Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tasty Tuesday……………..

Flatbread with Fontina cheese, caramelized red onion and figs.

Easy peasy if you need something quick and tasty for a luncheon or simple supper.

A flatbread/pizza crust
Red Onion
Olive oil
A few dried figs

Thinly slice a large red onion and sauté in olive oil with a smidgen of sea salt until lightly browned and soft - stir constantly so as not to burn.
Take a Stonefire (my favorite) flatbread/pizza crust - I keep a couple in the freezer - cover with sliced Fontina or other cheese you have on hand.
Add the caramelized onion.
Thinly slice the figs and scatter on top.

Bake in oven on rack according to flatbread instructions.
Remove when done and add arugula - healthy and pretty - tossed with a little olive oil and freshly ground black pepper.

Click my version to enjoy - then rustle up your own!

I'm joining Penny's Tasty Tuesday - 
go see all the delicious recipes on her blog The Comforts of Home.


  1. That looks perfect! Love that combination of flavors...

  2. Mary, this made my mouth water! I love the idea of the sweet fig and onion and the bitter arugula. Thank you for linking up to Tasty Tuesday!

  3. Looks good. One of my (many) guilty pleasures is the Cooking Network program "Little Paris Kitchen." I just watched the cook/host (Rachel Cook) make a warm salad with almost the same ingredients. I'm taking it as a sign and looking for a red onion and figs while I'm out this morning. Happy Cooking.

  4. This looks delicious Mary. This is one of my favorite kind of meals.

  5. Oh yeah, this looks delicious. I love figs and almost any kind of cheese (being a Wisconsinite, of course). And of course onions. Delicious!

  6. Hello Mary,

    This does look exceedingly delicious....oh how we wish it could transport itself straight from your kitchen to our table...right now!

    Alas, finding fresh figs in Budapest requires a full scale investigation and then the finances of a small country to pay for them. If cabbage can be substituted, then this dish would be really easy peasy to produce!! But, perhaps, the end result would not be quite the same.......and, as for finding Rocket.....well.......Italy is close!

    1. Dear Jane and Lance, you only need dried figs for this recipe. I bet you can find them in the Hungarian grocery stores - next to raisins, prunes, apricots etc. Don't really know about cabbage on a pizza - but might try a nice fresh Savoy finely shredded and sautéed in butter. Who knows what might work - everything here is done with curly kale these days - it's the latest health fad! Reminds me of mum's kitchen after WWII.

      When you need fresh figs, so delicious, my two trees are already budding with leaves AND tiny little figs! Last year they did great - we're up to our ears in fig jam here, and we're tall!!!!!

      Well now I know what to bring to Budapest next time - and you must be there, please!

      Hugs - Mary

    2. Dearest Mary,

      What we are most looking forward to is seeing you here next year. The fig jam, which sounds divine, is simply an extra. We can do without it, but not YOU!!!! xxx

  7. This looks so delicious. And easy!

  8. It all sounds good to me except for the figs!

  9. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh Mary, This looks amazing!
    I think I might switch up the red onions for shallots . . . and enjoy a small piece of heaven. Yum!
    Thanks so much for sharing.

  10. This looks so amazingly wonderful!
    I would love to have some right now.
    Thanks for the recipe and inspiration.

  11. Light and healthy. A perfect little meal. I don't eat cheese anymore, but I do love everything else -- and figs are an all time favorite. Yum! Wishing you a wonderful day. Thanks for your encouragement. Tammy

  12. Oh my gracious! It's printing right now! Thank you for sharing this, looks scrumptious!

  13. This looks delicious, Mary. Dennis and I love arugula on pizza. Never had it with figs, though. May have to give this a try. Thanks for sharing. ~ Nancy


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