such a nice comment Barbie...........I don't see that you have a blog. Do you?
      If so please share - if not, would love you to keep visiting here. I have lots of Nature to share!
      Blessings - Mary

  7. Hi Mary,

    Oh goodness - what a lovely time you had watching the dear little Mother bird build her nest. Your photographs of her are delightful. So glad you did not paint and clean the garden or you may have frightened her away!!
    Have a lovely day.

  8. Aww Mary, aren't you so lucky!
    Those darling little birds - great photos well worth the lingering by the window dear!
    Love your collection of bird houses - I'm always on the lookout for these too.
    Mrs C has very good taste in houses - I would have chosen that one too - très élégant!
    Shane ♥

  9. I could lose track of time watching this cute little lady building her nest! You have some great shots. I am not seeing much but for a lot of robins and big loud crows!


  10. How cute....I love watching the birds building their homes. Chickadees are one of my favorites. We don't have the Carolina variety...they look so similar to the ones we have here in Illinois. Right now...I am watching so many Purple Finches. I wonder where they all came from and will they all stay here. A few of them actually act like youngsters...though it's too early for them to have hatched. A mystery.

  11. I would be so excited to see chickadees nesting on my porch. How sweet! and exciting!

  12. Hi Mary

    Your birds remind me of our coal tit birds.

    What a lovely time you spent watching Mr and Mrs. It is wonderful when the birds start nesting.

    We are hoping the Great Tits that chose our nesting box return this year.

    Sft x

  13. I LOVE the chickadees, but we only have them here at the feeders in the winter--not enough trees around our house to keep them here year round. Well, I love watching birds in general, but chickadees are among my favorites along with the bluebirds. Thanks for your wonderful pictures. I appreciate your patience. It was so enjoyable to watch the nest building step by step. Farm Gal in SW VA

  14. I loved this post. How fun to have a front row seat to these sweet little chickadees setting up housekeeping. It's easy to see why they chose that house. What a beauty it is!
    I hope you will keep us updated on the little family.


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