Thursday, January 28, 2016

Bluebird BLUE. . . . . . .

I was pleasantly surprised when several Eastern bluebirds hung about
 the garden during the recent ice storm. I believe it's the family that nests
 in my birdhouse come Spring and now just stay here year round. 
Often joined by many northern migrants, swelling local populations each
 winter, they are always welcomed as colorful additions to the garden.

Quick flashes of cobalt blue in the trees where they feed on suet, 
seed feeders, and often on the ground, I was really thrilled when this male 
came back and forth to nibble on the seeds scattered on the front porch rail
 mainly for the chickadees like the one below.

This little guy picked an icy perch, the tip of a fig tree branch, probably using
 it as a safe lookout. Note the frozen rain falling. Hopefully no more weather
 such as this any time soon.

The proverbial sweet 'bluebird of happiness.'


  1. That is one bird I would welcome with open arms at my feeders. They are so pretty. And...probably would not eat a suet cake in five minutes like my visiting woodpecker. :-)

  2. Wonderful!! that little bird is pure joy.

  3. Hello again dear Mary

    Oh I would fall hopelessly in love with this little guy if I were a female bluebird - who wouldn't?!
    His fat round little body atop his stick legs is adorable.
    I used to have a collection of china and pottery birds - they were my 'thing' back in the 70's and 80's
    and I had a pair very like your bluebird.... long since found their way in a carton to the hospice shop!

    I’m not at all surprised that they now stay all year round – who said birds weren’t bright!

  4. Beautiful little birds, Mary. Blue and orange - complimentary colors. Nature knows how to do it right. '-)

  5. Amazing photos of the birds - love that little bluebird in the snow.

  6. So cute , such a lovely cobalt blue, send him and his lady partner over in a shoe box, I'd love to see them, and look after them.

  7. What a pretty bird. Kingfisher colours on a little robin body. I hope they stay around to breed in your garden.

  8. What a beautiful little bluebird Mary ..... I love the photographs of him all fluffed up in the snow !! We have lots of bluebirds visit our garden but I think they are a different species. Beautiful photographs and a joy to see. XXXX

  9. Aw Mary, you have just started my morning on a happy note. Love the bluebirds and your photos are so lovely. Thanks for bringing them to us.

  10. Dear Mary, I love your beautiful little birds. Our birds are very ordinary. But I do like my sassy little sparrows.
    Thank for your help with the "Follower" issue.

  11. I love bluebirds. Last year, I saw some on our property and was so delighted! I've never seen them before or since. Great photos, Mary.

  12. Beautiful!! And there is NOTHING like bluebird blue.

  13. Love the birds. Many doves are waiting on the ground this morning for the sparrows to drop them some seeds. Birdwatching is one of the true joys in my life. You are lucky the bluebirds come to the feeder. They usually don't.

  14. Cracking shots, Mary. Sorry I haven't dropped by lately - hope all is well.

  15. Do you have a birdbath for the bluebirds? As long as it isn't frozen over, they love to bathe even in cold weather.

  16. We seldom see bluebirds anymore. I sure enjoyed seeing yours.

  17. That dear, dear bluebird is such a joy. I give thanks every time I see or hear one. I am still so amazed that he comes to your feeders.
    Thanks for the joy your blog brings to us.

  18. What a sweet bluebird. I had to show my birdman here. He liked seeing them too. Hope the weather has warmed up for you. Yesterday it was 58 degrees here, today slightly cooler but still nice.

  19. Mary, you really capture birds so well in your photography. You have a good eye for detail, like notching the frozen rain drops. Wow, glad you pointed those out as I doubt I would have ever seen them otherwise. That bluebird on top is such a chummy little fellow. I so love his little feathers sticking up, and adore the ones of the bird with beak set against the snow, ice and wind. Fantastic. That you so much for posting them b/c we don't seem to get such kinds here. Lovely.


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