Tuesday, February 17, 2015


It's not what I'd hoped for!  No softly falling flakes outside the window. 
No sitting, watching drifts pile up and counting inches.  
No fluffy, powdery snow to play in.  
No snow people being constructed or snowballs being tossed this morning, 
but neighbor April and her daughter Raya are sliding down the driveway on 
a plastic saucer, brave girls - but then they're from New Jersey!

Instead, last evening, I listened to the scratching at the glass as the sleet rained down. 
I huddled at the hearth wrapped in my Antarctic fleece and SmartWool leggings, 
nursing a mug of hot liquid, just praying the power would stay on and that our aging 
heating system doesn't quit any day soon.

Everyone was waiting for snow yesterday afternoon.

It was an ice storm. 
Over quickly, no languishing about with thoughts of making 
the landscape beautiful.  Just long enough to coat most of the state in a 
glittering white iron blanket.  Roads are treacherous, most places are closed. 
Northerners call us wimps here in the south when we groan over this type of weather.
I've lived up there and know it's hard in Winter, but at least they are prepared with 
equipment and manpower to deal with the transportation problems. Here we hesitate
to spend money on things we may only use once in a blue moon - or a huge Winter storm.

So here goes~~~~~~~this is what I'm doing today.
Taking photos through the windows as I look out at the icy scene.
Our neighbor came by before we were even up, scraped our front steps, 
put down salt, and tossed Bob's newspaper right by the front door. How thankful 
we are for people such as Dale
My physiotherapy session is canceled. We have enough food and plenty
to drink. We have logs for the hearth tonight, a big pot of soup, another of chili.
We have even colder temperatures coming later this week. Voices hum from the TV
with talk of breaking weather records ahead.

Hope you enjoy the wildlife in my garden - as we're stuck here you just may be seeing more later as the birds are very hungry and flying in non-stop.
Let me know if you want the name of any particular bird you're not familiar with.


  1. Mary love your pics of the birds, just beautiful. stay cosy and warm.

  2. Beautiful photos Mary! We had about an inch of snow and then 3/4 in of ice. We are stuck in. In our gated community, our plow guys couldn't plow the ice so they are carefully trying to get some ice melt on it. Slow process, but even then the main roads are too treacherous to drive. Stay safe and warm!

  3. Wow - ice storm - no fun indeed. We, on the other hand have record breaking temperatures and sunshine and flowering trees and daffodils blooming. Such an early spring - but we find that when the east has severe weather we get the bonus of lovely weather. Hope your ice doesn't last long. Our son and family live in Kenova,WV and they are expecting 14 below zero on Thursday night - quite unusual for them too as they don't often get these big cold freezes.

  4. I can imagine, when you're not use to it, how terrible this weather is for you. I'm glad you are prepared and stocked up so you don't have to risk life and limb on the roads. I love all the birdie pictures. Oh! I just had a Pine Siskin hit the window! They do that all the time but fly off. It always startles me. It's a beautiful sunny day here but still very cold. Take care Mary. This too shall pass.

  5. Snow is one thing, but ice is worse. I hope your power stays on. I always worry about that during storms, too. Our power went out in the middle of the night a few nights ago for three hours! The weird thing is, there was no storm, no wind, nothing. It was our entire neighborhood. We were really worried about our pipes freezing (and us, too!) but we actually were perfectly fine snuggled under the blankets. Glad it was only 3 hours. It's still very cold here in northern IL and only going to get colder the next few days. They're talking about wind chill temps at -20 to -30!

  6. Hello; I popped over from Mockingbird Hill Cottage and wanted to tell you how much I love your wildlife photographs. Are those wrens in the last few images? I am not trying to be Anonymous, but I don't know how to leave a comment via the other options in the drop-down menu. Nancy

  7. We got the ice here too. There is about an inch to a half inch underneath about an inch of snow. Ugh. I got some kitty litter from the store earlier this week and used that to coat the sidewalk temporarily. There are no neighborly neighbors here, unfortunately, so I have been going out off and on all day, trying to clear the walkways with an ancient shovel. It has been slow going. It looks like it is melting on the road in front of my house, but I expect all that glistening wetness to ice over when the sun goes down in a few hours and the temperature dips further south. I grew up in Indiana and went to school in Kansas, so I am no stranger to winter weather. But ice storms are my biggest fear, and as one who is very unsteady on her feet under good circumstances, I am terrified of falling when everything is glistening with ice. And no, I can't simply stay indoors. I have a dog to take out, and I can only take her out the front (no exit to the back yard). I prayed for the power to stay on and it has! There was some flickering last night that scared me to pieces, but they were only blips.

  8. And I was hoping you got fluffy snow. I would be staying in too. Looks like the birds are well fed and happy.
    We are still having unseasonably warm weather. I even had the door open for an hour or two just to air out the house.
    This is unheard of even for us.

  9. Mary, We are also covered by a thin layer of ice. We did have a bit of a melt this afternoon. I am hoping we will be back in school tomorrow. I love my snow days, but I want snow, not ice. Stay safe and warm. Hugs!

  10. Aw, rats! Fluffy snow would have been so pretty. Glad you stay indoors. Your birds are lovely.

  11. Mary, I'm sorry you have to deal with an ice storm. They aren't my favorite! But your photos are amazing. How did you manage to capture those gorgeous birdies? Stay warm!

    1. Sarah, grabbed the point and shoot camera and just stood at the windows and front door - didn't step outside, far too cold. So all were taken through glass which isn't the best way, but sometimes we have to make the most of what we have, right?

      Hope your Winter is mild - don't what it is but we are really feeling the cold this year. The worst is yet to come - record lows heading this way for end of week, brrrrrr!
      Mary -

  12. The squirrel and the birds were cute! I just love those photos!

  13. The photos not only look cold but feel cold as well. No snow here only sun, cold as it is

  14. Beautiful Mary.
    I always enjoy your bird photos - the only ones I recognise are the speckled thrush - we have thrush in NZ with much softer markings, their song in Spring is wonderful.
    I also know the red cardinals - we don't have those either.
    I imagine there's a queue on nearby trees to get into your garden!
    The squirrels are so endearing, even if they are naughty!

  15. Hi Mary, I loved seeing your birds - especially the robin. Most of "our" robins migrate over the winter although some do stick around. However, I haven't seen any robins in months. Your house finches (or purple finches...I cannot tell the difference) have such brilliant color! Beautiful! Hope you are managing ok in the cold. It is cold here too (Iowa) although one could say we are more equipped to handle it....or perhaps just "accustomed" to it. I cannot imagine not getting outside the house for 4 days as, you see, I have a dog so I cannot stay inside all the time. It's good for me, I guess. :) Stay warm, Mary.
    Hugs, Beth


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