Monday, April 7, 2014

Queen Elizabeth via the Royal Mail………

Our radiant Queen Elizabeth, now mature and 
ever-gracious in deportment and dress, was once a 
young and beautiful Princess.
When this amazing photograph of her, taken in 1945 
before her accession to the throne, arrived in an 
airmail envelope from England last week, 
I couldn't believe my eyes.
I had never seen this photograph before and am 
thrilled to have a copy. It's a photo card from
the Victoria and Albert Museum.

Click to enlarge

My little package came from the vivacious author and 
blogger Vicki Archer.
Having enjoyed her wonderful books of her life 
in France since moving to Provence from Australia, and 
her visits to London………I was one of the winners in 
her recent blog giveaway. My gift - a petite 
vintage print she discovered in London's famous 
Covent Garden Market.

Vicki's gift to me, the etching of the Townley Gallery - 
which I believe is part of the British Museum, 
London - is charming and, until 
I find the right frame, is tucked into the 
memo board I made for the doors 
of my antique secretary.

I'm so grateful to be the recipient of not one but 
two very special little treasures………thank you so much Vicki.

If you haven't visited Vicki's always beautiful and 
interesting blog, FRENCH ESSENCE, you can find it HERE.


  1. Hello Mary:

    How simply lovely. We are so pleased for you - a truly delightful gift.

    We have a copy of 'The Royal Portraits' by Cecil Beaton but it does not include this most unusual image of The Queen as Princess Elizabeth. Most intriguing.

  2. Queen Elizabeth was a beautiful young Princess. What a lovely giveaway to win.

  3. What a nice surprise! I've always thought she was such a beautiful young woman - and still beautiful today. My favorite Royal.

  4. What a sweet win...she really is and was a lovely woman.

  5. When Richard took me to England two summers ago (my first time!), Covent Garden was one of my favorite places! I have a photo of it the marketplace all done up for the Oympics (as the games were going on during our visit) -- colorful flags hanging everywhere -- it's pinned up on one of the walls of my cubicle at work! I love looking at it and remembering how much fun we had wandering around and looking at all of the fun things for sale. I bought a lovely "Union Jack" scarf!

  6. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    What a lovely surprise. I love treasures like these. Thanks so much for sharing!
    Have a beautiful day, Mary!

  7. Mary, these charming gifts found their way to the perfect home. Queen Elizabeth was a beautiful young woman. Thanks for sharing your new treasures.

  8. I enjoy Vicki's blog. What a charming photo of our beloved Queen E. She lives her life with such grace, even in her "horrible year," of which I'm certain there was more than one. Congratulations on winning.

  9. I love that Cecil Beaton photo of Queen Elizabeth. I discovered it when I wrote a blog post about her diamond jubilee. Isn't it gorgeous? But then Cecil Beaton made everyone look gorgeous. He was such a talented photographer. What a delightful package to receive in the mail!

  10.'re not planning a trip? Sounds weird to

    1. Haha!! Yes trip planning has been taking up a fair amount of time lately Gracie……… know that part of our lives will not stop, at least while we're able bodied and breathing! Will share the next journey here soon…………..

  11. What a beautiful portrait of the Queen as a young woman! And a delightful gift. Thank you for the link to Vicki's blog; I shall go and visit.

  12. What a lovely gift and portrait.
    Though I loved your gift and will visit the link,
    I am drooling over the marmalade jars. I am
    on the look out and know I will find one sometime.
    The shorter one I have not seen before, just lovely.

  13. Oh how beautiful the Queen was as the young Princess Elizabeth.
    When I was young I made a scrapbook of the two princesses - did you Mary?
    Cecil Beaton’s photographs of the Royals were always special.
    The vintage print is very sweet - I wonder how you will frame it?
    Vicki is such a generous person - I was lucky to win one of her giveaways a couple of years ago.
    The wisteria in her latest post from Provence is divine!
    Lovely to see you popped in to say hello - thank you!

    Love your new hairdo!
    Shane x

  14. I love Queen Elizabeth. Always have, always will - and there will NEVER be another like her. She is the epitome of grace and loveliness, in my opinion. I am an old gal from Fort Worth, Texas, who will never meet the woman, but I truly do love her. What a beauty she was as a young woman, but she has grown into a Real Beauty as she lives her life.

    all best, from Judy

  15. What a lovely princess; so graceful. I really love your memory board, Mary. Would love to see more of that. :)


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