Thursday, April 10, 2014

What can I say?

Only that it's a perfect morning here. Only that I need to keep this brief and get outside with more than a camera……perhaps a rake, shovel, hoe, pruners, fertilizer, and good strong gardening gloves.
I see the garden hose already waiting - yesterday we sprinkled more grass seed in the bare patches so a little watering required.

Don't laugh at the leaning birdhouse. The post has definitely warped over the Winter. Can't do much now as the Eastern bluebirds are checking it out for nesting again……so it will continue leaning and a replacement post will go on the 'to do' list for later in the year.

Sadly, this Winter we lost the large climbing trumpet vine which covered the arbor for several years.
Now pressure washing is going on and I'll be looking for something new to plant and hopefully flourish and climb.
The wooded area is across the street from the cottage. The perfect haven for many birds and the fox family!

The garden is definitely waking. Everywhere I see something pushing up through the soil. I admit this hosta was newly planted yesterday - my established ones are only tiny tips pushing through the mulch. The red maple tree makes a lovely backdrop for the bright green buds now bursting on the fig tree. Will it be a good fig jam year once again?
Oh one more thing……the bluebells are getting ready to open, now I really feel happy. 
I'll be in the garden if you need me!


  1. Hello Mary,

    This is such an exciting time of the gardening year, even though the number of jobs waiting to be done can appear overwhelming. Your collage of garden images gives a good insight into the wide range of plants that you grow. And, how good it is that you are mindful of the wildlife that a garden supports as well as the ornamental and decorative elements. Happy Gardening!

  2. Oh, your garden is going to be stunning in just a short time! I lost some plantings over the winter and will be digging very soon.
    The winter was brutal with snow, cold and hungry rabbits.

  3. So lovely to be surrounded by such natural beauty. Happy Spring! Tammy

  4. Hi Mary! It was a lovely day here as well. I should have stayed home and worked in the garden, bur Penny is back at Lake Lure from Florida and we did our annual first spring lunch at Fig Bistro and then went to the Screen Door and Oddfellows, plus a couple of other stops. We mentioned you often! Will you be coming this way any time soon. We all would love to see you and Bob!

  5. Beautiful! Happy Spring! I'm planting tomatoes tomorrow - Can't Wait. I didn't notice that the bird house was leaning until I read the description. I probably should check my trellis and bird houses...

  6. It's so enjoyable to see your lovely garden. Mary. How wonderful to have bluebirds visit! Yes, you must leave the leaning birdhouse repair until later when the bluebirds have left. Enjoy your precious place. ~ Nancy

  7. More beauty in your gardens! You can see that I'm catching up. :)

  8. What an absolutely lovely garden, even with the leaning birdhouse.
    Hope those birds decide to take up residence.


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