Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Things are looking up - a little . . . . . . .

Today the sun is bright again. This little fellow was busy munching a Hickory nut 
for breakfast when I first opened the blinds. 
There were several robins on the grass and bird bath - and a lot of twittering and tweeting going on - 
it really sounded almost like Spring had arrived despite the cold temperature. 
Not complaining though, so far our Winter has been quite mild here in the southeast.

A note of thanks to each of you who have been thinking of me and sending
good wishes and positive thoughts regarding my health issue. I am so 
grateful that you took time to write such caring words of encouragement.
I'll save the details for later when I know which way I will proceed, but 
for now I have canceled the surgery scheduled for next week and have 
managed to get an appointment for a second opinion on Friday.

Off now to complete the eleven pages of medical forms
I've printed so I don't have to do it on arrival at the surgeon's office.
Filling out medical forms seems to have become my full-time job lately.
Don't you just hate doing all that when you get to the office - blood pressure
already elevated, hunting for eyeglasses so as to read all that small print,
pulling out insurance cards, trying to remember medication dosage, and dates
for when you had what done to your person over your entire lifespan -
that's a lot of years to recall at this age!


  1. I guess I never thought about all the paperwork for a doctors appointment Mary. It would be hard to remember all those facts. My file at my own doctor is about an inch thick! Papers from every test, Xray etc. for years. Take care. xx Pam

  2. It's the last thing you want to do isn't it. I am sending positive thoughts across the pond my lovely x

  3. Thinking of you Mary and sending positive thoughts for healing your way. You are wise to get a second opinion. Hang in there, my friend. You have many friends showering you with good thoughts!


  4. this would be a lot of paperwork. Will light a candle in my prayer corner for you!

  5. I am glad you are getting a second opinion. I know exactly what you mean about all of that paperwork! Yesterday I went to an ENT because I was having some problems with my nose. I had never been there before. There were tons of pages to fill out and I felt like I had just done that not too long ago at the RA... I hope your second opinion is something that makes you feel better.

  6. Good luck with the second opinion. I will be curious to hear what the second doctor says.
    Oh medical papers are a pain. I don't understand why I need to re-do the papers every time
    when everything is now in their computer. Take care and let's hope for healing. Sending hugs!

  7. We have just been to the surgery to check up on what injections we need for our travels in a few weeks time. Neither of us can remember when we had what, but luckily it is all down on the doctor's computer - aren't your records to hand in the same way in the States.

  8. Mary, I am just now catching up with everyone. I am so sorry you are having some health issues. I always believe a second opinion is a good thing. Holding in my thoughts and prayers.

  9. I hope all goes well with the second opinion. Oh - forms! What ever happened with that paperless society we were supposed to get? Hugs across the miles.

  10. Good news about the second opinion. I have a document in my computer that I save and update when necessary - it has all my procedures and medications and illnesses for my whole life - it is just a few clicks and I have a page printed to give to each new doctor - or to the doctors that insist on a review each visit. I simply hand them the printed page along with any personal info - name, birthdate, etc. - that is on the other forms and I'm done.

  11. All the best with it all Mary. Lovely that Spring seems to be heading your way, that will brighten your spirits a little! Thinking of you. Jane x

  12. Hello Mary,

    When it comes to filling out forms, we tend to put on our totally hopeless look......not difficult.....and someone usually steps in to help!

    Good to get another view on things before making a final decision. Then, just go for it! In our experience that tends to work out best.

  13. Dear Mary, Getting a second opinion was a very wise decision. It has worked for me in the past. Turns out I didn't need surgery after all and my problem was cured with a temporary regimen of medicine. I wish the same for you. Hopefully you can still go on your planned trip because I know how much you love to see and experience new places.
    I'm keeping my fingers crossed. ox, Gina

  14. What a darling capture the best photos. And I see that he has stepped in to take the place of those pics you might have preferred to take. Kenya is still there and may you get there before year's end. Joining you in prayer for answers to whatever is going on. Slowing down and getting a second opinion is wise.

  15. Deep breath, pen in hand and on with filling out the forms - you are so wise to be doing it all ahead of time. I am glad to hear that you are getting a second opinion - always such a good idea. I continue to hold you in prayer, hand in hand with M.


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