Monday, April 14, 2014

Wonderful wisteria…………………

Spending a little time each day working outside in the garden. 
Much to get done whilst it's warm and mostly bug-free, however the pollen 
is quite heavy now and the landscape has taken on a yellow fog, and my 
sneezing is almost constant.
The azaleas are opening gradually and should be ready for Easter. 
 My wisteria bloomed this weekend, not a lot of blooms (perhaps due to 
the very cold Winter) but still pretty and the fragrance delicate and lovely. 
Soon it will just be an arch of pale leaves over the arbor.  

Click on pic for pretty wisteria close-up 


  1. Your wisteria is beautiful. I really love the photograph & presentation.

    Good luck with your allergies. Here, it is oak pollen. Makes my nose itch just writing about it! :)

  2. I'm in love with wisteria these days... I can't believe I haven't noticed them ever! I hope you are doing well, dear. We're gatting ready for another move. Only a couple more weeks and we'll have a new zip code. It's exciting! Love to you, Bob and Jasmin ~ xo Vanessa

  3. I love Wisteria. It is such a pretty shade of purple. Our pollen is just starting. I am lucky that I don't have allergies for pollen, but I do have allergies to mold and dust mites so I am always suffering.

  4. Beautiful. It must smell heavenly. Have a wonderful week Mary.

  5. I do miss my French Wisteria and often wonder how it is doing. It was a beautiful shade of pinky cream, quite unusual.

  6. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Mary,
    My beautiful countryside postcard arrived over the weekend. I was beyond excited when I saw it . . . and love your sweet note!
    I have it hanging in one of my favorite places, until I can find the perfect book to save it in.
    Thank you again!
    Have a beautiful week,

  7. Wisteria is such a beautiful flowering vine. Several years ago our neighbours planted one along the back fence we share. Our hedge has grown up so that we cannot see it, but one wandering vine sneaked through and is getting ready to bloom. I'm trying to think of a way to encourage more pieces to come visiting.
    Hope the pollen season doesn't last too long for you. Have a wonderful week!

  8. The wisteria will be lovely over the arbor. It is lovely even now.
    Oh I just love spring, but so sorry for your allergies. Our azaleas
    began opening and just full of color this past weekend.

  9. It is so delicate and lovely. Such a soft shade of lavender, too.

  10. So pretty and delicate, although short-lived. I can imagine its sweet scent, just a hint as one passes under the arbor.

    Winter is revisiting us here in Toronto; we're expecting two to four inches early tomorrow morning, along with freezing rain!

    Wishing you a warm and sunny week!


    1. Oh no Polly - that just doesn't seem possible, hopefully they're wrong!! We have friends visiting there from Calif., and I'm sure they didn't take their snow boots!!!!!
      Mary x

  11. You have indeed a beautiful garden to be proud of!

  12. Gardening is a true pleasure, despite the sneezing. I found a sweet little gardenia bloom this morning despite the fact that the leaves on my bushes keep turning yellow. Not sure what I need to do for them. Your wisteria is lovely. Best wishes, Tammy

  13. Your Wisteria is so lovely, Mary. I love to see it surrounding an arbor or entrance to a cottage. It's classic. ~ Nancy


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