Wednesday, January 6, 2016

The smoothness of ROUGH LINEN. . . . . .

You may recall that I made this 'wish list' for Christmas - something I rarely do.
 I even shared it online. 
Guess what, it worked! 
Yes, Santa read it apparently and, early Christmas morning there was a box
waiting, not wrapped in pretty paper, and I think it came by a brown lumpy truck
 rather than a romantic open sleigh with jingle bells, but that was OK with me.

Inside, wrapped in tissue and tied up with dark chocolate ribbon, were 
my wished for ROUGH LINEN beautiful bedding items, along with 
the sweetest little extra gift - a fragrant lavender bag.
Tricia Rose's work is perfectly perfect - I see these pieces lasting forever
 and soon, very soon hopefully, I'm ordering her natural Orkney linen
duvet cover.
Guess who's sleeping through the night in the most comfortable, 
silky smooth linens? No ironing required by the way - high quality natural linen
 which is what Tricia sews, is even better just smoothed out by hand as you
 make up the bed.

Go visit Tricia at Rough Linen - you will enjoy meeting her and viewing her
exquisite linens.



  1. Oh Mary, I hope they are dreamy because I know in the US they are also expensive. My daughter paid a small fortune for a pair from Restoration Hardware. The edges were ragged and the sheets literally fell apart. She didn't get to enjoy them for too long a time. I would have thought they would get better with age which I hope yours' do.

  2. Thank you Mary! I'm so pleased you are enjoying your bed linens - and your pinafore!

  3. It is beautiful Mary! Your Santa was vey good to you!

  4. What a beautiful and sweet surprise Mary! Lucky you! x

  5. My mother had all Irish linen sheets which were crisp and wonderful to sleep in. They lasted forever too - those were the days when they bought 3-4 sets for each bed so they lasted.
    These sheets sound wonderful Mary - you are spoiled for choice in the States - it's all about population.

    I enjoyed reading your 'Smoothing things Over' post so much!
    Since returnng to work the bottom of my ironing basket has yet to be seen!
    That said, I too enjoy and get great satisfaction from seeing my stack of freshly laundered and ironed bed linen and tea towels! I confess I only iron the top third of sheets though.....! I can hear my mother 'tut tutting' in my ear ha ha!

  6. I'm sure you will have sweet dreams with beautiful linen. I took a look at the website...super!

  7. It is beautiful and sounds divine. I love anything not needing to be ironed. I hope you are having a great week. Hugs!

  8. What a wonderful gift! Santa was really good to you. :)
    The rough linen apron you have is fantastic. Years ago my baby niece was wearing the cutest little crossover strap dress...I thought, I'd love an apron made like that as I can't stand aprons that tie at the neck and...I copied the style and made an apron of linen and it's my most fabric ever and I wear a ton of it in spring/summer. My aunt and sister loved it so much I made them one also. That thing has held up for over 10-years and I still LOVE it. Aren't they the best ever. :)

  9. After your post about your pinafore, I went onto the Rough Linen website and signed up for the newsletter. I drool over their bed linens and hope to order some one day. However, with our sinking dollar that won't be for awhile. Enjoy those luscious linens.
    I have a piece of linen from Germany that I'm hoping to stitch up into an apron similar to the RL one.

  10. What a wonderful gift to receive Mary, it looks very classy and smart. Did the present of the linen come from your hustand?

  11. I love Tricia's work. That linen is yummy!! xoxo, L

  12. Now all you need is a soft linen hot water bottle cover! How leisurely (and relaxing!) those linens sound. so well presented too. Love it. Santa is a jolly jolly good man, isn't he?

  13. And yes, I visited that site last time you mentioned them. It looks all so wonderful.

  14. I can imagine your new bed linen will be pleasant to use. Beautiful, good quality linen with the bonus that the items don't need ironing sounds wonderful!


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