Tuesday, April 22, 2014

After Easter….

Something really weird has happened here this afternoon!
I posted a long, what I thought quite lovely, post for Earth Day at noon - even had some comments - and that post and the kind comments have disappeared, poof into oblivion. Don't recall anything happening like this before!

Instead this post somehow appeared and some of you left comments - I'd not even completed this post and had definitely not published it - it seems somehow the draft has shown up in some bloggers readers!

I did use my laptop at Starbucks this afternoon - perhaps it overdosed on java and is now playing tricks on me!

Has anyone else had Blogger problems today?  
Please let me know if trickery is spreading through Blogland!


  1. I love seeing pictures of your cottage garden Mary. I love to garden and I hope that this summer will not be quite as rainy as last summer.

  2. Love your flowers, it will be some time before my garden is showing some colour.
    Yesterday, we had a lovely sunny and warm day, and I worked most of the day in my garden. Even ate my lunch outside. Installed the pump in my pond....I now can hear the slow trickle of water as it goes over the rocks, it masks some of the unpleasant sounds from neighbouring back yards.
    It is much too early to plant anything yet....risk of frost up until late May, so I raked up the leaves that I had used to protect some plants. I was pleasantly surprised to see green shoots.....they did survive our snowy and bitter cold temps of this past Winter. Emptied the compost bin and added it to the flower beds, my soil is clay too, so it needs all the help it can get.
    A kind friend checked my lawn mower, so it is ready when the grass begins to grow.
    All the walking I did during the Winter....25 kms a week on our local indoor walking track, certainly did me some good as today I don't feel quite and sore and achy as I had expected to be.
    April showers over night, cloudy skies and much cooler temps today, a blessing really...now I can get things inside the house taken care of.

  3. YOur garden looks beautiful and just the sort of garden I like. Mine is a cottage-y country garden too and I love working in it - not today though as it's been pouring with rain. Now we're being compensated by a lovely sunny evening. We needed the rain too so I was happy to see it. I shall be able to get some plant supports in now before the astrantias and hardy geraniums collapse all over everywhere:)

  4. Mary, your garden collages are beautiful! We can't wait to get out and garden and start caring for our bit of paradise this spring. We have an added piece to our property to care for as well which is quite exciting. At the moment it's partly a huge muddy garden plot surrounded by dead grass. There will be lots to do.

  5. Oh how strange! I did read your Earth Day post, went outside to work in my garden, came inside and wanted to read your post again and leave a comment. On my sidebar it showed your Earth Day post, but when I came to visit I saw the front porch post. I tried a few times to get that Earth Day post to pop up and it wouldn't. I thought you might have deleted it although I couldn't imagine why as it was absolutely lovely.
    I do love your cottage garden. My very favorite kind. I also wanted to ask you if those are bluebells and if so do they spread too much? I love the color and would like to add that color to my spring garden. For some reason I thought they might be one of those things that multiplies like rabbits or perhaps like that darn ivy. :D.

  6. I haven't noticed any trickery, but then I haven't been visiting blogs much today.
    I had heard Typepad was having problems and I have seen that, but not Blogger.
    Needless to say, I must agree, your garden is lovely and though I am not fond of
    bluebells I love the photo with the azaleas. They are beautiful and so vibrant.
    Hugs, m

  7. Mary, your blooms are amazing! I want to linger in this beautiful garden. I spent the morning working in our garden pulling weeds and pruning back some rapid growth after recent rains. Thanks for sharing this lovely spot. It's inspiring!

  8. I haven't had any problems but I haven't done a post in the last couple of days. I hope your lovely Earth Day post hasn't disappeared permanently.

  9. Hello Mary:

    This seems to be here and so do we - at least for now!! Strange things do happen, in our experience, with Blogger from time to time which we usually put down to an inability to cope at certain moments with the vast numbers using it. A little feeble, we realise!!

  10. Funny, my comment above is from the other post you posted about earth day...and it showed up here. I have not had any other problems with blogger.

    1. Yes Penny, Bob just noticed this too - I've no idea what happened, just know that specific post for Earth Day was zapped and seems to be gone forever!

      Mary x

  11. I have been a bit lazy on the blogging front these couple of weeks so haven't noticed anything yet. I'm glad you haven't disappeared altogether!! Take care. x

  12. Dear Mary, I have been enjoying your beautiful Spring garden and those lovely flowers you are growing. ox, Gina

  13. Beautiful photos. I've had no problems - but I've been in West Virginia for the past two weeks and all my posts were post-dated to show up while I was gone. I haven't done any since I got back. We went to the tulip fields in Skagit Valley today - must get those photos posted.

  14. Hi Mary, The azaleas and English bluebells are gorgeous! Such color! For some reason my English bluebells came up but didn't bloom last year. We'll see what happens this year. I wonder if they need more sun and should be moved from their present location. I adore your potting shed and the garden is looking good with much potential as the season progresses. Lovely!


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