Wednesday, April 10, 2013

On this very morning................. I walked around the garden camera in 
hand, I discovered the beauty of Nature everywhere. 
The dogwood in full bloom, tree buds bursting, late heavily 
perfumed narcissus, lime euphorbia and purple verbena, 
delicate creeping phlox.....and so much more.

Yesterday a heatwave 
hit town, the afternoon temperature reached 86F and 
these warm days are expected to continue for the remainder 
of the week. For me personally - I'm not a hot weather 
lover - a little too much far too early in the year, but 
for the southern garden a real treat after a somewhat 
cold Spring.

How is the weather where you are? Warming up hopefully.
Do you garden, and if so what lovelies are surprising 
you this Spring? 


  1. Mary, yes, it has been a roller coaster of temps here this spring. Yesterday a high of 86, today rainy and much cooler as spring should be. The larkspur and iris are in bloom; the geraniums and Gerber daisy are very happy. Everything is fresh and green with a recent 3" rain that was long overdue for us. Hope we get more today, but so far it is just drizzle.
    Glad your garden is full of beauty. "Show me your garden, and I shall tell you what you are." Alfred Austin ~ Sarah

  2. May I come down to visit for the rest of the week? 86 sounds perfect to me. I can just smell the warmth and humidity rising from the earth and feel the heat on my skin. I would love it! I'm still in long sleeved tees with a cozy fleece hoodie, jeans, socks and sneakers in the house! We had snow yesterday and it's cloudy today and only 40F. No sign of spring yet! Other than the few spring birds that have come but seem to be hiding from view. It's too cold for them too! I love your mosaic. The dogwood blossoms are gorgeous, Mary! Hugs, Pamela

  3. Love the flower pic's.

    Here in N.GA. we hit 80* yesterday. Too much,too early. We don't seem to have an inbetween anymore. Goes from freezing to melting hot.

    I'm not a hot weather fan. Here in the south where the humidity can smother you in a heartbeat it's a constant misery.

    The pollen is already like a giant yellow hand decending from above. My favorite part of spring seems to be when the nasty yellow stuff is gone. Can't happen soon enough for me.

    Jake's a Girl

  4. Your sweet chickadee couple made me smile. I drove through your neck of the woods yesterday afternoon! We had spent the last 5 days in DC on vacation and drove home yesterday. It is in the high 81 here right now on Wed afternoon. Kent and I spent the morning working in the yard. It felt good.

  5. How lovely are the dogwoods in your photo. We are seeing sunny days mixed with rainy ones, temperatures about normal (10-15 celsius) but the forecast is for more rain and a slight cooling down. That will slow things in the garden. My tulips are forming buds but none have yet opened. There are daffodils and grape hyacinths brightening things up.
    I'm keeping my eye on a magnolia tree down the street. When the flowers are open I plan to walk down there with my camera for a photo shoot.

  6. I'm in the southern hemisphere so we are in the opposite season - lovely sunny days still, but cold in the mornings and evenings.
    Enjoy the sunshine :)
    Judy xx

  7. Lovely, lovely blooms and way ahead of us here in southwest Virginia, but it was unseasonably warm here today also. I would like some spring weather before summer hits. We are hard to please, aren't we?! I don't raise flowers as I prefer to farm, but my husband's health has put an end to that for the time being so that is sad. Farm Gal in SW VA

  8. I can not believe it . . . a blog that has a title that actually fits the blog :)
    Your blog is a breath of fresh air, it is so serene and lovely.
    I have been going through some of your posts and I am hooked.
    So, of course I am ready to be a follower.
    I would love to take this opportunity to invite you over to my blog and hope that you would follow me back.
    Your newest blogging sister, Connie :)

  9. Beautiful! We have dogwoods starting to open here and the last of our daffodils are blooming (little tiny ones). The green on trees are popping too!

  10. It is looking very beautiful in your garden, Mary.
    I am with you on not being a big fan of the southern heat, but the spring show is always so gorgeous.
    I currently have the tail end of my daffodils and grape hyacinths along with dogwood, cherry and Kwanzan cherries and Scotch Broom (which is currently perfuming the entire yard). We're due for rain tonight and I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it comes. We ate on the patio last night, but had to blow the pollen off the table first. Ha!!

  11. Hi Mary, thanks for worrying about me:) I 'm fine just been totally lacking in both time and inspiration. The weather here is still cold and grey and miserable but is supposedly going to warm up this weekend. There's no sign of any blossom on the trees so far and flowers are few and far between. We could use some of your nice warm sunshine!

  12. Hello dear Mary, your flowers look wonderful.
    It has warmed up here a little and we have had temperatures in double figures nearly all week (10 & 12 centigrade) at last, and happily the east winds have dropped. The daffodils and crocus are out but the snowdrops are over. I see a few hyacinths buds peeping too :o)
    Hope you and Bob are well.
    Rose H

  13. Gardens do amaze and surprise each spring. Just today as I drove up to my house the deep pink azalea just jumped into view and amazed me. Right now it is something new almost everyday. The lilacs will be opening on the next sunshiny day. The pink dogwood are beginning to bloom. And Now, right now I must take the sheets off the clothesline or the raccoons love to wipe their toes right there when the sun goes down.


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