Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Wildlife and wild weather!

 Early yesterday morning the back garden could have been dreary. Not a ray of sunshine, a light misty rain clouding the air, grey and somewhat foreboding with the threat of possible damaging hail and tornadoes coming through by late afternoon. Having seen the terrible tornado damage over the past few days, including other parts of North Carolina not far from here, as well as the South and Midwest, the garden was not friendly until I saw him/her tucked under the wing of an angel.

 I like to think this is the same chipmunk who, with its family, hibernated underground in the front garden bed all winter, and is now out and about enjoying springtime.

 Soon he was shuffling about under a bird feeder, joined by a mourning dove……

 ……and then a squirrel, one of a large family nesting in a large oak close by.

Far right you can just see Mrs. Towhee joining the breakfast club!
Playing (well at least eating!) together made the garden so friendly despite the grey weather - and note the quotation on my stone. This was the quote my maternal grandmother actually wrote in my childhood 'autograph book' - anyone recall them?  I have always thought these words perfect and they should be somewhere in all gardens.

 I had to take these pics from the window knowing all would scurry away if I went outside. That tiny 'chippy' is much smaller than a squirrel and boy can it move quickly!

We fared well regarding the storms that went across our state yesterday - terrible flooding in some areas nothing bad here. Today however once again we'll have an ear on the news and weather forecast much of the day - could have severe storms later. Thank you to all the kind friends who wished us well knowing we were at risk…and perhaps still are. 


  1. Lovely dear, that little "chippy" is the cutest thing! Oh boy, the thunderstorm last night was so loud over here that both Luna and I woke up in the middle of the night and snuggled each back to sleep. Dear, I wish I was there this weekend to go to the Spring open house at SuzAnna's with you. Hope you and Bob are doing well! Miss you, love ~ Vanesa

  2. Hello Mary,

    That is a truly delightful image of the chipmunk sheltering under an angel wing. It so perfectly captures the mood of the moment for you and for so many who must be living in fear of what may occur with the dreadful weather. And yet, just seeing these innocent animals going about their daily routines does give one comfort that all is and will be well.

    Our thoughts are with you. Take the greatest of care!

  3. Dear Mary, Hopefully the worst is over for your area. I will keep my fingers crossed for you. Charming little critters you have in your garden. How nice of you to provide such a heaven for them.

  4. Your photos are beautiful, Mary. I love to see wild-life on our property, too. Who doesn't love the entertaining chipmunk. I just found your blog yesterday and am now following along. I live just west of Ottawa, Ontario Canada. We are in the midst of a very wet season but, after 6 months of the worst winter on record, we are quite happy for the rain. I hope your weather forcast changes soon and you are safe from the surrounding storms. Sending good thoughts your way, Deb.

  5. Mary, I'm glad to read that you and all the wee creatures that live in your garden are safe after that spate of bad weather.
    Yes, I remember autograph books - I have mine, from childhood, and my mother's. Wasn't the penmanship lovely?

  6. Loved seeing the birds, squirrels and chipmunks all getting along. We have had some severe weather here too with more predicted today and we are under a flood watch. Stay safe and warm inside Mary.

  7. Hi Mary! The "green", the brighter colors, the scents are all so lovely, but the sights and sounds of birds in song, squirrel chatter & scurrying in the bushes are so necessary! I love your quote, especially that your grandmother wrote it in your autograph book! Here's my favorite: "A Garden is a Mirror of the Heart".

    Hope the terrible weather just skips over your neighborhood! Chris

  8. I'm glad you are safe - was worried a bit when I saw the forecasts. Your critters in the garden are so wonderful - what luck to catch them all together there. It does make a garden friendlier for sure.

  9. Take care dear Mary. Thinking of you.

  10. Aww, that little chipmunk is so cute! Great photos from behind a glass window!


  11. Cute pictures of your backyard critters, Mary. I hope the storms pass on by again. I was amazed to see the amount of rain that Florida got yesterday. Just awful. My cousin is on their way home from Florida by car today. I'm praying they'll find safe ways to get through and away from the storms. Do you have a basement or a storm cellar 'just in case'? Take care and be safe. Hugs. Pamela

    1. No Pamela, no cellar or basement here - guess the downstairs inside bathroom is our safest place - hopefully we never have to camp in there! Hope your relatives make it home safely…….should think they are behind the storms as they head north. Today just very heavy rain and some wind gusts and thunder here - thankfully no tornadoes.

      Hugs - Mary

  12. Love the little chipmunk, I've seen them in my friend's garden in NH. Glad you escaped the worst of the storms and I hope that today's weather is better.

  13. How lovely to see all of the wildlife in your garden. I am enjoying seeing a chipmunk running around my yard stealing bird seed and then jumping up on the bird bath to get a drink of water. He is so cute and FAST!
    I thought of you during the glad you are safe. And I am thankful we did not have the most severe weather here.
    Farm Gal in Southwest VA

  14. Oh boy this weather. We've been keeping an eye on reports, too, as we head your way through areas with tornado warnings. What a time to be traveling. God has watched over us. Love your little garden visitors...

  15. I did wonder how you fared in the rain and storm. So glad to hear you did OK.
    Love seeing the wildlife in your garden. And that quote, definitely should go
    in every garden. I do remember autograph books too.

    The tiny "chippy" is sweet to see. Thanks for the share!


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