Friday, February 27, 2015

Birds of a feather, flock together!

You may recall a recent post on my Winter companion, the American robin 
who hasn't left the garden for several months. His long term 'rental', on
a fig tree branch complete with suet feeder, was tested yesterday following the 
night of heavy snow. 
Mid-morning, while awaiting the return of our power, and staring out the windows 
at the icy conditions, in flew a flock of obviously hungry robins who proceeded to
gobble the seed and crumbs thrown down until we could get to out refill the feeder.
Robins in this large number don't usually arrive until Spring.
Unable to determine which robin might be 'our robin' in such a large group, I was 
wondering if he would perhaps find a mate and leave our habitat with the flock when 
they flew off.
They did what robins do best, nibbled, stood around silently turning their heads and, 
after about 15 minutes they all disappeared.
ALL, except MY robin that is! 
Yes, he didn't leave with the flock!

Apparently he's sticking around to wait for Spring.
Still hanging about the fig tree, quietly sharing the suet feeder with other 
birds, then shuffling about, snacking on seeds and crumbs under the feeder. 
Perhaps he knows a good thing - daily meals no matter the weather, 
melted water in the bird bath for drinking and bathing. . . . .or perhaps he
just feels like he's one of the family here and doesn't want to move out!

Today the sun is shining, much of the 6" of heavy snow is falling 
from branches. Many trees and shrubs look sad, perhaps permanently 
pruned by the weight of the wet then frozen snow. Our cul-de-sac is heavily 
rutted with hard ice where 4-wheeled drive vehicles have been able to turn - we 
are not going out - no reason to take the risk with trees/branches down across
 neighborhood streets, schools and some businesses still closed, and many 
accidents on the highways.

Here's to Spring - sooner rather than later would be really welcome.

I just remembered and thought I'd share this little tidbit with you, my wonderful blogging friends.
Today, February 27, marks 8 years since I first hit that Publish button and became a blogger!
Wow time goes by quickly!


  1. How sweet that he is sticking around! I've been able to identify two female and two male Cardinals that hang around our house -- one female much more "plump" than the other... pregnant, perhaps? Yes, I am certainly ready for some warm sunshine... but not too hot! I want to ease back into running, and I don't want to sweat too much in the process!! xx

  2. What a dear sweet robin - and the colors of all the birds are spectacular against the snow.

  3. I really enjoyed seeing your birds today, Mary. I live in the midwest and some years we have robins that stay all winter long. I've not observed that this year but if there are some here they are likely staying somewhere where there are crabapples, etc for them to eat. We have red-bellied woodpeckers that show up most days to eat fruit, corn, etc at our feeders. We put out a suet ball from the butcher today so expect even more woodpeckers - maybe some downeys or northern flickers. However, the last time we put out suet the entire cake of suet was "stolen" overnight - we're thinking raccoon. ? There are a lot of critters around here!

    1. Beth we have raccoons too - and would rather they would move on!
      We saw tracks across the snow covered lawn yesterday morning but fortunately the suet feeders were still in place. Found one on the ground last week, opened and new suet cake gone - our first thought was that a raccoon had been around!
      Today we had a huge black cat cross our deck - probably feral and we don't want it around our birds!
      Mary -

  4. I love that your Robin has stayed. I hope he finds a mate this spring. All of our roads have been cleared and we were out and about running errands today. It felt good to get out!

  5. What a heartwarming story of the little robin who stayed. I am sure he's very pleased with the accomodations. Congrats on eight years of blogging!

  6. Congratulations on your 8 years of blogging. I am so thankful that I found you as I thoroughly enjoy your posts.
    How interesting that you have a robin that is hanging around........eating things that robins don't usually eat at that. I am looking forward to the robins' return to our area.
    Farm Gal in VA

  7. Amazing... your robin sticking around and your 8 year anniversary. I'm interested to know what led you to begin your blog. I accidentally stumbled upon my first blog about 8 years ago, read them for a year or so never thinking I would someday start my own. I'm so glad I finally took the plunge and am also glad to have discovered your blog along the way. I congratulate you on 8 years and hope that you will continue for many years to come.

    1. Thanks Kim, so glad to know you from blogging too!

      Funny how we all started - like you I accidentally stumbled on to a decor blog which I loved to read. Eventually, when I saw how much fun and creative it could be having a blog, I jumped right in. I took awful photos and had a miserable camera - but am amazed now how much my photography has improved - or perhaps it's just the better equipment, ha ha! I honestly do believe though that taking photos has improved so much in my life. What I see through a lens has brought unimaginable joy to my life, not only when traveling, but right here in my own cottage garden. I worked for years in commercial art and advertising and so missed that artistic environment when I left it. Maintaining a blog gives me a creative outlet. It's a huge part of my life as it's also enabled me to make, and often meet, so many wonderful people around the world.

      To you Kim, and all my blog friends - thank you for sticking with me - I care about you all.
      Mary -

  8. Congratulations on your 8 year anniversary! I am so glad that you decided to blog, and that I was lucky enough to find you. I so enjoy each and every post. "Your" robin is a beaut! Do you and Bob have preferred types/brands of feeders?

    1. Gosh Lisa, we've been through every feeder manufactured I think! No favorites because they never live up to the promise "SQUIRREL PROOF". Of course we love those little devils too and realize they have to eat - but does their diet have to be 75% of the expensive bird seed we put out?

      Thanks for stopping by and for your generous comments.
      Mary -

  9. I've never seen a flock of robins before, what a sight to see. Glad that your robin stayed true to you, he obviously knows which side his bread is buttered on.
    Congratulations on your blog anniversary, where have the years gone?

  10. That's one loyal little robin you have. Sweet little thing. Congratulations on 8 years of blogging. The years go by so quickly, don't they? I'm glad I found you along the blogging trail.

  11. Wow... These pictures are incredible! I don't think I have ever seen a Robin in the snow. Then of course you are having a very unusual winter down there. I also love the yard and Gazebo pictures in the last post. Just stunning!

  12. Mary, I am so glad I discovered your blog! All the birds and snow are beautiful!

  13. Hi Mary, I think that is the sweetest robin I have ever seen. How adorable that it has chosen to stay in your garden. I wonder if another will soon appear and decide to stay, too. Congratulations on your eight years blogging. I would have to say that your blg is one of my favorite to visit each day. I love your style of decorating and your beautiful photos. Looking forward to many more visits. Stay toasty,

  14. Congratulations on your anniversary, Mary! Your blog is a favorite of mine, always something interesting...from your life at the cottage to your interesting travels.
    I'm not good at commenting, sorry to say, but I try never to miss a post.

    Your birds are so spectacular, don't know how you get anything done with all the activity outside. :-)

    Hope your health issues are improving. I can relate.

    Take care and know I'll keep reading your wonderful posts.
    Hope your Sunday is blessed.


  15. Deb sent me over to see your Robins! I have a single Robin who didn't leave my yard all winter and I posted about him today, too! How fun to have a group of them visit you!


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