Friday, April 11, 2014

Yesterday in the garden……

It was so beautiful working outside yesterday morning, and so warm that I discarded the jacket in no time flat, wearing a tank top, and rolling up my gardening trousers to get a nice dose of real Vitamin D. Later, as we heat up and the southern humidity takes hold, I'll be doused in sticky sunscreen and bug repellent, but yesterday I was au natural, well kind of anyway.
Let me tell you, it definitely felt good!

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The front porch looks bright with fresh Boston ferns and my Spring birds flag. The jasmine hasn't dropped all the remaining brown leaves of Winter but there are already new shoots appearing.
You can use see the wall planter where the wrens have started 
building a nest.

Looking through the budding fig tree branches.

The maple is definitely in her full red dress now……later the leaves turn green for Summer, then rust in Autumn. The bright green leaves are the Celeste fig - last Summer and Fall we harvested many pounds of figs and in fact had to purchase an extra small 'frig to store all the jam I made!

Japanese maple - Acer palmatum - is now lime green with its little bunches of red flowers. I pruned a few lower branches but now it's in full leaf and overtaking the solar lamps, I may have to do more later.

Daffodils and jonquils have almost finished blooming. Euphorbia coming back to life……and the grass, the thick lovely green grass - I kicked my shoes off and walked through it, such a good feeling.


  1. How lovely dear! Your home and garden are always looking so beautiful, well loved and cared. The fig tree is looking great, I bet you are looking forward to its fruits. We will be moving soon! I'm excited to have a new place to decorate. I hope you and dear Bob enjoy a lovely weekend! Love ~ Vanessa

    Isn't it wonderful watching the garden wake up after a long, hard winter!
    Bright green shoots unfold little by little until suddenly the whole tree is green - mother nature is awe inspiring.
    Barefoot on the grass takes years off your life!
    Shane x

  3. Looking at this post and looking at mine Mary, we are of such like minds. Enjoying the breath of fresh air this season is bringing. Looking at tour garden, I can hear the birds and feel the sun on my face. Ahhhhhhhhh! Sigh, beautiful!
    Have a wonderful weekend dear girl :-)

  4. Beautiful Mary. We are not quite as far along as you are, but yesterday I did buy my herbs to plant. I am heading out this afternoon to plant them. Can't wait to get my hands dirty.

  5. Your porch looks so pretty. Love the flag. I can see a little of your cottage behind the Japanese Maple. It looks like a charming home. Our trees haven't even begun to leaf out yet, but we did take a trip to Boise Wednesday, and they have lots of blooming trees and spring bulbs in bloom. We enjoyed seeing the baby calves and lambs on the way home yesterday. Lots of ranches where we live. Enjoy the weekend, Mary.

  6. What a breath of fresh air! Your home and garden are lovely thanks to your wonderful care of everything. Spring is beginning to move into the mountains of Virginia. I always enjoy your lovely posts....thanks.
    Farm Gal in VA

  7. Suzanne of Simply Suzannes at Home

    Dear Mary, The property surrounding your home is just beautiful! I can only imagine the amount of time and care it takes to keep it looking so great!
    I enjoy my 'virtual' visits so very much! I'm already looking forward to seeing what treasures bloom as Spring unfolds!
    Have a wonderful weekend,

  8. Your yard looks spectacular!

  9. It all looks so beautiful and green there Mary. Just lovely!

  10. Walking through the grass barefoot is so decadent and delightful!
    Glad you did it!
    Your Japanese maple looks much the same as ours and I am also
    think it might need some pruning or it will overtake our front entrance.
    I think we may be on a similar time schedule, as daffodils are pretty much
    gone, but we do have tulips shining bright.


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