Thursday, January 21, 2016

A Squirrel's Tale. . . . . . . . . . .

This is a tale. 
Just a silly tale about one of many animals who seem to
 enjoy sharing the garden here at the cottage.
 If you have your own squirrels you'll know what it's like,
 if not, but you like them and think they're cute, I hope you enjoy
 getting to know mine. We have a constant run on our bird feeders
 from a family of about 10 grey squirrels who nest in our backyard oak trees.

"The good people from the cottage are at it again, back and forth filling the bird feeders every day now that really cold weather has arrived here in North Carolina. I hear the Mr. moaning about the price of seed, whereas Mrs. just keeps grabbing one of those digital cameras, raises the blind and takes pictures - it's too cold to be outside waiting for a "good shot" so she manages to get me through the glass. I have to admit I look pretty cute, don't I?"

"Yesterday she actually remembered to put some tasty birdseed in the silver-plated upside down hanging lid - one of the more posh recycled feeders in the back garden. I love this one because I can forget performing gymnastics and just sit in the dish munching non-stop, no balancing acts required. I found it early this morning just after the Northern Flicker, that rather large handsome woodpecker, arrived. I scared him away and just sat here having more portraits snapped while enjoying the best breakfast. Did you know I've heard them calling me a pesky squirrel - I wonder why. As I said earlier, I am cute, aren't I?"

"Later I took a break and decided to meet a friend in the front garden for a quick lunchtime snack. We cleaned up some of the yummy mixed seed falling from the feeder above us - yes, we actually stayed off it and gave the bluebirds, cardinals, finches etc. a little breathing room. In all honesty, that particular feeder is the new one which is really hard to figure out - its little windows close when I try hanging upside down and I can't get to the delicious morsels . . . . . . and its really embarrassing in front of my family and friends when I keep falling to earth."

"Well, doesn't look like a day for paddling or sipping, the ice is solid until the Mr. arrives with the hot tea kettle and we have a little melt down around here! Meanwhile, they're still trying to temp me with that bag of mostly dried corn - called 'squirrel food' - they bought. It's OK for a change, but you know something, I really do prefer the yummy crunchy birdseed in the feeders. So, not long and I'll be back performing somersaults and gymnastics on those backyard feeders I know I can get into . . . . . . showtime coming soon, hope to see you there."

Please know that no grey squirrels or garden birds were injured by Mr. Bob during his foray into the garden with very hot water. He just pours enough to melt the ice so all can get a drink on these below freezing days.

Below, our official forecast from the local TV station for
 tomorrow (Friday) - it doesn't sound good, especially
 freezing rain which is of course ICE - and the warning of
 possible power outages. Schools and business will be closing
 of course, and kids will want the right fluffy white stuff
 to build snow persons and such.

Overcast and breezy with a wintry mix likely. Expect snow, freezing rain and sleet during the morning. We could have mainly freezing rain and sleet most of the day with more snow mixing in toward the evening and overnight hours. Expect higher snow accumulations as you head north and west of the Triangle. Ice accumulations will be possible, so roads are likely to become slick in parts of the viewing area.

Looks like Winter has arrived at long last.


  1. This is pretty great!

  2. Smiling here, Mary. Yes, he is cute and that last photo of his little fists and large feet cracked me up. They are lucky little guys to be taken such good care of by the good people of the cottage.
    Just glanced at my own almost empty feeder and am sending Brett out to fill it and toss some salt on the front steps and walkway. Sounds like we're in for some rough weather. Will be thinking of you and hope you are staying safe and warm.

  3. Your squirrels are adorable and so is Bob! We are suppose to have ice and snow as well. Stay warm and safe Mary.

  4. Those squirrels have you and your Bob wrapped around their fluffy tails! Too cute!
    Up here we have rain, rain and more rain. It is a little tedious, but at least we know that we can always get out and about without the worry of ice and snow......not that we wouldn't all enjoy a snow day once in a while.

  5. Cute indeed - and clever. Our squirrels have been racing up and down the 30 foot fir trees - sometimes jumping from branch to branch - and sometimes screeching at each other. They are pretty fast these days. Today was International Squirrel Appreciation Day so your post was perfectly timed. Hope you don't get too much ice tomorrow. We are expecting another big Pacific storm to come in with rain and wind.

  6. They are cute, but a bit of a nuisance also. We haven't had one here, but I know they are around!

  7. They really are cute little creatures, aren't they? Loving the photo of Grandpa with the kettle! I hope you two are staying warm and cozy by your fireplace today. Dovecote is closed, and Richard is working from home. A day off together at last! xo

  8. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the squirrel chatter. They are cute, but pesky. I hope the storm isn't too bad. My son is supposed to fly into DC on Sunday for business. They may have to delay for a few days, from what I hear. As Pondside said, it's rain, rain, rain here and dark along with it. I still keep my fingers crossed for a snow day.
    Stay cozy and warm, Mary.

  9. " I scared him away and just sat here having more portraits snapped while enjoying the best breakfast. Did you know I've heard them calling me a pesky squirrel - I wonder why. "
    --I so chuckled at your write up here and the rest of the "embarrassing" (for Squirrel) story about the feeders.
    He is a chummy little fellow, isn't he?


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