Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Home building in Spring………

First thing yesterday morning, before the damp mist 
cleared and the air dried out after the heavy rain, 
the loud song of a very tiny bird pierced the quietness 
of another day.

Grabbed a camera and took these through the dining room window -
the wren stayed for several minutes calling, or perhaps serenading its mate.

The Carolina wren is, as I'm sure you know by now, my 
favorite garden bird. We've had a little family making 
our front porch hanging baskets, kitchen window box, 
and garden their home for several years……………and this 
Spring they are already very busy and noisy.  

This pretty bird house was a gift from my neighbor last 
Christmas - it hangs on the front porch, BUT it's not 
where the wrens are nesting! I think a Chickadee has
already picked it out as their 'Home Sweet Home'.

Instead, once again, the pair of wrens are preparing a nest 
in the faux arrangement on the wall by the front door - here 
you can see the beginning, dried leaves already skeletonized, 
and a long twig which I wish I could have seen being carried 
and tucked into place by such a tiny bird!
We had a successful family raised here a few years 
back, hopefully this will be a repeat………meanwhile going 
in and out the front door will be a bit of a problem.


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh Mary! The photos you took of the Carolina wren are so beautiful. I can't help but smile when I hear and see birds.
    One of the things I love most about Spring is the birds that we hear singing every morning, sometimes as early as 4am!
    Thank you for sharing such lovely snippets of Spring from your neck of the woods.

  2. What a delightful little bird Mary - does his tail always hang down or does it stick up like ours do. Beautifully captured photographs.

  3. What great shots of the Wren!

  4. What a handsome wren. My sister once had a robin up in RI make a nest in her front door wreath. They ended up using the garage door to come and go.

  5. Look at that sweet little wren singing! I love that photo. You will enjoy watching both spots to see the families being raised. Lots of excitement on your front porch! Have a lovely week Mary.

  6. What a cutie pie singing away...a welcome guest even if he and the mrs cause a bit of care.

  7. Love these photos of your dear Carolina wrens. What a wonderful time of year this is, just bursting with life and energy.

  8. Happy home building! I just love seeing you wren's.
    Such a treat of delight.

  9. Oh, I love this post....the Carolina wren, the beautiful little bird house and your wonderful photos. What a great job you did. Thanks. Please enjoy the wrens for me as well since we don't have any nesting right around here and I do so love watching nesting birds.

  10. Such sweet little birds wrens are – I love to listen to them too. Your pictures are so nice and colorful and the home sweet home is a decorator show piece!

  11. Fabulous photos, Mary...I enjoyed them very much!
    Thank you...


  12. Beautiful! It truly is amazing how the birds build their nests. Each one so different. I've been taking lots of bird pictures lately, too. Have a wonderful day. Tammy

  13. My late husband and I lived in a townhouse where the wrens built a nest in a hanging pot every year. I loved their song, and seeing them flit about. Wonderful birds, Mary. ~ Nancy

  14. How sweet! I love these captures!


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