Friday, April 11, 2014

Photo Challenge April….

I seem to take 99% of my macro shots out in my garden. Capturing many spectacular garden bugs seems pretty easy when they are visiting flowers and shrubs and, if we're lucky, they actually keep still for a minute or so. Flowers are also are wonderful macro subjects because of their intricate shapes, colors and textures, all making close-up shots really worthwhile.

So, for Donna's photo challenge this month, I hope you will 
enjoy these beautiful creatures visiting my garden 
last Summer. 
All shots were taken with the Olympus SP-590UZ set on Macro.
A little touch up with thanks to PicMonkey.

I love the chunky bumble bee. He always comes 
to the sedum flowers with a crowd of family and friends 
in tow, busily buzzing from flower to flower, gathering 
nectar and pollinating.

The Eastern tiger swallowtail on the 'ham and eggs' 
lantana……the loved or despised, depending where you 
garden, invasive plant.
One of the most familiar butterflies in the 
Eastern United States.

My blue hydrangea blooms fried in the heat of 
last Summer, however the katydid still 
clambered about the crunchy petals……………

……………but seemed happiest here in full camouflage on the 
still green leaves. Nature is amazing up close.

I cheated with four photos instead of three! I beg 
forgiveness Donna - I just love the up-close katydid pics - 
their camouflage is amazing on the green leaves. 

Hop, fly, creep or crawl over to Donna's monthly Personal 
Photo Challenge - I bet there are some great macro/close-up 
shots to see………and you can add yours also.


  1. Your pictures are so fine – I love the last one. I do not have a macro lens but I really enjoy watching the close-ups like yours. It is also not that easy to take photos of insects, as they seem to always fly away.

  2. Oh I really broke the rules because I had way more than 3. Oops. Those bugs are so AMAZING! I hurried through this assignment but you and the others have really inspired me to work a little harder. The patterns on their bodies and wings are truly a work of art. I look forward to hearing the katydids every summer. Beautiful work.

  3. OMG... I am the biggest fan of bug wings in the world! Love these photos. Excellent!
    BTW, the chives are perennials, they have a beautiful purple, edible flower early summer.

  4. Beautiful and so interesting. Was this a setting on your camera or a separate lens?


    1. Jane, this is my older large point and shoot Olympus SP-590UZ - not my DSLR - no additional lens just Macro setting used. I love this camera -used it first on my Africa trip in 2010 - only negative about it is that it's slow so not great for wildlife photography, but it does take excellent close-ups. I do need a dedicated Macro lens really for my DSLR, the Canon 7D, but they are so expensive and I wouldn't use it that often!
      Thanks for the comment dear.

  5. I need to get a macro lens. I recently tried to photograph a bee without much success.
    Your images are gorgeous, Mary.

  6. Wonderful macro shots, especially the furry bee, they are always so photogenic! I will pop over to Donna's blog to see what next month's challenge is and have a go. x

  7. Ohhhh!!! Beautifull visitors! :)

  8. Lovely. I'm a big fan of my macro setting on my DSLR.

  9. Your macro photos are stunning Mary. Hope you are having a lovely weekend!

  10. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Oh my goodness! Your photos are incredible! My little ones are fascinated with your photos :0)
    They've never seen these critters so close. Thanks so much for sharing!
    You brought lots of smiles this morning!

  11. So pretty, Mary. Love the butterfly!

  12. That katydid! Such amazing color - camouflaged so perfectly on the leaf. Great shots, Mary, as always. I can hardly wait for the butterflies to return to my garden. We're enjoying wonderful weather this weekend, so I'm hopeful.

  13. Gorgeous captures. I don't think my Canon has a macro setting. But then again, it has all kinds of settings and I don't know how to use them properly. Have a great day. Tammy

  14. Haha, cheat all you want, Miz Mary! You know that I don't chastise anybody for enthusiasm! Your bee photo is stunning. Love the texture of the flowers and the way the wings glisten with the sunlight - perfection! Beautiful background on the butterfly, so good framing there. I find katydids a bit on the creepy side, but your photos are terrific, particularly that last one. I can always count on your to bring your A-game to the challenges, Mary!

  15. I knew you'd have some fabulous photos to share Mary, but not from a point and shoot. Those little cameras can do a great job (as can an iPhone) and I often will have my point and shoot in a pocket while gardening. The shimmer on the bees wings is gorgeous.

  16. Classic reason why we should all use macro...that look at the design of nature. It's awesome. Beautiful photography.

  17. Lovely photos Mary. I especially like the katydid as I have never seen one (none where I live). Nature is so awesome- the bee's wings and those of the butterfly too.. sigh. SO very beautiful.

  18. All your shots have critters yea!!! They're lovely macro shots Mary!
    I've been thinking of you enjoying Spring in your neck of the woods!
    Your lovely garden will be waking up again after such a long and arduous winter.
    I like to walk around my little garden every morning with my mug of coffee in hand, surveying the scene and making mental notes on what to plant where next season - and so the cycle begins again!
    I imagine you're doing the same now Mary!

  19. These are ALL beautiful! I Love the one with the bee...beautiful!

  20. Bugs! they're so perfect for Macro- nice Katydid- what an amazing looking creature!

  21. Sensational images Mary. I am practising with my new camera and I have to admit to being a little clueless but I'm trying. I also get so much of a kick out of macro shots, so much so that I think a macro lens might be on the shopping list after Easter.
    The Katydid is such a lovely name for such a pretty bug. we garden organically here and I welcome and enjoy all the creepy crawlies, including the slugs and snails, I rarely notice much damage with the number of plants we grow. I rely on the birds to control the snails which they seem to enjoy snacking on:)

  22. Your macro shots are really beautiful Mary. That bee is a big one! We grow lantana here as an annual and it's one of my favourite plants in my containers. I usually get the pink sunrise or the sunset ones for the sweet variegated colours.

  23. Love, love your macro critters. Thanks for sharing 4 instead of 3.
    The lantana is so pretty too, how I would love them in my garden.
    Take care and hugs, marilyn

  24. Thanks Mary. Your photos are excellent and inspirational. I love patterns in nature and the wings on your insects have amazing detail for something so fragile and tiny. The little grippers on the feet are interesting too.

  25. Beautiful macros, Mary. I really love the Swallowtail on the Lantana. It's stunning. ~ Nancy


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