Wednesday, February 11, 2015

February neighborhood walks. . . . . . . .

Not a lot to photograph on these rather bare February days.
The southeast remains snow-free and has been mild all Winter.
Very cold weather is expected in the next few days.
I'm still hoping we'll get a little snow for a day or so, then
I'll be outside looking through the camera lens for 
something beautiful to share here.

A recent neighborhood walk with the little point and shoot swinging from my 
warmly wrapped neck had little of great interest, but you know how it is, you 
can't return home with zilch to show for that hour or so of walking.

I do enjoy walking through neighborhoods, however, I must admit it becomes 
more of a saunter than a true stepping out in exercise mode. Plenty to look at 
and arouse curiosity even when plants are sleeping and somewhat colorless, 
so you stop, focus, hit the button and hope you have something to edit later.
The boring alternative is walking laps around our neighborhood middle school
 running track. More of a workout perhaps but absolutely nothing to photograph 
which would be of interest on this blog!

Then there are the homes. Our neighborhood is an older established one 
with a huge mix of house styles set on 1/4 to 1/2 acre lots. 
The trees are gigantic - this was farmland at one time, I can vouch for that 
having dug up an old tractor seat in the back garden! Many of our neighbors are 
even older than us. An influx of original IBM employees moved here from New York 
in the late '60's. Sadly they are fewer now, but their homes are being filled with 
younger families who spruce them up, a few have even been razed 
and larger upscale homes constructed.

On a recent walk, this was my favorite house. Already 
tastefully decorated for St. Valentine's Day, nothing too flashy. . . which 
reminds me, I must drive past some night this week to see that pretty 
heart with the fairy lights turned on.

Do you walk in your neighborhood?
Are you decorating for St. Valentine's Day?


  1. Dear Mary, I could have written your post. Same unusual weather pattern, no snow, no rain. Walks with my friend but not much to photograph to bring back and share. I do have snowdrops blooming and a few Hellebore are braving the cold nights. I'm hoping for colder weather so that our fruit trees will not come out too early.
    I like your second photograph...lots of variegated greens and berries...would make a lovely bouquet.

  2. We have had some flurries here this winter and a few inches in November. Today it is in the 20's and foggy. The fog is actually turning into frost on the trees because of the low temperatures. We do walk our neighborhood, and get exercise from it because of all of the hills!
    p.s. yes, you will have to change your GPS when you head this way!

  3. Oh to get out and walk without freezing! It really sounds lovely in your neighbourhood, Mary. I love the bench and the sweet house with the heart. I have a few Valentine's decorations out this year as we are home. I'm remembering the old mansion in your neighbourhood which you wrote about last year I think. It was moved to a new site. How is it looking now? Has it been restored and is someone living in it? I'm am just curious about it as it was quite a feat to move it. Enjoy your mild winter days. xx Pam

  4. We have various routes to walk in our neighborhood. Most are through at least one or two green space trails between residential streets. I enjoy looking at the homes and how they've been decorated and landscaped. The heart on the porch is a great idea - haven't seen any outdoor Valentine decor around here.
    Alas, I do not have any seasonal decor up this year. I don't do very much any year, but with taking on a temporary full-time teaching job, some things have flown away on the wind.
    Glad you can walk outdoors still, as can we. No snow here, either, but not very cold. Stay cozy.

  5. I love to walk in my neighbourhood, morning noon and night. At this time of year the early morning air smells of the blossoms that are beginning to show up. I love it!

  6. I love your walk. And I love walking in my own neighborhood. What a cute house.
    This year just haven't been able to wrap my head around Valentine's. I got out a couple
    old Valentine's and sat them about, but that is it. My "live-in gardener" actually made
    reservations for dinner on Saturday, now that was surprising. He is thinking more than
    I am. Happy Valentine's, dear friend.

  7. You know that I would much rather walk the neighborhood then round and round the walking path. B-O-R-I-I-N-G! They say long saunters are just as good as short brisk walks. I definitely need something lovely to look at along the way. We are in the midst of a huge dust storm right now. Ugh! Best wishes, Tammy


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