Thursday, February 26, 2015

Night in the garden. . . . . . . .

. . . . . . and just where were you last night? 
At 1:30 AM I woke up and went to peek out the windows. Dark, yes. Normal 
dark when slumber muffles the brain and blurs the eyes, definitely not!
I flipped on the the lights in the gazebo hoping to see more. 

This was 'more'. The sky was actually very bright with heavy falling snow.
At 6 :30 AM the power went out. We were under six inches of wet snow, 
bending branches to the ground, snapping pine trees at their 
slender waistlines, silencing the neighborhood streets, and bringing the city 
to a halt yet again.

Our power returned around 11:00 AM. We were fortunate. Many of the 100,000 
area residents who lost power are still awaiting their supply to return. 
Many accidents have occurred taking down wires. The thaw is already well 
underway, however with bitter temperatures tonight, there will be a refreeze and 
tomorrow will be yet another stay close to home day for many, including me!

Suddenly this has become a very long, cold Winter here in the southeast.
Be safe if you too are in the path of these storms and bitter weather patterns.


  1. Mary, Your garden looks absolutely stunning! Can't wait to see it this spring and summer. Take care during this cold spell.

  2. I know how difficult this weather is for those not accustomed to it, stay safe. The photos you shared are exquisite!

  3. Your snowy photos are gorgeous, but glad I am here.
    Be warm and for sure stay indoors and safe. This to shall pass
    and spring will be here in 22 days.

  4. Oh Mary, how magical! I love your gazebo with the lights on in the snow. You wanted snow and I guess you got it. LOL Spring will be popping out all over there pretty soon though. Warm hugs. Pam

  5. Beautiful in your images, Mary, but I know it is a hassle to deal with. Stay warm and safe inside your lovely home.

  6. Such beauty in the night snowfall. It looks magical! I hope your power stays on. These are days to hunker down and find cozy things to do at home. What a winter the east is having! the Canadian tropics the forsythia is blooming.

  7. I was worried today when it started to snow but it lasted maybe an hour. We have so much snow on the ground, I am still unable to go in the back yard .. I would disappear !
    It will be March .. Spring ... winter will say goodbye ... or else ! lol

  8. It sounds like you got about 4 more inches than we did. You captured it all so well. The gazebo picture is really pretty and I'm impressed that you thought to do this at such a late hour.
    Glad to know your power outage was short term.

  9. The photos are stunning. Love the first one of the gazebo with the lights and snow. We are still just rainy - fine with me. Still good weather for a good hearty bean soup or a stew.

  10. I love your photos of the snow. We got about 6" of snow here in Suffolk, Va. Yes, we are in a very cold winter which will not go away!!


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