Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Woodpecker By Any Other Name. . . . . . .

Don't you agree she's beautiful? 
Introducing Ms. Northern Flicker.
This morning she arrived early along with some much-needed sunshine
to light up her colorful feathers. Fortunately my camera was ready although 
again I had to shoot through the windows, just too cold to step outside.
Yesterday I managed to catch Mr. - he's in one somewhat blurry photo
 on my previous post - you will note his handsome mustache. Always exciting to 
know there are a pair of specific birds living in the garden - I just know 
baby Flickers must be adorable and perhaps we'll see them come Spring.
Notes on the Northern Flicker from the field guide -

  • Size:      12" - non-migrator in the Carolinas
  • Male:      Brown and black woodpecker with large white rump patch visible only when flying. Black necklace above speckled breast, red spot on nape of neck, black mustache 
  • Female:   Same as male, but lacking mustache
  • Nest:       Cavity, female and male excavate, 1 brood per year, 5-8 white eggs
  • Food:      Insects


The Northern Flicker is the only woodpecker to regularly feed on the ground, 
preferring ants and beetles. Guess those creepy crawlies are currently 
unavailable with ice still blanketing the garden. Our suet feeders are the next best 
thing on a bitterly cold morning such as today.


  1. Amazing images, Mary, just stunning! Love the new header, too.

  2. Great shots Mary! I hope you thaw out soon.

  3. Delightful photos of these handsome birds!

  4. I love to watch flickers and you captured some great images. Thanks.
    Farm Gal in VA (where it is frigid also)

  5. She's beautiful. I have never seen one in our area. Probably too cold here.

  6. What a beautiful bird especially the spotted front. We don't get them so this is my first look at one.
    ( very hot here ! )

  7. I have a picture of a Northern Flicker on a Pinterest Board that gets re-pinned over and over again; more than anything else. Lovely to see another one here Mary! Gorgeous bird.

  8. I do love these flickers that also visit us from time to time.
    But tell them when they visit my house not to tap on the roof.

  9. Hello, dear Mary! Sweet Shane mentioned you in her most recent blog post so I had to come by for a visit :)

    I had a delightful time scrolling through your posts and am quite happy to be a new follower of your. I look forward to many visits in the future. Hugs and blessings to you! Stephanie - The Enchanting Rose


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