Sunday, January 24, 2016

What a difference the sun makes. . . . . . . . . . . . .

We're already having a 'January thaw' around here. Amazing what warmth the early morning sun can share, even when the temperature is still below freezing. Actually, looking out now several hours after I took these photos, the icicles have gone. Neighbors are out cleaning off their cars and scraping their steps. We'll be out there soon but not planning to drive anywhere until tomorrow.

Trees sparkling with a coating of ice.
Surely the WELCOME flag will thaw and unfurl soon!

This is my very own dear Carolina wren - and it has a mate. Each day they arrive around 5:30 pm and fly into the two hanging baskets containing the now dead Boston ferns - I have to leave them up 'til Spring just for these birds - on the front porch, where they spend the night. We hear them rise in the morning at dawn - they are very chatty first thing.This month, since the weather cooled off, they get into one basket together. . . . . . . now how sweet and romantic is that! I know I've shared this story previously, and it happens year after year, but I just have to tell it again. Nature never ceases to amaze.


  1. Such a sweet little bird that Carolina Wren is. :)

  2. How cute that they are getting together in one basket now. Your photo of the Carolina Wren is amazing. I tried my hand at bird photography during the height of the storm and failed miserably. Thank goodness for the delete button. I think I need a new camera or a better zoom.
    It looks like you might have more ice over there than we do here. We have a hard crust on the ground from the sleet, but the trees seem to be free of ice.

  3. So, so pretty Mary ..... the photograph of your Carolina wren is AMAZING ...... you take brilliant photographs.
    Keep warm Mary. XXXX

  4. Nature and lil birds are so wonderful, no? I love that photo of your Carolina wren and the story, to boot. Isn't it warming knowing that you have such good company right there on the front porch? Another lil abode, this one feathered! Adorable.

    That flag, btw, is amazing. So much ice and cold!

  5. Oh my goodness, you all are iced in, Mary. But, such beautiful pictures. and of course, I love the story about the birds.

  6. Mary I love the story of your wrens. I have two that cuddle up each evening under the front awning. They show-up in September and disappear around March. The only thing we see is their sweet bottoms. Our snow has all but disappeared. Stay safe and warms.

  7. Oh Mary, I love seeing your icicles and the dusting of snow!
    For a long timed I've yearned to live in the South Island of NZ where they have real winters with snow!
    Home is where the heart is and your little wren comes home to her nest each year - I do remember this story and it's worth telling again each year - I will look forward to the babies come Spring!

    We watch BBC World News each morning and evening - their coverage of the storms was incredible. We also have a Radio NZ kiwi reporter currently living in New York and he hosts a lively radio program each Saturday morning which I won't miss. All the news of art galleries, shows, films, cafes and whatever is going on in NYC!

    You and Bob take care when you venture out tomorrow - don't forget the chains!
    Shane x

  8. Dear Mary - so pleased that you are safe and now warm. Lovely picture of your dear little Carolina wren, she looks like ours apart from her longer beak.
    I am pleased that you seem to have missed the really deep snow, and in the sunshine everything is sparkling.

  9. How wonderful that those sweet birds return to you year after year. I know ice can be very dangerous, but you've taken some gorgeous photos. Really spectacular against the blue sky. And so telling of how frozen everything is with the way the flag is hanging. Warm wishes, Tammy

  10. Glad you're thawing out, Mary. The wren is so precious. I love those sweet birds. When I lived in Ohio we had finches that nested in our hanging flower pots and I always worried about watering, so I had to be very careful. Everyone survived, though, and it was fun to see the babies take flight. Enjoy the week ahead. xo ~ Nancy

  11. Hello Mary , so pleased for you that the sun shone & is melting the ice. There's nothing worse than ice on the roads., hopefully you'll be able to get out on the roads soon. Loved the photo of your sweet little Carolina wren , how wonderful they both come back everyday to roost in your hanging basket. If I had a bird that I saw comng to roost everyday I'd certainly call it mine. Your shots of the melting ice are really superb.

  12. Mary, these photos are fabulous! I liked seeing the faithful wrens.

  13. A sweet picture of the Carolina Wren and I love that they sleep in your hanging baskets in the winter. I hope you are thawing out by now. Take care!

  14. Your photos are lovely, especially of your Carolina wren. I enjoyed you sharing how they fly in and cosy up every evening. Awww...what a wonderful site to see...and hear!

    Colorado is known for snowing one day and then it's all gone the next. However, this year, it's been so bitter cold the snow has been hanging around...along with the colder temps. Ack! I'm ready for Spring. Yep. Ready for the flowers to fill our front porch, the birds singing...and even seeing the squirrels come out and jump from tree to tree. hee hee :)

    1. Alexandra, I'm training my squirrels to jump further - like from my garden to your trees - hopefully they'll be showing up to embrace Springtime in Colorado with you and Mr. Toast! They love nuts (hide your birdseed) so start shopping!

      Mary x

  15. I am guessing your ice must be going away by now. How special to have your own Carolina wren. He is beautiful! I would be so excited to hear and see them in the fern basket each day. I always wonder where birds nest for the night. I know they must be nearby, but I don't have such a treat to see them.

  16. I love the story of your wrens - they must know a bird lover lives there!


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