Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Elsewhere. . . . . . . .

By all rights I should be in Kenya now. 
I'm sad I've missed this trip due to health problems, it was a country I really
wanted to see. I had hoped to view landscapes I've read about in books such as 
Out Of Africa. I wanted to view the rolling green hills where the coffee plantations 
thrive, watch the animals wandering, running, across the vast Mara Plains where 
we'd be staying in a safari camp in the Masai Mara Game Reserve.
However, with two visits to the African continent already under my belt I know
I'm very fortunate. I have seen and experienced the wonders of amazing wildlife 
in their natural habitat, enjoyed the luxuries of the best camps, and the 
excitement of the safari. 
Meanwhile, my heart beats strongly according to yesterday's EKG, but my pain 
problems continue. I'm still on the fence regarding surgery tentatively scheduled 
for next week, so I'm going for a second opinion.

This morning is freezing but the sun is bright and beckons to one, saying, 
"come outside and feel my warming rays"
I threw down crumbs under the bird feeder, poured hot water on the birdbath 
and fountain to melt the ice. A pair of Mourning doves came first at 7:30 AM, 
toddling about, nibbling, then resting for a while in the beautiful early 
morning sunshine - a good day to be alive no matter where.


  1. Mary so sad you missed your trip, but you have to put health first. Love the pic of the birds.

  2. Hello Mary,

    Yes, a good day to be alive and your health must come first. It is sad to miss this wonderful sounding trip. But, to endure it in constant pain would not be the way to build a happy memory.

    So, in the meantime, sit tight. Take the advice and get well soon. The world awaits!

  3. I'm sorry you've missed such a trip, Mary, but glad that you are on this continent and in good hands. I will be checking back to hear how things are going. It's always so hard to be in wait-and-see mode. I will be thinking of you today, linking thoughts of you to thoughts of my M.

  4. I'm glad to read that your heart test yesterday had good results. I hope the other issues can be resolved. Sorry you missed your trip.


  5. It is quite sorrowful to cancelled long-awaited trips. Health issues always take priority, and it is good that you are being deliberate and cautious about your care. Jim did wonderfully after his hip replacement about 4 years ago. And it was wise of us for him to stay at a residential care facility that provided personal one-on-one physical therapy twice a day except for Sundays. He was well taken care of and rebounded with minimal discomfort. Medicare paid for his stay except for a surcharge for a private room. I will keep you in my prayers. That's great news that your "ticker" is working well!

    1. Thank you dear Donna. I've now moved on regarding which part is causing my pain - no hip replacement necessary any time soon! I almost wish is was that area which might be a quicker recovery - instead it's my spine and I'm not at all happy about what is proposed - so am getting a second opinion before proceeding with any surgery!
      Mary -

  6. Mary, relieved to read the good news about the EKG, but obviously concerned that there is continued pain and the prospect of surgery. A second opinion and proceeding with caution is very important. Keeping you in thought and prayer, my friend. Positive thoughts sent your way and big caring hugs.

  7. I'm glad to hear your heart is still ticking strongly and that you are seeking a second opinion about your back issues. I hope you find some answers that are comfortable for you. It's a big decision to have surgery and if it can be avoided all the better. The doves are so beautiful. We had another foot of snow last night and it's cold and windy today but sunny. Praying for you and this situation. Blessings. Pam

  8. Mary,
    I'm so sorry you had to cancel your trip, but relieved about your EKG results. Please keep us posted! And thanks for sharing the photo of your beautiful visitors. We get plenty of Mourning Doves (along with Robins and Cardinals) here in DC. I love their soothing cooing-wooing calls. I recently learned that it is mostly the male bird that makes this call - to attract the female.
    Take care!

  9. Sorry that you have been ailing and missed your trip. Getting old sucks!
    I'm on my way to the Podiatrist today because I overdid it in Puerto Rico and now my ankle is screaming. Uck!!
    Take care my dear... Jeanne

  10. Oh the winter sun does warm our hearts when they are sad.
    Wishing you could be in Kenya instead of faced with health concerns.
    If only wishes could come true. Good luck with the second opinion.
    Wishing you health and no pain very soon. Hugs!

  11. So sorry that you have missed a trip....but your health is the most important thing to get sorted out.

  12. So sorry that you missed that trip, but glad to hear your EKG turned out well. I am glad you are getting a second opinion.

  13. Hi Mary - I'm sorry to read that you are in pain and need surgery. A second opinion is always a good idea when it comes to your health. I hope this all works out well for you. You'll be in my thoughts and prayers. Love your photos today. The Mourning Doves are one of my favorite birds at our feeders. Deb

  14. I'm glad your heart is doing well - always a concern. I had emergency back surgery just over two years ago - the pain was so acute that I could not be still for one second - it was truly writhing pain. After a good recovery time the pain is completely gone - still some nerve healing going on (nerves give me an unexpected poke now and then) but I'm so glad I had it done. Hope you come to a conclusion that works for you.

    One interesting thing about my surgery - I love to go barefoot - but for two years before the surgery I couldn't bear to be without shoes - my feet hurt beyond belief and only shoes would help, even just a little. After the surgery that is NO foot pain - none whatsoever and I am back to wandering about my house in my bare feet - such a treat that I don't take for granted. Who knew that back surgery would cure my horrid aching feet.

  15. As usual, I'm catching up on several posts of yours at a time. That's a good thing-you are posting quite often now, as well as me. I'm trilled to hear you had good medical results on your heart...that is always a scary thing to go into. I did last January when I was constantly out of breath. Good results and I felt on top of the world. I hope and pray you have peace of mind when deciding on what is best for you with the other issues...I'm sure it's difficult, but I trust you and Bob know what is best. In any case, you have our love and best wishes.

    Jane xxx

  16. Good to know that your English heart continues to beat strongly, seeking a second opinion is never a bad thing in these matters...
    It is a shame that you had to postpone the trip to Kenya but it will still be there when you have received a clean bill of health.
    Thinking of you.

  17. I was disappointed for you Mary when you missed your trip, but your health comes first, and I am pleased that you found all was well in the ticker department. Hoping for a good outcome with the pain, it is a worrying time, my thoughts and best wishes are all yours♡

  18. Sorry to hear about yoyr health problems. Wishing you the best and I'll keep you in my prayers.

  19. No matter how serious or trivial the ache or pain may be, Always ALWAYS go for a second opinion.
    I hope surgery is not required .. that should be the last option .. sending get well wishes.. And hopes that while you missed this trip, there is an even more fabulous trip in the future !


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