Sunday, January 10, 2016

Change in the weather. . . . . .

. . . . .the winds are picking up and things are blowing about.
 Winter weather is due to arrive his week. 
Today our high will be 61F, tonight low 28F, then several days of 
real winter chill in North Carolina at long last.
Hopefully the rains will take a break, ice we don't want.
I will dig out those warmer coats, sweaters, scarves and gloves, and
 I may even be holding on to a hat when venturing outdoors.
The bird feeders will need to be filled - the bird baths de-iced.
The soup pot is simmering.
The woodpile is stacked high - we'll stay warm.
This is the South, but we can handle it!

This is one of my favorite paintings by a great British artist. 
It definitely portrays the feeling of a blustery day.

Boreas is an oil painting in the pre-Raphaelite style.
 Created in 1903 by the artist John William Waterhouse,
 it is titled Boreas after the Greek god of the North wind.
The royal Academy notes describe the painting as - "In wind-blown
draperies of slate-colour and blue, a girl passes through a spring 
landscape accented by pink blossom and daffodils".

Boreas was put up for sale in the 1990's after having been lost
for 90 years - causing quite a sensation in the art community.
The painting achieved a record price for Waterhouse at that time,
£848,500 ($1,293,962 US Dollars).

John William Waterhouse (1849 - 1917)
Private Collection


  1. Beautiful painting! It's gorgeous here in Austin with brisk temps but blue skies and sunshine.
    Stay warm!

  2. What a beautiful painting, Mary. It could certainly depict our weather today. We are off to a birthday party anyway. We Canadians are tough. ;-)

  3. Keep warm Mary! We too are about to get a colder snap over this side of the pond, well, it's about time! I do love the pre-raphaelite paintings. They are my favourite with their details and romantic brush work. Take care xx

  4. I'll take two of the paintings Mary !!!! haha .... a lovely painting and even though the subject matter is blustery, it is painted in such calming colours.
    It has turned quite cold here today .... we have been having unusually mild weather so it was to be expected.
    Have a lovely week Mary. XXXX

  5. That is a beautiful painting! Weather here is very cold and yesterday we got a few inches of snow.
    It's pretty.

  6. It sounds as if we are almost on the same weather system Mary but in reality that can't be. We have been warned that the mild winter weather will end next week.
    I love John Waterhouse's paintings too, he always makes his women look so romantic and devine. I particularly like his The Lady of Shalott and The Soul of the Rose.
    Snuggle up cosy dear Mary and keep warm.

    1. I also love those two you mention Rosemary - and Ophelia. Of course when I go look at his entire body of work there's not much I don't love about his exquisite paintings! Anyone who can paint amazing fabric folds and texture gets my full attention.
      Mary -

  7. If I could just win the lottery. I bought my first ever ticket last night. Since I didn't win anything, I think it will be my last. 10 degrees this morning and this evening in the twilight, I could see ice forming on the lake behind the city house. Frown.

  8. What kind of soup are you making? Tom is making a pot of white chili....with turkey meat and white beans, chicken broth. Stay warm, my friend. Happy week ahead - xoxo

    1. Loi, yesterday I made black bean chili to serve over rice - it was delicious. Remember, I don't eat any meat/poutry so all my stocks for soups/stews etc. are vegetarian. Today I made cream of portobello mushroom soup - just had a bowl along with a slice of pizza Marguerita! Sunday evening is our PBS-TV night and I don't cook a big meal! Tonight Balleykissangel (with the young, brooding, but gorgeous Colin Farrell) - Downton Abbey - Sherlock. I've saved my glass of wine to sip while we view - I will also be knitting a scarf at the same time! I cannot watch all that TV without doing something meaningful, haha!

      Love - 'Lady Mary' - who never made soup in her life! You do watch Downton don't you?

  9. Your cold is undoubtedly almost blamy compered to here! It has been in the low 20's and at about 9am this morning only 2F! Still, the snow is so beautiful, melts quickly off the roads leaving everything else serene so no complaints here.

    I love the pre-Raphaelites.

  10. With your love of china, fabrics and the arts, I think you would love Leighton House in London, if you've never seen it. It has stunning blue tile I recall on one wall and is very much in line with William Morris' aesthetique.

  11. This is a beautiful painting, Mary. I think a print in my home would be many hours of imagining stories that could be told.

    So, so cold here--7 degrees right now. We are used to it but I was miserable making a run to the grocery this afternoon. The wind was bracing and I realize I had best stock up when we first get the forecast! Soup sounds lovely. I made a soup and a stew last week. I'd like to go through the stockpile of new recipes I saved on Pinterest. Changing up herbs and spices take us to a whole new realm.

    Stay warm down there!! :)

    Love to you and Bob,

    Jane x

  12. Brrr rrrr rr r - stay warm. Soup sounds great - we are big soup eaters and love the wintery days with a big pot of soup simmering.

  13. A pot of potato soup was on the menu here last night. Soup, soup, soup - love it for winter warmth. I hope you stay cozy in the cold, Mary. Sounds like you've prepared well.

  14. I am a real pre-Raphaelite fan Mary - I think the genre is one you either love or hate. Thank you for reminding me of Carl Larsson. I had completely forgotten about his work although I love it. My son brought me some prints of his work when he returned from Sweden some years ago.


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