Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Slip Cover battles!

Slip Covers. Love 'em or leave 'em?
Not sure if this post is informational or useless, but it stemmed from those 
too many days last week stuck in the cottage under two inches of solid ice!
 I do know that I'm rethinking slip covers for the future.
The sudden need to do something constructive on Thursday caught me unaware.
Before you could say 'TIDE with bleach alternative', I found myself stripping slip 
covers off the chairs, throwing them into the washing machine, and then, a little later, 
thinking about going Spring furniture shopping once the roads were thawed out and 
travel was safe again.
Why new furniture?
Because I now realize slip-covered furniture can turn the living room into a
 war zone once you reach a certain age.

I didn't even get around to the sofa cover, the main part has to go out to 
the laundromat - much too big for my washing machine - although I can do the 
the seat cushions here at home.
If you have slip covers you must live with someone else. Even a big dog or a 
feisty cat doesn't help in this situation.  
Preferably a strong-armed, patient person is required - and that's not me - who 
can push, shove, pull and squeeze those fat cushions back into those suddenly 
brilliantly clean, but oh so tight, covers. One can just about remove them for 
laundering, but trying to get the danged things back on again alone is impossible.

Bob is my patient person - without him I would be nothing!
I would never get the covers on, and even with him helping I was caught between 
throwing them at him, or suffocating him under them, when my patience gave out!  
We moved from the living room to the bedroom where we thought putting them on 
the bed would be easier. . . . .fighting those blasted seat cushions all the way.

A sweet little Italian lady custom-made my slip covers and did an amazing job.
They cost me a small fortune.
They're somewhat of a pain in the you-know-what. I love them and hate them.
 I would perhaps enjoy a new sofa that doesn't require a slip cover, but it's 
hard to find the right size for the room - most are gigantic and overwhelm the 
small space.  

Do you have slip covers? 
Does anyone make small sofas anymore?  Not love seats which are really too small.
Bob sustained no serious injuries on the battlefield!!!


  1. Yes, slipcovers here also. Putting them back on after washing is an awful chore!

  2. I am on the lookout for a small sofa, too. No luck, so far. I've thought about slipcovers, but I think that a lot of them tend to look rather sloppy.

  3. Oh dear - I know that battle. I haven't put the slipcovers on our sofa for a few years. They languish in the cedar chest. Such a waste! I just don't have the energy lately to even think of the twice yearly battle to get them 'just right'. Mine are chintz, but I often think of having a white set made - this post has made me rethink that!

  4. Yes. There are what they call 'apartment sized' sofas. Do a search and take a look. I've had slip covers many times and end up removing them, selling them giving them away (after spending small fortunes) .. I end up preferring the clean line if a lovely upholstered piece. Though, I must say your covers are beautiful .. pillows too!

  5. So glad Bob emerged unscathed from battling with slipcovers! No covers here although I admire the look.

  6. How MANY MANY things we could do with relatively little struggle when younger, are impossible now that we are older! I can't imagine struggling with these slip-covers! They are lovely, but like you, I think it might be time to go furniture shopping again! :-)

  7. Hello Mary,

    The battle of the slip covers is one fight that no longer takes place in our house. We fought it bravely once upon a time but never since. Clean the slip covers may be after washing but neatly fitting back into place they do not go.

    Two small sofas are currently winging their way to our new Norwich house....neat but not gaudy...as an aged relative would say........small and perfectly formed say we! Perhaps they are somewhere to be found near you too?

  8. I am giggling at "I was caught between throwing them at him, or suffocating him under them, when my patience gave out!" I have been there with Kent sometimes. I don't have slip covers. Thought about getting them once, but instead just got rid of the sofa and have all chairs now. I used to fight with my duvet cover, so that is no longer in use.

  9. Our (large) IKEA sofa in the family room has slipcovers and the only reason I like them is because they're washable. These aren't too hard to put back on, probably because the sofa is made like this, if that makes any sense. I would like a smaller sofa for our living room...we have a very small living room and the 3-seater sofa (and who needs a 3-seater...do 3 people really sit together on a sofa?!) overwhelms it. I think we'd be better off with a smaller sofa and then two chairs. But no new furniture for us at the moment with all the other (more important) expenses we have going on here. Have you checked Crate and Barrel for sofas?

  10. They are horrible if you actually sit on them. I find myself fussing at the grand children when they mess them up. And if there're are loose pillows behind them, then forget about it. I think they are a great idea and look good, but as I said, I don't think they are useful.

  11. I have never had slip covers, really not a fan. Recently there was an article in our local newspaper which was talking about smaller furniture being made due to the fact a lot of people are moving into smaller places, such as condo's and apartments. It did not indicated where the furniture could be purchased.

  12. I find slip covers have been frustrating to keep look neat around here. Then tried to find ones that would fit was impossible. Thought of making them myself, but said forget it. So I cover the cats claw marks with throws and think about a time when there are no cats to scratch the upholstery and I buy new furniture. Right now I live with what I have, but can perfectly understand your frustration once you get in the mood to do something.

  13. What images this post conjured up for me, I can well imagine the frustration but it did make me smile (in a commiserating way).
    I have a vintage sofa in a guest bedroom that wears a flowery chintz slipcover, thankfully it doesn't need changing very often.

  14. We had a love seat but it was too puffy and too small - then we only had upholstered chairs until I found a small sofa - fits in the same space as the love seat - go figure. I love it now and the other chairs have made friends so I think we have a match. Your room is just lovely.

  15. Mary, I get my upholstered furniture at Dexter's on Glenwood. They custom make your pieces, and they are quality. You pick out the size, style, fabric everything. You can get the number and style of cushions, arm type, skirted or non. We have used them for years, and I highly recommend them. We have always worked with Wendy. Others in my family use them, too.

  16. Oh how I laughed at the way you struggle putting back the covers on the furniture.We too have loose covers and I know the situation only too well. as it's exactly the same in our house when the dreaded day is chosen to take off the covers. My character completely changes, I become the most angriest person you could ever meet..I swear my Mr France has deliberately gone to someone else's home and brought their cushions just to annoy me.

  17. No slipcovers for me. I would never be able to win the wrestling match. It's just way too much trouble. I have a lovely little sofa and got it from Lazyboy a few years ago. I suppose that it could be called a loveseat. It comfortably fits two people. My great room isn't designed to hold a big sofa unless it was right across from the tv. And that arrangement is not going to happen because that's where my faithful recliner goes! Good luck with your shopping!


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