Thursday, April 3, 2014

Through a glass…..brightly!

Here I'm sharing my new oval display/collection dome, 
the one on the right. Seeing this at SuzAnna's Antiques 
a couple of weeks ago, I have tell you I was thrilled 
to bits. I'll look for one more, probably a short one, 
to make a threesome for the display……two lamps are OK 
but three domes will look better.

Right now I'm displaying some of my Spring/Easter bunnies 
in the new dome - I like having the extra width being 
oval allows to tuck the mama and a baby in inside, the 
other little one has to be happy outside!

Note I still haven't painted the sideboard dark blue as I planned………will I ever get around to that? Maybe, but with all the Spring things going on right now it won't be this week, or next! I'm still trying to get everything back together after the upstairs painting, carpet installation upheaval, reconfiguring the office, and starting Spring Cleaning. Yesterday, Bob cleaned out the fireplace as we'll no longer be lighting fires now it's warm. Spending the morning lolling on the sofa with granddaughter - on Spring Break - watching the second half of Dr. Zhivago, probably my favorite movie ever (we started the night before but it's so long), I decided to strip all the slipcovers off the living room furniture. Laundering the smaller pieces, it was like a crazy washerwoman central for the remainder of the day. Today I take the too large for my washing machine sofa cover to a laundromat with large load capacity commercial washer and dryer. 
Speaking of which……laundromats are not my usual or favorite venues, I always feel a bit out of place and nervous walking in. A man was shot and killed in one just a few nights ago in a nearby town………this makes me want to go early, in daylight, and the one I use does have a full-time attendant which makes me feel a bit safer.

They looked a bit hungry so I've added my vintage 
lettuce seed envelopes. I need to do a couple more 
Easter vignettes, dining room table etc., and shop 
for some Easter eggs.

After that it will be 'into the woods', well actually 
just the garden! Wow, stuff is popping out, growing up, 
turning green so fast now. With full days of sun 
and very warm temperatures reaching into the 80's 
this week, there's a lot of hard, back breaking 
garden work ahead……but it will look so much better 
after the long brown Winter.

Thanks for all the comments on the last post, I so enjoyed 
hearing about your personal scrapbooking histories. I'll pick
names for the postcard winners tomorrow. Leave a comment 
there if you haven't done so yet and would enjoy a Devon 
postcard in your mailbox.


  1. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Mary, Your domes are so beautiful. I have two also that I display in the Spring with hand-blown eggs of all of colors.
    Your bunnies are sweet . . . and I love the addition of the seed packets.
    Sounds like you're enjoying your week . . . and time with your granddaughter.
    Have a beautiful weekend,

  2. So much to do in spring! I like your domes a lot. I went with apothecary jars several years ago and they do not lend themselves to decorating as nicely as a cloche.

  3. I love your domes. I have been busy working outside and the inside of my home shows the lack of care, lol. I need to spring things up a bit here.

  4. Hello Mary:

    Your 'spring' arrangement is so very attractive and we were much amused as we read down to see the addition of the seed packets for the hungry rabbits. Your domes, or shades as we know them, are wonderful and very difficult to get hold of here.

  5. Just reading about what you've been doing has motivated me to get off my keister and throw a load in the washer! Thank you and enjoy the rest of your week!

  6. Such lovely domes. Putting the seed packet in with the bunnies is a cute idea. Time for me to get going with spring decor around here, too. The past few days have been sunny and I've been out and about, running errands and doing some gardening. However, clouds have rolled in and we are due for some rain, so indoor activities will be the thing.
    Enjoy getting out into the garden!

  7. What a sweet arrangement on your table. I like the domes (cloches) and the cute bunnies. I would love to see Dr. Zhivago again. It's been over 40 years since I saw it. It sounds like you are springing up inside and out. Enjoy.

  8. Mary, I love the new domes!! I love those little bunnies too! The seed packet is a wonderful touch too! Can't wait to see how you change out the contents under the domes for the seasons!!

  9. Mary, your domes with vignettes within are a charming addition to your sideboard. Several of my friends have used glass cloches to display sweet Easter vignettes. PerhapsI need to look for a few glass cloches. It really makes for an attractive way to display something. Adding a third one is a great idea. ;-)

  10. I love how you tucked some lettuce seeds in with your bunnies, so cute! I'm a new follower!

  11. What a beautiful display Mary. Must get me some domes!

  12. Marty approves of all the rabbit decorations!

  13. Hi, Mary,

    I love your neutral-colored Easter vignettes. I actually have two domes. One is holding an artificial bird's nest with eggs. The other is holding these gorgeous green "moss" balls I picked up at a local store recently. The lady called them "fuzzy balls" in a very -erm - suggestive tone. I have actually done Easter decorating this year, which of course I did not do last year, Dan having passed away only 8 days before Easter. Plus it was so early and cold for Easter last year.

    Our latest snow is starting to melt. It promises to be about 72 degrees by Wednesday, but I will keep my warm sweaters out for a while.

    I, too, have a thing about Laundromats. So many that I remember from my younger days were seedy, at best. I've had a washer and dryer for 40 years now, but need to take my big china blue and white comforter to a Laundromat. Fortunately, the ones in Bismarck are nice and clean and safe. But if I were in Western North Dakota's Oil Patch, I wouldn't dream of venturing into a Laundromat. They actually have to have separate washers/dryers for the oil workers' greasy clothes. Life is changing and not for good in my old stomping grounds.

    I have looked and looked so long for an affordable santos. Maybe someday.


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