Monday, February 2, 2015

What's on my table?

Today the rain falls making the view from the window here in front of me dark and dreary. 
It's warm and muggy now but tonight the temperature will plummet. Still we've had no snow.
I will have a lot to contend with this week regarding a health issue, more on that later. 
Today my heart will be checked - hopefully it's healthy and beating well!

My old French table. To think I tried to sell it here when I had a booth at 
SuzAnna's Antiques - then thankfully I brought it home to be transformed by my 
lovely friend Vanessa, from blah brown to beautiful distressed grey using 
Annie Sloan's chalk paint in French Linen.

Wishing you a good start to your week.


  1. Your french table is so gorgeous in grey, Mary. I love it. Now, do tell us about the little footed piece on the table. It's really pretty. I'll be thinking of you as you have your health issues attended to. Take care Mary. Deb

  2. Hello Mary,

    Paint can totally transform an item and your table has taken on a completely different personality in its new colour. It looks great.

    We also love the rusted urn.......definitely something we should wish to steal!

    Thinking of you with all your health issues at the moment. Keep warm!

  3. Beautiful table. I will be thinking of you...

  4. Your table and its accompaniments are lovely and full of character. Painting the table in grey was such a great idea. I hope this week's health challenges will be quickly overcome.


  5. Love your majolica style urn? dish? on the first photo, and I love Annie Sloan too.
    Will be thinking about you and hope that the health issue is nothing too serious - take care Mary♡

  6. How great that you kept the table and gave it a new look with the grey paint. Very pretty and it looks like a fun piece to "play with".
    Sending good thoughts your way on the health front. I hope everything checks out well today.
    We had some rain this morning and now it's very windy. Probably blowing in that cold air.

  7. The grey on your table is just divine Mary. I will be thinking of you this week and I do hope all is well. Take care my lovely lady x

  8. I love the table painted grey. It really looks much better. I'm thinking of you and the health challenges this week. Blessings and hugs. Pam

  9. Your displays are always so charming. Hope your tests go well.

  10. Oh, Mary, I do hope you get a good report. Take care and feel better soon. Sending positive energy your way, my friend.

  11. Your display is so pretty. I hope all goes well on the health end.

  12. Your French table looks beautiful!! So charming and beautifully styled. Vanessa is very talented. Cheers

  13. Love the table. Surprised someone didn't snatch it up.
    Take care, dear friend.

  14. Mary it's so gorgeous! I'm glad you had second thoughts about selling it.
    I'm going out to buy some ASCP at the weekend to re-do a dressing table and night stand in our guest room.
    I've been humming and haahing about which colour to use - you've solved that dilemma for me - thank you my dear!
    Now I can visualise the end result - exciting!
    Did you give yours an undercoat of white first? Someone told me to that but I would like to see the old kauri wood on the sanded parts - just as yours is.
    You've inspired me today - thank you.

    Shane x


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