Tuesday, February 24, 2015

February Snow. . . . . . . .

Totally unexpected. Well they did say a few flurries possible. It started
around 6:30 am and was already sticking by the time I looked out at 7:30 am. 
It's still falling now, huge fluffy flakes flying by the window as I write, and it's 
almost 2:00 pm. We may get about three inches today. 
Of course this is nothing compared to up north, but for here in the south it means 
everything is shutting down again - just as the ice from last week melted and 
was a memory, and the kids returned to school yesterday, but are off again today.

I just had to let you see my flannel-robed snowman/birdman out early this morning 
to refill the feeders and toss some crumbs and seed out. Dozens of birds, and four 
squirrels, were looking for breakfast by 7:30 am - they know when the weather 
conditions will be bad.
Note Bob is none the worse for wear after yesterday's slip cover debacle!

Temperature will remain around freezing today so little melting expected.
Hope you enjoy these pics from my garden today. 
Another storm may pass through tomorrow night bringing 
more snow on Thursday morning. . . . . and here I was thinking
Spring was about to appear. 
That old Mother Nature is up to her trickery again.


  1. Beautiful photos Mary! Yes, we have both male and female towhees and for some reason they do feed off the feeder instead of the ground! We only have one cardinal couple and they are very skittish. We do have quite a few wrens and a purple finch. I tried to get photos this AM but I hadn't had my coffee yet and they turned out blurry. Bob looks cute in his robe :-). Glad he survived the slip cover craziness!

  2. What a cute photo of Grandpa delivering lunch to the garden creatures! Lovely bird photos, as always. I snapped some today -- editing them now, so we will see how they turned out! I'm so hoping this snow clears up before tomorrow evening, but I presume you'll make a judgement call by tomorrow afternoon. Love to you both and stay warm! xx Cassie

  3. I was surprised when I opened my eyes this morning and saw snow gently falling. I had no idea it was coming. It was so pretty that I just laid there under the nice warm blanket and watched it fall. I'm so glad we got at least one pretty snowfall this winter.
    Your snowman/birdman is a good sport to appear in his bathrobe on your blog :). His efforts are obviously paying off as the birds (and squirrels) in your yard are plentiful and look very happy.

  4. Your photos are wonderful. The birds are so lucky to have your Bob to feed them.
    The birds are amazingly beautiful. Love, love!

  5. Mary, you and Bob are so good to the birds. ;-) Excellent photos too!
    Stay safe and warm in your comfy home. Cold here too, but fortunately no snow or ice.

  6. What a surprise for you Mary! Seems like the birds are all very well cared for and happy though. Your photos are magic x

  7. Loved getting a peek into la vie quotidienne at your cosy cottage with it's mantle of snow. Wonderful photographs of the wildlife (and Bob, what a good sport)
    Was impressed to see that even the birds eat off Black Toast plates chez vous!

  8. Mary, These are sure beautiful photos! I truly enjoyed them :-) Mary

  9. It's a little repetitiv, Mary - but what fabulous photos! There's a kind of news-reel quality to them, somehow. I'm guessing those birds aren't used to the kind of weather they're experiencing - though I must say that your personal snowman and bird feeder looks surprisingly relaxed about the the whole thing!

  10. Oh so pretty. I love seeing the things around your life. We have sunshine and cool in the PNW but daffodils are blooming and trees are beginning to flower.

  11. Love your snowy photos Mary! It looks so pretty although I know it's dangerous on the roads there today. I'm glad that you got some snow though. I know you've been hoping for some. ;)

  12. It was fun to see your snow and birds and to see that Bob is so attentive to them. They really appreciate him! I filled my feeders this evening thinking we may get some snow overnight as well. (It will be okay if we don't! :-) )
    Farm Gal in Va

  13. It can be inconvenient (and worse) but your pictures captured the beauty of the snow and how it has made a pretty white cover for your garden, potting shed and gazebo. I am amazed by all the beautiful birds you attract, and your beautiful snaps of them.

    My favorite pic is of you-know-who! What a spectacular guy to let you post this photo of him in his robe while providing treats for your feathered friends in 20 degree temps and falling snow. Definitely one for the record books! :)

    Love to you both~

    Jane x

  14. Your photos are magical, Mary. The snow, the bright bits of birds - just lovely. But I think my favorite is the one of Bob refilling the bird feeder. What a man to let you put a photo of him in his bathrobe on your blog! Enjoy the snow while it lasts - which I hope won't be long.


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