Thursday, February 12, 2015

Heartfelt flowers and more. . . . . . . .

Especially for those of you in northern climes, dear friends all, 
a little almost Springtime color - I just know you're tired of being
blanketed in white!

This is my garden today. Little gems of early Spring are peeking from the ground, 
flower pots, and the kitchen window box. Pansies and Violas, bless their heart shapes.
Daffodils, just showing yellow petals, will soon be dancing in the breeze.
However, before all that happens, COLD, very cold bitter weather is expected
over the weekend - record low temperatures for this area in February - however a
promise of brilliant sunshine at the same time, for that we're grateful.

Mother Nature, you sure know how to flirt with our senses. . . . . 
and this weekend, our hearts.


  1. I enjoyed seeing the signs of spring in your garden already. So pretty! It's been so cold here and it's starting to get to me now. And we have a blizzard coming on Sunday. Stay warm.

  2. Looking forward to the daffodil dance, they are my favorite. Beautiful pansies, I wish I had plant some, maybe next year.

  3. It is hard to believe that you have these beautiful little blooming faces in your yard and window box. I think we are a long way from such beauties here and right now it feels like we are in the midst of a blizzard (though there isn't a lot of snow.) I would rather have the winter weather now and spring in late March and April. We will certainly appreciate it when it does arrive.
    Farm Gal in VA

  4. Oh, what beautiful flowers! I can't wait. It is SO cold here (northern IL) again. Below zero wind chill factor right now and more snow coming tomorrow. Please send some spring my way!

  5. Such pretty flowers - I have a nice bouquet of daffodils on the table today - but they are not from the garden - not just yet, but I love them just the same.

  6. Beautiful, Mary. Those colours brighten an otherwise dull, damp, day. However, the weekend beckons! All the best.

  7. Hello Mary,

    Yes a blast of colour is definitely what is needed!

    Unseasonably, there has been no snow to mention this year in Budapest.....will it all come in March, we wonder!?

  8. With all of the wedding shenanigans happening at the end of last year, I never got a chance to "prep" anything for the coming springtime! I suppose I'll need to wait until the soil warms up now -- perhaps April will be perfect for gardening. The colors in your photographs certainly help on these cold and dreary days!

  9. Pretty flowers Mary. We have cold here too....brrrrrrrrrrrr.

  10. You should be able to enjoy a bouquet of daffodils very soon. Your season is about 1-2 weeks ahead from what I see here. The little violets sure do have pretty colors.

  11. I love pansies. They make me smile. . We are still having snow. I am longing for Spring. Thanks for posing the pics. They are beautiful. Happy Valentines Day. xoxo

  12. You are just a little ahead of us. On the Island I have seen daffodils, camellias, early Rhodos and streets full of early flowering plum trees. I love this time of year and all the possibilities implied by spring.

  13. Thanks for showing those Spring flowers, brightened my day.


  14. Keep warm and enjoy those beautiful little faces. I do love pansies.
    Your daffodils are about in the same stage as ours. I can't wait for
    them to open up. I have brought a small hand full of miniatures inside
    and they have opened up beautifully. Springtime in winter sure does
    make me smile.


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