Friday, January 22, 2016

Icy conditions ---------

The Titmouse

The White-throated sparrow
 The Cardinals, male and female - the Eastern Bluebird, male

The Towhee, male
The Cardinal, male

Sharing a few of the sweet birds in the ice coated garden.
Pix taken today through the dining room window - too cold and dangerous 
to step outside.
Thoughts are with everyone on the East coast as this storm arrives.
Stay warm and be safe.


  1. Oh those precious little birds. I love them all. Stay safe and warm. Hugs!

  2. Mary, a lovely collection of bird photos. Thank you. You always come through! I have filled the bird feeders for the second time today and have seen 15 species. No matter how hard I try I cannot entice the bluebirds to a feeder but they come in the summer to our houses. Yesterday I saw 25 robins which I expect were having a hard time finding food.
    We had 5 inches of snow this morning and it has started snowing again. They predict it will snow hard for 2 hours. Stay warm and enjoy those birds.
    Farm Gal in VA

  3. What colourful birds you have there. I'd love to see a Cardinal in my garden...highly unlikely!

  4. You be safe and warm too Mary. It's really hot and muggy here the last few days ( and nights ) so difficult to imagine snow for me.

  5. I was delighted to see these beautiful photos!! I take a watercolor painting class and our class on Monday is this: "Adding bird to an abstract background. (check out Morten Solberg). Bring a picture of your favorite bird " I have been scouting the Internet to no avail looking for a suitable picture. Now I've found several! I think I will try the bluebird..or maybe the cardinal.
    Hope your snow days are cozy and safe.

  6. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful. I'm cleaning my windows. Be careful dear Mary. We have a lot of snow and ice but we are used to it.

  7. Stay out of that ice, you don't want to fall! I see on the news it is really bad down there. The pictures are beautiful! I don't seem to be attracting many colorful birds this year. I'll have to research some better seed.

  8. You got some wonderful pictures of the birds! We have some ice and we are suppose to get some snow tonight. Sounds like you fond the perfect way to enjoy the cold icy day!

  9. Your birds photos are just gorgeous!
    Reading of all the cold on the east coast, brrrrr! Keep warm! It sounds like you are having a good indoor day.
    Today was unseasonably warm here. I went out with my warm coat and it was too much. Such contrasts!!!

  10. Beautiful beautiful birds. You had some busy feeders today

  11. "Say, did you hear?"
    "No, what?"
    "There's a bird party going on at Bob and Mary's! - lots of food and warm water to drink."
    "Sounds like fun. Me and the missus will be there."

    And so they came. What a party!

  12. How I envy you with such a variety of colourful birds coming to your feeders, your photos are fantastic. We have lots of feeders around the garden and close to the window so we can watch them, mainly great tits, which chase most of the others away, The blue tits, and black caps come. to the feeders, and the robins and wrens are usually rooting around under the bird table for the discarded seeds. Enjoy your weekend and take care with the ice.

  13. Mary, your bird photos are really well taken. What a gorgeous bird that male Eastern Bluebird. I've never seen it before. I must say too, you seem to have a far wider variety than we have here in Northern Colorado Front Range, but then again, I'm not feeding them! (I wanted to mention too from your earlier post how lovely that is that Bob goes out there to warm up the water and melt the ice for your feathered friends and critters alike!)
    As a designer, I so love the handwritten not above. Now, I'm not sure that isn't a font or is really your handwriting but whoever's it is, it is jsut lovely penmanship, full of flair and a wonderful complement to your online home here.


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