Friday, February 13, 2015

Let's Bake with Pears . . . . . . .

I've never actually baked anything gluten-free until this very good pear tart. 
I had all the required ingredients on hand except coconut flour which I bought 
(Bob's Red Mill), and which I'll use more often now I know its healthy benefits.

I also drizzled the finished tart with healthy Acacia honey. 

Earlier this month, beautiful blog friend Marsha at Splenderosa shared this recipe 
from Bakers Royale - a blog loaded with amazing recipes if you enjoy baking. 
Even if you don't bake you need to visit for the spectacular food photography, I'm
almost embarrassed at my somewhat poor quick pics taken in bad light.
 I made it yesterday late in the afternoon - we each greedily gobbled a good-sized 
portion after dinner. Perhaps we'll finish it today at teatime when I get back from
getting an epidural injection into my back. It will be my reward!


  1. I hope that the thought of the gorgeous tart will get you through the epidural! Thinking of you and my M, who is in tandem with you today!

  2. God bless you; that procedure I think is not easy. the tart looks very beautiful and delicious!

  3. I would say your tart is beautiful and you do photograph just fine!
    Good luck with the epidural today. You probably have already had it.
    I hope it went well and helps you tremendously. Today I finely got some
    good news from my doctor. She said the xrays look "great". Whew!
    Now just a little physical therapy.

  4. I'm cringing at the thought of the epidural. Hope it went as well as it could and that you indulged in a piece of that lovely pear tart. I've started doing a little gluten free baking because of friends and family who are celiac and/or allergic to gluten.

  5. I'm late reading this post dear Mary, so I know you will now be back home following the epidural.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed in the hope that the procedure has provided some pain relief.
    Your pear tart looks delicious, I love the crunchy caramelised bits around the outside!
    I haven't tried gluten free yet either so this will be a first!

  6. Oh I hope that the epidural has made the pain go away! Your pear tart looks fabulous to me.


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