Wednesday, April 16, 2014

April Note Card Party……..

My Easter and Springtime theme for this month's note 
cards spotlight my white china bunnies.
Each year I love bringing them out from their storage 
box tucked away in the attic, unwrapping the dozens of 
sheets of tissue paper they nestle in through the 
remainder of the year, and placing them around the cottage.
I think you can see how happy they are!

The bluebells and jonquils are the flowers I'm 
cutting from the garden this week.

Joining Vee's fun Note Card Party for the month of April.
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  1. I love those bunnies Mary. They each have great expressions. They make a lovely notecard.

  2. Hello Mary:

    Everything which you do is done with such style. Your Easter arrangements shown here, with your wonderful rabbits, are really most attractive as is, from the glimpses we are afforded from time to time, your house. Lovely.

    Kellemes húsvéti únnepeket! xxx

  3. (As an aside, the link on Mr. Linky was completely corrupted so I have fixed it and I hope that this means lots of party-goers find you!)

    The bunnies are beautiful and add such fun and a wonderful spring vibe to April's party, not to mention your home! They must make you smile to see them and, you're right, they do look very happy to be out of their boxes and tissue paper.

  4. Love your white bunny note cards! Happy Easter to you and yours!

  5. Your Easter cards are simply charming! Nice to see they are planning their garden (in the third shot) and what yummy greens to plant...

  6. Your china bunnies look wonderful in all their varying poses. What fun you must have had playing with them.

  7. Your bunnies are very sweet for Spring note cards! I love the colors of the season. Hope you get some nice Spring weather for the weekend! Sweet hugs, Diane

  8. Mary, your bunnies are darling! Happy Easter to you and Bob!

  9. Love, love, love your bunnies, Mary. And the way you've placed them around your cottage and created vignettes is splendid. Beautiful note card. I hope you have a blessed and joyous Easter. ~ Nancy

  10. Hi Mary,

    Your white china bunnies seem very happy to be out and about, bouncing around your pretty cottage, enjoying all the Easter festivities, and sitting amid the loveliness of your garden flowers. Before long, they will be tucked away in tissue paper, until next year's celebrations bring them out again for more fun.

    Wishing you a very happy Easter!


  11. I would love some white bunnies like that to celebrate spring here. I l would also love some bluebells and jonquils!
    They were all really lovely (I love whites) and would make wonderful cards.

  12. Very nice. You are an artist!!

  13. Don't you just LOVE bunnies. Your pictures are so sweet!

  14. Oh my goodness, what treasures you have. Each one is so elegantly done. These are just to die for lovely. I adore the cabbage bowl with the eggs. Each rabbit has it's own sweet is that.

  15. Your bunnies are beautiful ,and would make beautiful notecards I feel the same when I unwrap my spring decorations, it jut freshens up everything.
    Thank you for sharing.
    Wishing you a most blessed and happy Easter.

  16. Oh yes, those are perfect for note cards! Cute bunnies!

  17. I think your bunnies are just sweet, Mary. They certainly make lovely notecards. x Pam

  18. The bunnies look so happy amongst the flowers from your garden, how beautiful! Easter blessings!

  19. Lovely china bunnies, lovely arrangements made so by your artistic eye. Thank you.

  20. What adorable bunnies! They make great note cards for the Easter season.


  21. Love your white bunnies.
    I definitely looks like Easter in your home.
    Bunnies and flowers do it everytime.
    Happy Easter to you and Bob!
    Again, thanks for the pizza recipe.
    We absolutely loved it.

  22. That bunny collage is adorable. The bunnies are perfect and the colors go so well with the Easter décor.

  23. Those are darling! Marty want to come play with them, LOL.


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