Sunday, February 8, 2015

Wrapping up for Spring. . . . . . . .

I'm moving on now, ready to discuss and share happier things in life than 
health issues and aging! I must just say though that I really appreciated
your well wishes, and that you shared your personal stories, in your 
comments on my previous post. Thank you so much.

I love clothes in neutral shades. If you looked in my closet you might think 'boring'.
I have nothing in primary colors but plenty in black, and at least 50 shades of grey! 

Are you going to see that movie? I haven't even read the book, doubt I will,  
and although I love Jamie Dornan and am currently watching The Fall, 
the BBC psychological drama he stars in, this big screen movie with him is 
definitely not on my list. . . . .call me a bit of a prude if you must!

Anyway let's get on to the more serious business of COATS, putting them on not 
taking them off!  Coats, along with jackets, are wardrobe items enjoy a lot.
At first I missed wearing beautiful warm, heavy wool coats when I 
moved south. My 'life in England' years, followed by twelve New England Winters, 
meant bringing out the bulky coats, those buttoned, belted maxis, dragging on the 
ground when one sat down or tried to enter and exit the car. They were warm when 
snug was a prerequisite for life in chilly, damp climates. I have gradually let go of my 
heavy coats having lived here in the warmer Winters of North Carolina almost 35 years. 
I now seek only lighter versions, usually unlined, loose, no more than one button, 
definitely no belts, and for me the perfect length is just at the knee.

Zara Spring coat looks interesting - styled more like a loose jacket.

I would really love a new Spring coat this year. My go to coat this mild Winter 
has been my very comfy, unlined, black/white boucle from J.Jill some years back. 
I love it and get many compliments on it. It's as comfy as a big, loose sweater jacket.
Similar in fabric and color to the above coat, its style is very much like this 
mustard colored coat below.

For some reason I adore this very yellow coat!
Would I wear it? I'm wondering. I would never get lost in this coat. 
On the other hand I could never hide in it either, except perhaps in a field of daffodils!  
Would I look like a NYC taxicab, or a school crossing guard on a rainy day? 
I love it with black and white, especially the stripes.

ZARA coats are lovely - many of their clothes are awesome, I've shopped in 
several stores when in Europe. I know they're in major US cities and am hoping for 
a bricks and mortar store here soon. ZARA are you listening? Please come to
Raleigh, North Carolina.
Meanwhile I may have to order online to see, feel, try on one of these!


  1. Dear Mary, I love the style of the yellow coat and I also like the color. However, I would not purchase one because it is so impractical. For many years I have worn the same coat. It is a black cashmere, longer coat. It is featherlight and so warm. Warm enough for even the coldest day here in Utah. Almost always we go from Winter into Summer. So, I don't have a Spring Coat...a white, tailored wool jacket usually goes with everything.
    Keeping my fingers crossed that your health improves by the day. ox, Gina

  2. Hi Mary - I love that first coat...that's for me. I would wear that yellow one if I also had a more practical coat on hand. It really is gorgeous and would be great to wear on occasion. I think you are very stylish and pulled-together. Even your home shows style and class. Have you ever seen the video Advance Style Films. Just google it and you will enjoy it for sure. I have watched it many times and fell in love with these funny and daring women. Thanks for dropping by, Mary. Our Lily will be dearly missed every day. Deb

  3. Oh, Mary, my closet is full of black, grey, and white. What can I makes it easy to decide what to wear. '-)
    That said, my advice is, "Get that yellow coat!" The summer I graduated, I was on a trip in New Orleans with my parents. My dad bought me a wool jacket that exact color. It was my favorite coat for years and years. I wish I knew what happened to it. ;-)

  4. Hello dear Mary
    I always had a beautiful winter coat when I lived south and I miss them too. I've held on to a long black Italian cashmere and wool coat that I take to France when I travel there in Winter. Like Gina's it's very light and perfect for travel.
    Auckland winters don't warrant a long or heavy coat...sadly and I wear a Pea Coat which is more of a three quarter jacket - perfect for in and out of the car which is all I need. Only do buses and trains when I'm overseas.
    Being fair haired (once upon a time!) with blue eyes I couldn't possibly wear that yellow.
    I'm a neutral girl, blacks and greys with colour in scarves. I tend to stick to the basics.
    I really love the black and white boucle fabric, though I'm not so keen on that collar.
    Shane xox

  5. Hello Mary,

    This is such a joyful post which certainly reflects your new mood!

    The yellow coat would definitely be seen. Perhaps a great idea for when you are on your travels as then there would be no difficulty in spotting you amongst a crowd!

  6. I have always admired your style Mary. I love all of these coats.


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